Concord Speakeasy is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This is a two-story building with a basement. There are two entrances: one facing the streets leading to the Museum of Freedom and one which leads to a side street. There is an Advanced locked safe behind the counter. There are two X-cells in an unlocked room on the second floor, near the skeleton on the bed and two Day Tripper bottles found upstairs in the bathroom, directly across from a bathtub surrounded by posed mannequins. One bottle is located in the sink, and the other is beneath it.

On the second floor, immediately to the left, there is an Advanced locked door which contains an ammo box, a suitcase, and a steamer trunk. The opening connects two buildings and the non-speakeasy building has a door to Concord. A double set of doors on the second story leads to a tiny balcony outside. There is a hidden first aid kid in a pile of detritus behind a door on the second floor.

Notable loot


Concord Speakeasy appears only in Fallout 4.


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