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Congress Street garage is an unmarked location in the Financial District of Boston in 2287. It is across the street to the west of Faneuil Hall.


The two-level garage is completely wrecked. It is inhabited by raiders, and has two functional Protectron pods with a Novice-locked activation terminal nearby on the interior upper level. An Expert-locked door up a short set of stairs near the pods serves as the back entrance to Haymarket Mall. A small ruined market stall is on the roof of the garage, accessed by a short flight of steps just outside.

The interior lower level features an Advanced-locked safe, a wooden crate, and two elevators. The elevator on the left leads up to the building's ruined third floor, which includes a walkway a short distance to the east allowing entry to the third floor of Commonwealth Bank, and a stairway nearby to the east that affords access to the elevated highway and the Garden terrace. The elevator on the right leads higher up to a small section of flooring among the wreckage. A careful descent to the northwest leads to a steamer trunk on the roof of the Old Corner Bookstore.


Sometimes the raiders and Protectrons will be dead upon arrival.


Congress Street garage appears only in Fallout 4.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 If the player character attempts to open the hatch while the elevator is in operation, there is a chance the player character may fall through the ground to their death. [verified]