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Death is not something to be feared, but rather our greatest motivator to align to our purpose. There's a beauty to the inevitability of our demise and the stark temporal nature of our reality. I enjoy being a part of it.

Concerta Lombardi is the ruler of the Lombardi Family, acting on behalf of her brother, Don Quentino Lombardi. She is a major supporting character in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.


Poised and refined, elegant, yet authoritative, Concerta Lombardi is officially acting on behalf of her older brother, Quentino, as he recovers from an unspecified illness.[2] Neither she nor Quentino are actually from the United States. They were born in Italy before the Great War, in a small village near Naples,[3] and moved to America with their parents when Concerta was about ten years old. She does not miss her homeland, preferring to live in the present, with memories keeping the past alive forever - or at least as long as she remains alive.[4] She worked with her brother to establish the Acee mafia. While officially it was Quentino who organized Italian immigrants in Atlantic City's neighborhood and established the Lombardi Family,[5] Concerta was the true mastermind behind its power and prominence. The impulsive, temperamental Quentino was driven by vice and whim, forcing Concerta to be the decisive, tactical voice of reason as a simple matter of self-preservation. While she looked out for herself, her decisions were made with the best interests of her brother in mind, if only to keep him as a figurehead.[6]

She never touched the reins directly, instead steering her brother by whispering in his ear and manipulating him to act as she desired.[7] Her brother was none the wiser, considering her weak and emotional.[8] Their upbringing from Naples played a crucial role, as Quentino set the Family in a strictly traditional way: A patriarchal power structure, where only men were allowed to hold the reins of power. Concerta considered the inability to rise above the traditions of their culture as evidence of congenital stupidity, but loved him all the same.[3]

Quentino budged only slightly after the Great War, by loosening the strict standards governing admission into the ranks of the Family. Where once only Italians were permitted to join and become made men, recruitment became more open to maintain the necessary numbers.[5] The prohibition on women becoming made remained in place (and caused no small amount of misery for Concerta's rival, Antonio Russo, and his daughter, Abbie). Antonio was groomed by Quentino to be his heir and the next godfather, due to their shared past and the role he had in the creation of The Devil's Blood, Acee's hottest commodity after the War.[9] Excluded from succession, she has nonetheless continued to cultivate the might of the Lombardi Family, developing a healthy respect for Mayor Timothy Lane and the Munis for the way he fights for his city,[10] and forming a close friendship with Mother Charlotte of the Showmen, including meeting for tea every Saturday (assassination attempts over finances notwithstanding).[11] Charlotte is one of the few people who command her genuine respect.[12]

The situation destabilized when her brother started sampling the Blood himself. Hot-headed and stubborn, he quickly developed an addiction, becoming reliant on the drug. Concerta watched him waste away, keeping the addiction concealed, until eventually Quentino tried to wean himself off of the drug around 2105.[verification needed] As addiction was permanent and withdrawal lethal, his health worsened steadily,[13] until he was on his death bed. Concerta tried to persuade him to break with tradition and name her his successor. He steadfastly refused, confirming Antonio as his heir.[8] One night, Quentino went into cardiac arrest. Despite prompt attention from Frank Vitelli, the Lombardi's physician, he died at 22:54.[14] Rather than announce the death, Concerta quietly disposed of Vitelli and spun a story how her brother became too weak to make public appearances, using her as an intermediary. Thus, she started easing the family into breaking with "tradition" and accepting a new, female ruler. However, first, she had to get rid of the designated heir and his family,[9] whom she considered little more than a fool who would run the empire she bled for into the ground.[7]

To anyone who asks, Quentino was, is, and will be the godfather of the Lombardi's, as he was before the bombs. However, as she holds court at Quentino's, she quietly settles into the role,[15] though the ambiguity of her position within the organization and being forced to pretend are taking their toll.[16] She is well aware that breaking the traditions so openly will undeniably anger a lot of people, but is determined to claim the spot no matter what. As far as she's concerned, it is her purpose in life, her destiny, and she'll stop at nothing to achieve it.[17] If pursuing that goal with cost her her life, then so shall it be.[18] After all, she is a part of the mafia and lives in a hellish, post-nuclear world where facing one's own mortality occurs daily. As such, she has accepted death as not something to be feared, but the "greatest motivator to align to [one's] purpose", something that's almost beautiful in its inevitability, and certainly enjoyed by her.[19] Especially due to her general penchant for the macabre.[20]

