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This is a transcript for dialogue with Strong.


1AO_Companion_Bar_Vadim0016E94ABartender: Bobrov's Best. Is greatest moonshine ever to cross lips, lapochka. Very strong though. Two shots, you pass out on floor... guaranteed.Just give Strong drink.Bartender: Record is mine. Fourteen shots in less than two minutes. If you beat, I give them to you free. You lose, you pay double.A10a
20016E949Bartender: Record is mine. Fourteen shots in less than two minutes. If you beat, I give them to you free. You lose, you pay double.Smells funny. Tingles.A10a
30016E948myActor: Oh... this place looks interestin'.Give Strong water. Or hound blood.Bartender: Bobrov's Best. Is greatest moonshine ever to cross lips, lapochka. Very strong though. Two shots, you pass out on floor... guaranteed.A10a
4AO_Companion_Bar_Wellingham0016E945Human thirsty again?Bartender: Excuse me, madame, but if you wish to be served I'd ask that you maintain proper decorum.A9a
50016E944Bartender: Excuse me, madame, but if you wish to be served I'd ask that you maintain proper decorum.Shut up, robot. Strong not thirsty. Strong smash robots that talk too much.Bartender: Madame, if you don't refrain from using that tone with me, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.A9a
60016E943Bartender: Madame, if you don't refrain from using that tone with me, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.{screamed in anger} Shut up!A9a
70016E942myActor: Okay, please tell me this robot bartender knows how to pour a drink.Why robot? Strong confused.Bartender: Excuse me, madame, but if you wish to be served I'd ask that you maintain proper decorum.A9a
8AO_Companion_Bar_Whitechapel0016E939{disgust} More drinks. Humans drink and drink and drink.Bartender: Miss Cait. I thought you were fighting at the Combat Zone. Whatcha doing here, love?A9a
90016E938Bartender: Miss Cait. I thought you were fighting at the Combat Zone. Whatcha doing here, love?Strong not thirsty. Go away metal man.Bartender: I wouldn't take it too hard. I know Tommy, and I'm betting he's got your best interests at heart.A9a
10AO_Companion_Bar_Cooke0016E93FBah! Humans drink. Humans get weak. Strong is not weak.Bartender: Nothing but the best for someone as lovely as you, my dear.A11a
110016E93EBartender: Nothing but the best for someone as lovely as you, my dear.Not fellah. Strong. Strong thirsty.Bartender: If you're unhappy hanging out with your crew, you could always work for me. Good pay and all the free drinks you can handle.A11a
120016E93DBartender: If you're unhappy hanging out with your crew, you could always work for me. Good pay and all the free drinks you can handle.Looks like piss. Tastes like it too.A10a
130016E93CmyActor: Quaint little place they've got here... I like it.{a command to the bartender} Give Strong water now. Strong thirsty.Bartender: Nothing but the best for someone as lovely as you, my dear.A10a
14AO_Companion_Bar_Deezer0016E933Humans always drinking. Makes them weak.Bartender: Why, nothing but the most refreshing, delicious lemonade you've ever tasted!A10a
150016E932Bartender: Why, nothing but the most refreshing, delicious lemonade you've ever tasted!{Thinks the word "lemonade" is two words} What is lemon aid?Bartender: There are no alcoholic additives or artifical preservatives of any kind! Only good old-fashioned cold refreshment!A10a
160016E931Bartender: There are no alcoholic additives or artifical preservatives of any kind! Only good old-fashioned cold refreshment!Looks like piss. Tastes like piss.A10a
170016E930myActor: Is that a robot... sellin' drinks?{surprised and confused / Surprised} Metal man? Why is metal man here?Bartender: Why, nothing but the most refreshing, delicious lemonade you've ever tasted!A10a
18AO_Companion_Bar_Generic0016E94EmyActor: I could use a little pick-me-up.No drinks for Strong. Strong not thirsty.A12a
190016CBE4Another human with drinks. Humans must like drinks a lot.A13a
200016CBE3Ha! Human is weak. Strong can smell fear.A9a
210016CBE2Strong agree. Not worth fighting. Human worthless.A9a
22AO_Companion_Bar_Savoldi0016E92DDrinks. Always drinks with humans.Bartender: You came to the right place, darling. I've got the best vodka money can buy.A10a
230016E92CBartender: You came to the right place, darling. I've got the best vodka money can buy.Tamed? Human thinks Strong is like hound?A10a
24Strong should smash puny human!Bartender: Well... it appears I finally have a customer who wants to show a little class.A10b
250016E92BBartender: Well... it appears I finally have a customer who wants to show a little class.Bah! Human weak. Like all humans.A10a
260016E92AmyActor: Oh, they have a bar down here?Water. Give Strong water.Bartender: You came to the right place, darling. I've got the best vodka money can buy.A10a
27AO_Companion_Bar_Takahashi0016E927Strange place. Not inside like other human places.Bartender: Nan-ni shimasho-ka?A10a
280016E926myActor: Be right back, gonna grab a quick drink.Metal man. Robot. Strong not thirsty.Bartender: Nan-ni shimasho-ka?A10a
290016E925Bartender: Nan-ni shimasho-ka?Wha...? Robot is broken. Why keep broken robot?Bartender: Nan-ni shimasho-ka?A11a
300016E924Bartender: Nan-ni shimasho-ka?{disgusted} Bah! Piece of junk.A11a
31AO_Companion_Bar_Vadim0016E94BDrinks. Humans get stupid with drinks.Bartender: Bobrov's Best. Is greatest moonshine ever to cross lips, lapochka. Very strong though. Two shots, you pass out on floor... guaranteed.A10a
32AO_Companion_Bar_Whitechapel0016E937Bartender: I wouldn't take it too hard. I know Tommy, and I'm betting he's got your best interests at heart.Good. Strong not like robots.A9a
330016E936myActor: I know this place.Robot again? Why always robots?Bartender: Miss Cait. I thought you were fighting at the Combat Zone. Whatcha doing here, love?A9a


