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Constance Blackhall was an ancestor of Obadiah Blackhall who is mentioned in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


Constance was obsessed with the occult. She turned her newfound wealth into a means of acquiring archaic texts and artifacts, including the Krivbeknih. Constance drew a small circle of devotees to herself, styling herself a priestess of an obscure sect based around the book. Constance lived an unnaturally long life, even in the radiation soaked marshes of Point Lookout. Local legend states that the Krivbeknih was stolen from her, and without it the woman succumbed to a death that should have found her generations before. Her legacy, having permeated the privincial culture of Point Lookout, persisted, but what little structure existed within that group deteriorated with no form of leadership. Theirs is not so much a faith as a collection of incoherent chants and rituals, their meanings long forgotten.[1]

The Blackhall family was highly influential in the intense commercialization of Point Lookout. When Constance was left widowed by the New Plague in 2058, she opened talks with Isla Negra Holdings which eventually led to the modernization of Pilgrim's Landing.[1]

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According to dialogue taken from the original, cut version of the Point Lookout quest The Dark Heart of Blackhall, Constance had an "obsession with the occult". This obsession was shared with her brother, Richard Dunwich, owner of the company that built the Dunwich Building.

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Constance Blackhall is mentioned only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


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