Concerned mother is a holotape in Fallout 76. It is recorded by a concerned mother, Scarlett.


The holotape can be found in Watoga High School, in the office.



Headmaster Reinhold, this so-called "SMART" vending machine you have set up during the Halloween season appears virtuous, as it encourages children to trade in candy for useful items. If this was all it was, it would be a fine device which I would argue should be installed year round. However, it has an insidious immoral quality, that might have gone unnoticed, so I shall helpfully point it out to you. The machine promotes gambling in children by use of randomized prizes for large candy deposits. Gambling is an immoral activity and carries with it a risk of addiction and abuse. If this machine cannot be reprogrammed to remove the randomization from the rewards, I must insist the device be removed from school property immediately.


The voice actor for this holotape was Alex Cazares.

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