34AO_Companion_LoiterSearch_Scene000F4AC7{mostly talking to self, though purposefully loud enough for player to hear so he knows you're going to investigate} Strong open things. Look around.A2a
35{mostly talking to self, though purposefully loud enough for player to hear so he knows you're going to investigate} Strong find things to take.A3a
36{mostly talking to self, though purposefully loud enough for player to hear so he knows you're going to investigate} Maybe something here.A4a
37000F4AC6{as in "I can't do that, because the thing you asked me to open is locked" / Irritated} Locks. Strong hates locks.A2a
38{as in "I can't do that, because the thing you asked me to open is locked" / Irritated} Stupid locks.A3a
39{as in "I can't do that, because the thing you asked me to open is locked" / Irritated} Open, damn you.A4a


40BoS100_02_SceneMain001698E2Player Default: I'll continue to help, but you owe me an explanation first.Helping brotherhood is bad.BoS100Danse: Very well.A10a
41001698E1Player Default: At this rate, you'll be dead within two days. And I want no part of it.Human is right.BoS100Danse: Then there's no need for you to remain here.B11a
42001698E0Player Default: That all depends. How much are you paying?Caps, no caps. Don't help brotherhood.BoS100Danse: So you're a mercenary. Typical. Fine. You help us, and I'll see you're compensated for your services.X9a


43BoS101SceneStage360001698DAPlayer Default: I'd be honored to join.Never! Strong never join brotherhood!BoS101Danse: That's what I wanted to hear.A10a
44001698D9Player Default: No, I need to move on.Ha! Human right. Brotherhood bad.BoS101Danse: That's a shame.B10a
45001698D8Player Default: I don't know.Bah! Brotherhood bad. Leave or kill them all.BoS101Danse: It's a big decision, so I understand your hesitation.X10a


46BoS201_00_PrydwenArrives0016AC57Steel brotherhood! Strong hates brotherhood.A10a


47-00185474{Concerned} Good luck, General. I hope you find your son.


