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The Concord civic access is a location in Concord in 2287. The deathclaw seen during the rescue of Preston Garvey came from these sewers.


The sewers have three main entrances. One is opened after the fight with the deathclaw, and the other two can be found in the alleyways of Concord. The system of tunnels is home to a number of creatures.

The deathclaw entrance leads past a few small rooms into the main sewer line. Continuing through the sewer, there is a metal catwalk that spans across the water and connects the other exits. Further along, there is a single mirelurk guarding assorted loot and a copy of Taboo Tattoos.

Notable loot

  • Taboo Tattoos issue #10 - In the scavenger's sleeping area, close to the steamer trunk, located in the western area near the exit stairs.
  • Fusion core - At the western end of the water drain, behind a pipe.
  • Two Vault-Tec lunchboxes - One is next to the fusion core. The second is near the 'Deathclaw' entrance, following the pipes to a room on the left.
  • Day Tripper - Nestled next to a teddy bear above the dead raider in the western branching dead end.


The Concord civic access appears only in Fallout 4.


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