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You need a home base out there. The Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform is designed to give you one.Vault 76 overseer, Overseer's log - C.A.M.P.

The Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (C.A.M.P.) is an advanced campsite creation device issued to the Dwellers of Vault 76 in Fallout 76.


The Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform is a mobile device created by the Vault-Tec Corporation. Future-Tec had some sort of involvement in the C.A.M.P.'s design, having produced a model of C.A.M.P. described as the "latest in advanced C.A.M.P. technology."[1] Whether this is referring to the standard C.A.M.P. being a Future-Tec creation, or that Future-Tec made its own improvements to the existing C.A.M.P. is unknown. While many were used by the inhabitants of Vault 76, they later were utilized by wastelanders returning to Appalachia, to the point one individual made a series of holotape instructions to educate individuals how to use them.[2] They were also for sale at certain locations.[3]


The C.A.M.P. consists of a small olive drab chassis that, when deployed, sprouts metal supports and various workshop-related tools. Intended to be portable, it quickly folds into a toolbox-like form complete with sturdy handles. The rear post extends upward into a miniature drill press while a vice clamp swings out from the side. The top of the toolbox-like portion of the chassis folds out into two sections to reveal a small circular saw. On the top shelf that is beside the vice clamp is a shelf with a whetstone located towards the front, while the opposite shelf has a lathe.

The side of the chassis reads "C.A.M.P." in golden lettering, with "Construction & Assembly Mobile Platform" written underneath. The model number is also present, written as "Vault-Tec Mo. No. 76SE." A notice is written beneath the model, stating: "WARNING: Do not use before passing Vault-Tec 'Serving Survivors' (Course Plan No. 243)."


FO76 ui extra team.png

C.A.M.P.s are used to create mobile campsites that the player character can deploy nearly anywhere in Appalachia. They can be placed or moved by opening the inventory menu and pressing the indicated C.A.M.P. button. If the C.A.M.P. placement is invalid, the device will be outlined in red. Otherwise, the C.A.M.P. will be outlined in green, indicating valid placement.

Once placed, the player character will have a personal workshop area centered around the C.A.M.P. It can be moved to a different location by redeploying and paying 5-50 caps depending on how far the player character is from their camp and how recently they last moved it. If the player character's campsite becomes damaged, all repairs can be automatically made by selecting the "Repair All" interaction option at the C.A.M.P., but only if they have the scrap necessary to meet the requirements for the repairs.

With the release of the Locked & Loaded update, C.A.M.P. slots were introduced as a game-mechanic, allowing the player to build a secondary camp in a different location, while still retaining everything they had built in their primary camp. This effectively allows for having two camps, even though only one can be active at any given time. This system was further expanded upon with the Steel Reign update, which added three additional C.A.M.P. slots to the Atomic Shop, unlockable for 1000 Atom each, allowing for a maximum of five available bases for the time being.


The C.A.M.P. is acquired by the player character in Vault 76 on the way out into Appalachia during the first quest, "Reclamation Day". There is a pile of C.A.M.P.s behind the stand, but none of these can be taken. Another C.A.M.P. can be found at the overseer's camp, where the overseer has left hers for the vault residents to use the cooking station and weapon and armor workbenches. Player characters can also find C.A.M.P.s placed by other characters on the same server. Ones marked as vendors will be better identified on the map if they are not part of a player's team.

The player character can place their C.A.M.P. outside anywhere that is not near existing structures nor in a restricted area. The immediate area around Vault 76 and the Whitespring Golf Club are examples of restricted areas. Player characters are able to place their C.A.M.P. adjacent to their teammates' to connect them and construct larger workshop areas.

On the small chance of a player character's C.A.M.P. having been in the same location of another character's currently placed C.A.M.P. while joining a server, their C.A.M.P. will not be placed but the campsite will be stored as a single blueprinted object for easy placement elsewhere. However, due to current game limitations, it is frequently impossible to place an existing blueprint if any differences in terrain exist. The player character will have the option of either placing down their C.A.M.P. for free elsewhere or joining another server where their location is unoccupied and their C.A.M.P. will spawn there automatically.

Following the release of the Wastelanders update, player characters are disallowed from building in specific areas due to presence of buildings owned by human NPCs. Any player character with a C.A.M.P. already in such areas before the update are evicted, but these C.A.M.P.s can be transferred to another location once for free.

Build mode

  • Plans allow for additional objects to be crafted in C.A.M.P.s.
  • Blueprints
    • To avoid issues do not blueprint wires.
    • To avoid terrain issues when moving a C.A.M.P., the structure must begin with a single foundation in the ground, adding any number upward staircases, and building the bulk of the structure at the top of the stairs so that if floats above the terrain. Everything attached in this manner is stored and retrieved as a single unit. Water purifiers and garden crops still have to be placed separately since they have to be on the ground or in the water.
  • Turrets and traps
    • Turrets used to defend a C.A.M.P. are usually capable of handling low-hitting creatures, but are easily disabled by end-game damage.
    • Traps cannot be placed in close proximity.


Main article: Fallout 76 workshops

Players can also build structures and decorate at any workshop which they have claimed. Claiming a Workshop grants access to a bank of resources to be used in building up the workshop. Workshops also have resources which can be harvested by using a extractor. Players may also need to defend their workshops against other players who may contest their ownership. According to the Bethesda FAQ, "If a player attempts to contest a Workshop you own, or you attempt to contest another player's Workshop, you will be open to taking full damage from their attacks."


FO76 campassign display.png
FO76 campassign vendor.png
FO76 campassign ally.png
Ally apparel
FO76 campassign fermenter.png
FO76 campassign punchbowl.png
FO76 campassign refridgerator.png
FO76 campassign keg.png
FO76 campassign mannequin.png
Armor display Cut content
FO76 campassign dropbox.png
Dropbox Cut content
FO76 campassign mailbox.png
Mailbox Cut content

C.A.M.P. slots

  • Multiple CAMPs per character (2 default)
    • Unactivated CAMPS are greyed-out on the map, hidden from the overworld
    • Activated CAMPS are yellow, loaded into the overworld
  • Manage CAMPS on the map menu (d-pad left or hovering over)
    • Rename CAMP: type in a custom name for your creation
    • Public Map Icon: toggle the icon to be displayed on other players' maps. CAMPS set to ON will have an animated "beacon" UI element.
    • Change Icon: choose from a selection of 95 map markers to customize your CAMP.
  • Additional user interface improvements:
    • Build budget bar is shown when selected
    • Classic green vendor icon: shown if a powered Vendor with items is present
    • Red radioactive icon: shown if a Shelter is built in the CAMP.

Note: Shelters are shared between CAMPS.


Main article: Shelters
  • Customizable, instanced interiors that are tied to your CAMP.
    • One is unlocked via quest, and others are unlocked through the Atomic Shop.
  • Some buildmode restrictions are lifted, such as snapping requirements.
  • Blueprints, allies, collectrons, food/water/extractors, displays and vendors are unavailable.
  • Displays and Vendors for Shelters were enabled in the Locked & Loaded update.



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    "Future-Tec brings you the latest in advanced C.A.M.P. technology. Build your home with the Future-Tec C.A.M.P. deployable!"
  2. Mordecai McCoy's "Headmaster Mort edu-tape" set
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