48BoS301_04_DoctorDuff00184368BoS301Duff: I'm afraid something terrible has happened to her.Then human was weak.Player Default: Don't worry, I'll find her.A10a
49BoS301_05_ScaraStage0060001698BABoS301Scara: The whole thing's rather complicated, perhaps I'll explain it to you sometime.Huh? Strong confused.BoS301Scara: So, now that I've formally introduced myself, perhaps you'd care to tell me why you're here?A10a
50BoS301_06_LiStage0070001698B9Player Default: Because we care what happens to the Commonwealth.Talk, talk, talk.BoS301Li: You know, if anyone else wearing a Brotherhood of Steel uniform said something like that, I'd laugh in their face.A10a
51001698B8Player Default: If you don't work on Prime, I'll have you shot.Obey us! We are strong.BoS301Li: You son of a bitch!B11a
52001698B7Player Default: If not for the Brotherhood, do it for Doctor Virgil.More talking. Always more talking.BoS301Li: What they did to Doctor Virgil was cruel... it was wrong. How could I be so blind?X10a
53001698B6Player Default: Why won't you help us with Liberty Prime?No asking. Make human obey.BoS301Li: We went over this already.Y5a
54BoS301_10_ChildofAtomStage0160001698B5BoS301ChildofAtom: That is why they must be safeguarded.Stupid human. Makes no sense.Player Default: I want to spread his, uhh, glory... Look, the bombs will get used, okay? Isn't that what you want?A10a


55BoS302_01_MaxsonStage010001698ABPlayer Default: With pleasure. I'll make him pay for lying to us.Danse human good fighter. Hard fight for Strong. Good fight!BoS302Maxson: I appreciate your cooperation.A12a
56001698AAPlayer Default: I won't do it. Danse deserves a chance to explain himself.No fight? No kill? Bah!BoS302Maxson: You will do it. This is not up for judgment or debate!B10a
57001698A9Player Default: I don't know what to say.Say fight! Say we go now.BoS302Maxson: This isn't a request that requires an answer, Knight. This is a direct order.X12a
58001698A8Player Default: Isn't there some other way?Don't need other way. Need to fight and kill.BoS302Maxson: Absolutely not. My decision is final.Y10a
59BoS302_03_HaylenStage040001698A7BoS302Haylen: If you're not convinced by what he says, or somehow he's become truly lost to us, then you do what you have to do.Too much talk. Time to kill.Player Default: All right, I'll hear him out.A10a
60BOS302_13_CompanionReactsExecute00184AD5{angry} Strong hate brotherhood. Should kill Danse human.A10a
610018426ABrotherhood man has to kill fake man. You too weak to do it.Companion: That Maxson fella seemed like he knew what was best. Maybe you should've listened to him.A10a
620018425CFake men not good. Smash them all.Companion: I wished you had the bollocks to do that yourself. At least it's over with.A12a


63BoS303_01_Stage10001698B4BoS303Ingram: That's where we're headed. Hope you don't mind a little company, because I'm coming with you.You talk to much.Player Default: It would be helpful if you tagged along.A11a
64BoS303_01_Stage10PostPrime001698B2BoS303Ingram: That's if you don't mind a little company of course.More fighters. Good for us.Player Default: It would be helpful if you tagged along.A11a
65BoS303_01_Stage10PrePrime001698B3BoS303Ingram: That's if you don't mind a little company of course.More fighters. Win more fights.Player Default: It would be helpful if you tagged along.A10a
66BoS303_03_Roof001698B1BoS303Ingram: All right, let's head into the lab. Can't wait to get a look at the place.Machines confuse Strong.A10a
67BoS303_04_MissingAgitator001698B0BoS303Ingram: It must have been moved. Let's check out that terminal over there.Who cares?A10a
68BoS303_07_PowerLoss001698AFBoS303Ingram: Damn it! They've knocked out the power to the elevators.Don't need elevators. Run. Jump. Find enemies.A10a
69BoS303_09_ViewReactor001698AEBoS303Ingram: There it is... Mass Fusion's reactor. Don't make them like that anymore.Strong hates machines. Strong hates glowy things.A10a
70BoS303_10_BeforeEnteringChamber001698ADBoS303Ingram: I'll communicate with you though their intercom system while I monitor everything from out here.Glow hurt Strong, but not kill.A10a
71BoS303_14_ElevatorToLobby001698ACBoS303Ingram: The Institute must have sent reinforcements.More to fight!BoS303Ingram: I'll help hold them off, just make sure you get the Agitator out of here!A11a