However, until she can officially claim the position, she needs to remove the threats to her power. Antonio Russo fled Acee for Appalachia with his family. Concerta sent hitmen after him, to ensure that he'd never return (senility or not),[21] believing him a businessman with no leadership qualities whose status would undermine her ambitions.[22] However, a greater threat lies closer to home: Fabio Mondadori has realized that Quentino may be dead, and started to look for proof to depose Concerta. He represents the single greatest threat to both her and the family, as he is a liar and the opportunist, caring only for power and wealth - and not at all for the legacy or the glory of the Family.[23] Worse yet, Timothy Lane has pieced together the facts and realized that Quentino has died and the Lombardis are weak, authorizing Buttercup and his IRS to aggressively collect outstanding dues.[24] To hide the expenses going to sustain her brother, Concerta hired Billy Beltbuckles as bookkeeper, who has done an excellent job reducing expenses through more or less illicit means,[25] as much due to talent as to the fact that Concerta terrifies him.[26]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Regent of the Dead


  • Regent of the Dead: Concerta is the true power behind the Lombardi Family. She is not confronted during the main story arc of America's Playground, but in the sidequest. After the player learns the truth behind Quentino Lombardi's demise, she confronts the player. Aside from killing her on the spot, the player can choose to side with her after hearing her explanation (which shocks and humbles her), having to kill Fabio afterwards,[27] though it can be avoided with an Intelligence 8+ check;[28] convince her to step down, as her time in the limelight is over (which results in Fabio ordering her killed later on),[29] or using Luck 8+ to pretend to go back to Appalachia using a weak excuse.[30]
    • Subsequent interactions with Concerta, if alive, will reflect the player's decision. If she was convinced to spare Fabio and use him, she reacts with dark amusement, considering Fabio akin to a small, yapping dog irrespective of his usefulness.[31] If he was slain, she will note that he was not the only snake after her throat, but her life's become much more peaceful.[32]


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Notable quotes[]

  • "So you're the catalyst that'll bring down my brother's empire? You, and you alone? Fascinating."
  • "I don't expect you to pity me. The mad queen of Atlantic City, whose subjects could and never would respect her if she stepped out of the shadows."
  • "The only other contenders for the godfather's chair are fools. They will run the empire I bled for my entire life into the ground"
  • "Contrary to popular belief, I am not some witch. I loved my brother, hot-headed and stubborn as he was."
  • "Your naivete makes me nostalgic for an easier time. It's not due to some falling out, or hatred."


Concerta Lombardi appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Expeditions: Atlantic City update part two, America's Playground.



