Bugintro.pngThe following is based on bugged content.

Companion Suite is a companion perk in Fallout: New Vegas. Companion Suite is a non-functional replacement of the Nerve mechanic. However, due to how the engine functions, NPCs and other actors that are not the player character cannot have perks which causes this perk to be non-functional. The Companions Suite is effectively a bugged perk with no real effects.


Various improved stats and one reduced stat for companions. Once a companion is added to the party, they are given the Companion Suite perk, also, when a companion is removed from the party the perk is also removed.





  • The perk uses the same Vault Boy image as the Math Wrath perk.
  • The perk description in GECK implies that it should decrease companion weapon damage and targets' DT by 25% and increase DR by only 33%, while the sneak boost is not mentioned.
  • There is a special function within a perk entry that essentially gives Rose of Sharon Cassidy the Shotgun Surgeon perk.
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