72BoSM01_CompanionStage060_Commentary100184384Ha! Big fight here. Big boom. Everything die.A10a
73BoSM01_CompanionStage070_Commentary100184383Weak human. Weak things must die. We should eat it.A10a
74BoSM01_CompanionStage080_Commentary100184382Bah! Humans hide. Super mutants fight. Never hide.A10a


75-0023ED3EStinks like humans here.
760023ED3DThese humans like fighting.
770023ED3CBah! Fighting is for killing. Not watching.
780023ED3BStrong hates Steel Brotherhood.
790023ED3AThis place looks different.
800023ED39Smells like death.
810023ED38Good place for looting. Or dying.
820023ED37Strange human hole. All metal.
830023ED36Why live here? Good buildings on land.
840023ED35Boats. Strong not like boats.
860023ED33My brothers live here.
870023ED32Good place to fight.
88Good defenses. Hard to attack.
890023ED31Good wall. Hard to break.
900023ED30Good place for fighting.


91COMCaitPickUpScene000F2527Player Default: About time I got out of this place. Let's go.{Stern} Strong find milk of human kindness on own.Dogmeat: (curious sound)A4a
92COMCodsworthPickUpScene000FBD2ECodsworth: By the way, Concord is nearby, and I've seen people there. I don't know if they can help, but perhaps we should take a look?{Neutral} Metal man weak. When metal man smashed, come find Strong.Dogmeat: (sad whimper)A6a
93COMCurie_PickUpScene001869A6Player Default: Then let us get under way.When metal man is all smashed, come find Strong.Curie: So gracious of you, Monsieur Codsworth. Until we meet again.A10a
94COMDansePickUpScene001100B2Player Default: Roger that.{Stern} This human good fighter. Kill many brothers.A4a
95Someday Strong smash.Dogmeat: (curious sound)A4b
96COMDeacon_PickUpScene001869A4Player Default: I'm all ready to go.This puny human instead of Strong? Bah!Deacon: Always am, Codsworth. That's one thing you can count on.A4a
1292DogmeatPickupScene00216867Player Default: (playful bark)That thing food, not fighter. After human eats it, come find Strong.Dogmeat: (sad whimper)A12a
97COMHancockPickUpScene0012EDC6Player Default: Done.{Concerned} Ghoul good fighter. Strong approve.Dogmeat: (sad whimper)A7a
98COMMacCreadyPickUpScene0011CD23Player Default: About time. I was getting bored.{Puzzled} This human good fighter. Almost as good as Strong.Dogmeat: (sad whimper)A7a
99COMNickPickupScene0015FC32Player Default: Well alright.Puny metal man. He dies soon. Then find Strong. We look for milk again.Dogmeat: (pained whimper)A4a
100COMPiperPickupScene00162C4BPlayer Default: Will do.Bah! This human soft. Weak. Not live long.Dogmeat: (sad whimper)A7a
101COMPrestonFollowStartScene001E05DBPreston: Take care, Codsworth.I'll head for home, then. Good luck.A1a
102000F9CFE{Friendly} Puny human instead of Strong? BahA5a
103Strong find milk without human.Preston: Take care, Codsworth.A5b
966COMX688_PickupScene00126FFEPlayer Default: Right behind you, sir.{Stern} Fake man dangerous. Good fighter, but can't trust.X688: He couldn't be in better hands.A7a


