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The concrete treehouse is a small makeshift house in the Capital Wasteland. It is an unmarked location southeast of Fort Independence, halfway in between the Fairfax ruins to the north and Andale to the south.[1]


The concrete treehouse is a makeshift hut built in the remains of a destroyed building. Slightly elevated above the ground and only reachable via a small ramp, it contains a bed and is home to a scavenger and their dog. A ceiling-mounted automated turret provides additional protection from a group of raiders that spawn nearby. With a bed to sleep in, it can be used as player housing.

Notable loot


  • The scavenger at this location may spawn as either male or female with little to no difference in their trading skills, price, and variety of items for sale.
  • The turret is not allied to the scavenger, but the scavenger does not appear to enter the turret's line of sight.


The concrete treehouse appears only in Fallout 3.