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    A Vault Dweller: "Why would Quentino make you godfather instead of his own sister?"
    Antonio Russo: "It's...why you gotta ask questions that don't have an easy answer, eh? Being don, you've gotta make a lot of tough decisions. You've gotta do a lot of bad things. And... there's certain traditions we have to follow. Some of these traditions are very outdated. But they're followed nevertheless. That's how Concerta got iced out. If that hadn't been the case, who knows? Maybe she wouldn't have ended up...the way that she did."
    A Vault Dweller: "How has no one caught on that Quentino is dead?"
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  12. A Vault Dweller: "What can you tell me about the Showmen?"
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  17. A Vault Dweller: "Are you going to become don after Quentino?"
    Concerta Lombardi: "Now, that's the question of the hour, isn't it? And one that is difficult to answer. The Family has certain...'traditions' that it adheres to. Ones forged in days of ignorance and chisels that prevent me from becoming don. However, everyone has an individual purpose, and to truly live is to align your actions with that purpose. I learned at a young age what my purpose is, and it is most unfortunately juxtaposed with the... ...traditions that have guided the Family for many, many generations. So, to answer your question: yes, but it will anger a lot of people."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  18. A Vault Dweller: "Aren't you worried about retaliation? Must be cutthroat to be in your position."
    Concerta Lombardi: "Certainly. There are many trade-offs in life that must be made, as I'm sure you know. You open one door, and another door closes. Another path opens, causing the others to shrivel up and wither. Sometimes, you open a door, and every door closes in on you. And that's just death. It remains to be seen whether or not I will simply close a few doors with my choices, or all of them."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  19. A Vault Dweller: "You're more philosophical than I expected."
    Concerta Lombardi: "Oh, and what did you expect? I cannot see someone in my position as being anything but philosophical. To be a part of the 'Family' and to live in this hellish world means confronting your mortality on the daily. Death is not something to be feared, but rather our greatest motivator to align to our purpose. There's a beauty to the inevitability of our demise and the stark temporal nature of our reality. I enjoy being a part of it."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  20. A Vault Dweller: "That's a funny way of looking at death."
    Concerta Lombardi: "Possibly. But you can't deny there's a certain beauty to the macabre, no? It may not be sunshine and roses, but there's something about the cold grey of a tombstone, and the blanket of night.. It chills my heart in the most profound way."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  21. A Vault Dweller: "Why were you pretending to be senile?"
    Antonio Russo: "Two words: Concerta Lombardi. That woman has a bounty on my head that ain't gonna be repaid in anything but a body bag. Who's gonna wanna whack a frail, old man?"
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  22. A Vault Dweller: "You were the one who put the hit on Antonio, weren't you?"
    Concerta Lombardi: "So you've heard. Yes, that was me. Antonio was...and is, to a degree, the greatest threat to my power. He doesn't care about honor, or loyalty. He cares only about money, and how much he can hoard to himself. He may be an adept businessman, but he would make a poor leader. And an even worse godfather. The Family would fall under his leadership."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  23. A Vault Dweller: "Why should I believe you and not Fabio?"
    Concerta Lombardi: "Fabio is a politician who lies endlessly through his teeth. He's full of pretty words and bleached smiles. Little else. Like some of his competitors, he just wants power and wealth. He doesn't care about preserving the legacy and glory of the Family. He'll run it into the ground and sell us out to every Muni taxman and Boardwalk juggler in Atlantic City for a few caps."
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  27. A Vault Dweller: "You've convinced me, Concerta. The Family should stay under your leadership."
    Concerta Lombardi: "I...am humbled by your faith. It's good to see someone know the truth and still support me. This is a most unusual occurrence for me. And I...I should thank you for it. But you know what must happen now, don't you? Fabio Mondadori must die."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  28. A Vault Dweller: "[Intelligence 8+] I want to see you stay in power, but I'm not going to kill Fabio to help you get your way. You'd be just as bad as him."
    Concerta Lombardi: "Perhaps...perhaps you are right. I don't wish to be like Fabio. He is a bumbling fool that can only be trusted as far as he can be thrown. This level of treachery is something only a politician such as he could dream up. I won't stoop to that level. Thank you, for giving me such clarity."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  29. A Vault Dweller: "[Charisma 8+] Someone as wise as you should be able to understand when your time in the spotlight is over. It's time to let go."
    Concerta Lombardi: "The spotlight was never mine to be had. I was forever lurking beyond its limits, searching for a way in. But I'm sure you've seen the barrier that separates light from darkness. There is no door. Those like me, who linger in darkness, are not meant for such light. That is...unfortunately quite clear to me now."
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  30. A Vault Dweller: "[Luck 8+] [lie] You're so verbose, so wise. You know what, let's forget this whole thing. I'll just go back to Appalachia."
    Concerta Lombardi: "You're...judicious, if nothing else. That may be for the best. You're not from here. You're not a mobster. This isn't your fight. I advise you walk away from this, far away, and pick wiser battles next time."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  31. A Vault Dweller: "How are you holding up after everything with Fabio?"
    Concerta Lombardi: "Holding up...? I'm always 'held up'. But I'm doing quite fine, thank you. Fabio has become a very valuable asset to me. I know his goals, ambitious...secrets. It's very exploitable. He's akin to a small dog, yapping and barking to accrue strength where there is none. I just need to throw him a bone every once in a while."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)
  32. A Vault Dweller: "How's the post-Fabio life?"
    Concerta Lombardi: "*chuckles* Have you considered asking the Showmen for your own comedy act? Life 'post-Fabio' has been a bit more peaceful, sure. But he's not the only snake after my throat, as you can imagine. Still, I may have found myself in a body bag without your intervention. That is always something to be grateful for."
    (Conterta Lombardi's dialogue)