104-0021B0D2{Irritated} Strong not see trail. Just buildings.
105{Neutral} Fake human help find small human? Strong confused.
106{Neutral} Strong find Kellogg human. Make him help or Strong smash.
107{Neutral} Kellogg human dead. Good.
108{Just saw a massive airship fly overhead. / Surprised} How does building fly? Building should fall. Strong not like strange building.
109{Disgust} Brains are for eating. Not probing.
110{Disgust} Hah! Amari human lied. Human not go inside Kellogg. Human never left room.
111{Irritated} Strong not trust Virgil. Not real super mutant. Make Strong angry.
112{proud / Neutral} Courser good fighter. Strong better fighter.
113{Impressed} Humans like big machines. Too many machines for Strong.
114{Nervous} Human gone long time. Then just appear. Strong thought machine kill human.
115Ha! Strong knew building couldn't fly forever. Had to fall.
116Floating building finally fall. Strong knew it not fly forever.
117{Amused} Human smart to leave. No railroad tracks in there. Desdemona human lies.
118{Confident} Crazy humans. Helping fake humans is stupid.
119{Impressed} Smashed. Nothing here.
120{Concerned} Brotherhood dead. Strong smashed. Good fight.
121{Concerned} Strong not want to fly. Metal bird fall and kill Strong.
122{SinisterSmile} Good fight. Strong not like fake humans. Act like robots.
123{Confident} Good fight! Fake humans all smashed.
124{Angry} Strong hate brotherhood. Smash them all.
125{Irritated} Too much talk. Human should order other human. Obey or die.
126{Nervous} Other humans hear this far away. Like radio Strong trick Rex human to use.
127{Irritated} Good fight. All dead.
128{Confident} Institute rules all now. Good. Only one enemy for super mutants to destroy.
129{Impressed} Good fight. Deathclaw tough enemy.
130{Confident} Strong ready to fight! Ready to smash!
131{SinisterSmile} Strong want more! More things to smash!
132{Sarcastic} This great battle. Strong tell this story many times.
133{Confident} More weapons good. Need guns. Need hammers.
134{Impressed} Big gun. Kill many fish things.
135{Surprised} Institute smashed! Strong tell brothers great story.


