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We knew the risks of having kids these days, and we took 'em.— Connie Abernathy

Connie Abernathy is a merchant living at Abernathy farm in 2287.


Connie is a tough, yet mostly friendly merchant who is married to Blake. She is often seen farming, but occasionally can be seen walking around. She is the mother to Lucy Abernathy, and to the recently-deceased Mary Abernathy.[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a merchant. Sells: weapons, apparel, aid, junk, and ammo, shipments of cloth, concrete, fertilizer, leather, and wood.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Mechanic jumpsuit


  • After completing the quest Returning the Favor, she sells to the Sole Survivor 25% cheaper, and buys from them for 25% more caps. This results in her buying chems for higher prices than any other merchant, despite her supply of caps being quite limited.
  • Abigail Finch mentions Connie Abernathy in passing while speaking to her son, Daniel, about considering Lucy Abernathy as a potential wife.[2]
  • An unused voice type for Connie exists in the game's files, "NPCFConnieAbernathy," though the NPC actually uses the "FemaleBoston" voice type.


Connie Abernathy appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Blake Abernathy: "Now she's buried out back of the house. Only twenty one years old, and they shot her down without a thought. So you can understand why I'm glad to hear the Minutemen are back. Although a bit too late for my Mary."
    (Blake Abernathy's dialogue)
  2. Abigail Finch: "One of these days, we need to find you a good woman, Daniel."
    Daniel Finch: "The women of the Commonwealth ain't exactly lining up to be farmer's wives."
    Abigail Finch: "Then you need a farm girl. There's plenty out there, you know. That Abernathy girl is nice enough, even if her mother's a witch. And there's that girl at Warwick... What's her name? Joanie?"
    (Abigail Finch's dialogue)