136COMStrong_01_NeutralToAdmiration0011F764Strong learn new word. Strong learn 'respect.'Player Default: Respect is a good word.A
137001214A9Player Default: Respect is a good word.Strong respect human.Strong: Human fight good. Human help Strong.A1a
138001214A8Player Default: You're too stupid to understand respect.Strong not stupid! Strong great warrior!Strong: Human fight good. Human help Strong.B1a
139001214A7Player Default: Respect is good, but fear is better.Fear good too. Strong not fear human. Strong respect human.Strong: Human fight good. Human help Strong.X1a
140001214A6Player Default: Are you saying you respect me?Yes. Strong respect human.Strong: Human fight good. Human help Strong.Y1a
141001214A1Player Default: Strong respect human.Human fight good. Human help Strong.A1a
142Super Mutants are brothers. Brothers share all. Not own things like humans. Human share like brother.A1b
143Super Mutants fight. Kill not talk. Human kill not talk.A1c
144Human would be good Super Mutant.Player Default: Thank you Strong. I respect you too.A1d
145001214A0Player Default: Thank you Strong. I respect you too.Of course. Strong is strong.A1a
1460012149FPlayer Default: You're an idiot. All Super Mutants are idiots. I would never want to be one.Not idiots! Super Mutants good fighters. Strong great warrior.B1a
1470012149EPlayer Default: Yeah, yeah, I like you too. No hugs though. I like my spine the way it is.What is hug?X1a
148No matter. Strong and human have respect now.X1b
1490012149DPlayer Default: Wait, you like killing and sharing?All Super Mutants one. Together.Y1a
150Share all make better fighters. All Super Mutants against all others.Y1b
151All humans one. Together. All humans against all others.Y1c
152Fight together. Kill all others.Y1d
153Human and Strong fight together. Share together. Human and Strong one.Y1e
154COMStrong_03_AdmirationToInfatuation0011F764Strong make decision.Player Default: Okay. Tell me what you decided.A
1550012147DPlayer Default: Hard decision for Strong. Think until head hurt.You good fighter. Good as super mutant. Fight beside Strong many times.A1a
156You good leader. Better than Fist. Strong follow you always.A1b
157You now Strong's leader.A1c
15800121485Player Default: Okay. Tell me what you decided.Hard decision for Strong. Think until head hurt.Strong: You good fighter. Good as super mutant. Fight beside Strong many times.A1a
15900121484Player Default: I really don't care.Strong make mistake. Change decision.B1a
160Human not worthy.Strong: You good fighter. Good as super mutant. Fight beside Strong many times.B1b
16100121483Player Default: A decision? You're making me nervous.Only weak worry. You not weak.Strong: You good fighter. Good as super mutant. Fight beside Strong many times.X1a
16200121482Player Default: What did you decide?Decide us. You and Strong.Strong: You good fighter. Good as super mutant. Fight beside Strong many times.Y1a
163COMStrong_05_NeutralToDisdain0011F764Human. Listen to Strong.Player Default: Okay, I'm listening.A
1640012147CPlayer Default: Okay, I'm listening.Good. Do as Strong say.Strong: Super mutants share with super mutants. Humans should share with humans. This human bad at sharing.A1a
1650012147BPlayer Default: More of your mangled speech? Hell no.Bah! Human bad leader.Strong: Super mutants share with super mutants. Humans should share with humans. This human bad at sharing.B1a
1660012147APlayer Default: Make it quick. We have things to do.Things wait.Strong: Super mutants share with super mutants. Humans should share with humans. This human bad at sharing.X1a
16700121479Player Default: What's the problem, Strong?Human is problem.Strong: Super mutants share with super mutants. Humans should share with humans. This human bad at sharing.Y1a
16800121474Player Default: Good. Do as Strong say.Super mutants share with super mutants. Humans should share with humans. This human bad at sharing.A1a
169Human not fight. Let other humans see human is weak. Too much talk. Need more smashing.A1b
170Human bad leader. Strong think maybe go away.Player Default: I'll try to be better. More sharing and smashing.A1c
17100121473Player Default: I'll try to be better. More sharing and smashing.Good. Strong still want to find milk of human kindness.A1a
172Need human to find milk.A1b
17300121472Player Default: I'll do what I want. Remember your place.Strong right. Human bad leader.B1a
17400121471Player Default: I'll think about it.Not think. Do.X1a
17500121470Player Default: Sharing and smashing? Those don't go together.All things for all super mutants. Super mutants not own things like humans. All share.Y1a
176Good fighters strong. Good talkers weak. Other human not obey, smash, not talk.Y1b
177COMStrong_06_DisdainToHatred0011F764Strong mad. Strong angry.Player Default: Whoa! Calm down big guy.A
1780012146BPlayer Default: Whoa! Calm down big guy.Not calm down.Strong: Human horrible leader. Human do all things wrong.A1a
1790012146APlayer Default: So what. Tell me something new.Ah!Strong: Human horrible leader. Human do all things wrong.B1a
18000121469Player Default: Let's talk about this later.No later. Now.Strong: Human horrible leader. Human do all things wrong.X1a
18100121468Player Default: What's got you angry?Human make Strong angry.Strong: Human horrible leader. Human do all things wrong.Y1a
18200121463Player Default: Not calm down.Human horrible leader. Human do all things wrong.A1a
183Human take from other humans. Not give. Not share.A1b
184Human always talk when should fight. Human always look weak to other humans.A1c
185COMStrong_07_RepeatInfatuationToAdmiration0011F764Strong angry.Player Default: I can tell. Why don't you tell me about it.A
186001223DFPlayer Default: I can tell. Why don't you tell me about it.More talk. Bah!Strong: Human was best leader. As good as super mutant. Still good leader, but Strong worried.A1a
187001223DEPlayer Default: I don't care. Just do your job.Ah! Now Strong angrier.Strong: Human was best leader. As good as super mutant. Still good leader, but Strong worried.B1a
188001223DDPlayer Default: I'm angry too.Good. Maybe Human get better.Strong: Human was best leader. As good as super mutant. Still good leader, but Strong worried.X1a
189001223DCPlayer Default: What did I do wrong Strong?Make Strong doubt Human.Strong: Human was best leader. As good as super mutant. Still good leader, but Strong worried.Y1a
190001223D7Player Default: More talk. Bah!Human was best leader. As good as super mutant. Still good leader, but Strong worried.A1a
191Too much nice talk. Too much taking. No sharing. No smashing.A1b
192Strong still follow Human. For now.A1c
193Strong done. We go now.A1d
194COMStrong_08_RepeatAdmirationToNeutral0011F764Strong mad.Player Default: I'm sorry about that. Tell me what's wrong.A
195{Sneering} Human is weak. Why should Strong follow weak human?Player Default: I'm still strong. But I am strong like a human, not a super mutant.A
196001223D6Player Default: I'm sorry about that. Tell me what's wrong.Human doing wrong things.Strong: Human good fighter. Bad leader.A1a
197001223D5Player Default: Nobody cares. We'll find something to smash eventually.Ah! Human make Strong more mad.B1a
198Human bad leader. Maybe Strong leave some day.Strong: Human good fighter. Bad leader.B1b
199001223D4Player Default: This is a bad time. Can't it wait?Cannot wait. Hear Strong now.Strong: Human good fighter. Bad leader.X1a
200001223D3Player Default: What's the problem?Human is problem.Strong: Human good fighter. Bad leader.Y1a
201001223CEPlayer Default: Human doing wrong things.Human good fighter. Bad leader.A1a
202Too much nice talking. Need more smashing. Too much taking. Need more sharing.A1b
203Human not change, Strong leave someday.A1c
204COMStrong_09_RepeatNeutralToDisdainStrong done. Go now.A1d
205000C03ECPlayer Default: I'm still strong. But I am strong like a human, not a super mutant.{Angry and confused} Gah! Strong doesn't understand humans. How can human weak not be same as super mutant weak?Strong: Strong still follow human. For now.A1a
206000C03EBPlayer Default: Don't question me. I am your leader. You obey.{approving} Hah! Now human not act weak. Strong like.Strong: Strong still follow human. For now.B1a
207000C03EAPlayer Default: If you want the milk of human kindness, you'll follow me.{grudging} Strong still wants milk.Strong: Strong still follow human. For now.X1a
208000C03E9Player Default: Do you have other plans? You're the one that wants the milk of human kindness.{disdain} No plans. Super mutants not make plans.Y1a
209{sullen} Help Strong find milk, then Strong done with human.Strong: Strong still follow human. For now.Y1b
210000C03E4Player Default: Gah! Strong doesn't understand humans. How can human weak not be same as super mutant weak?{sullen} Strong still follow human. For now.A1a
211COMStrong_10_RepeatDisdainToHatred0011F764{Furious} Enough! Strong Done! No more!Player Default: I'm sorry you feel that way.A
212000C03E3Player Default: I'm sorry you feel that way.Feeling. Always feeling with human.A1a
213Strong want fighting and killing. Human just talk, talk, talk.A1b
214Strong leave human now.A1c
215000C03E2Player Default: Go ahead and leave. I couldn't care less.Strong leave now. Human not make Strong stay. Human bad leader.B1a
216000C03E1Player Default: That's your choice. I'm not going to force you to stay.No human can force Strong. Strong find new brothers to fight with.X1a
217000C03E0Player Default: What did I do to make you so angry?Human bad fighter. Bad leader. Human trick Strong. Human never help Strong find milk of human kindness.Y1a
218Strong leave now.Y1b
219COMStrong_11_RepeatAdmirationToInfatuation0011F764{Furious} Strong change mind. Strong think you good leader. Best leader.Player Default: Thanks big guy. That means a lot.A
220000C03DBPlayer Default: Thanks big guy. That means a lot.Strong follow you anywhere. You are Strong's brother.A1a
221000C03DAPlayer Default: Again? Didn't we already go through this before? Make up your damn mind.Strong's mind made up. You are Strong's brother. Strong's leader.B1a
222000C03D9Player Default: If it makes you happy, sure. Why not.Good.X1a
223000C03D8Player Default: Why is that?You show Strong you know how to fight. How to fight and how to lead.Y1a
224Strong follow you always.Y1b
225COMStrongDismissScene0012148ENot need Strong?Player Default: Yes. Stay with me.A1a
2260012148DPlayer Default: Yes. Stay with me.Human confusing.A1a
2270012148CPlayer Default: No, I don't need you any more.Strong go home. Practice smashing.B1a
2280012148BPlayer Default: I'll come back for you. Sometime.Sometime? Don't make Strong wait long time.X1a
2290012148APlayer Default: Where will you go?Go home. Place you choose.Player Default: Yes. Stay with me.Y1a
230COMStrongPickUpScene0011F764Go find milk of human kindness with Strong.Player Default: Yes. I'll honor my promise.A
231Strong go with human.Player Default: Yes. I'll honor my promise.A
2320012148FPlayer Default: Strong learn secret of humans.Robot stop squawking. Strong smash.A1a
233Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.Don't worry, Strong smash enemy.A2a
234Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.Goodbye, Mack Ree Dee.A3a
235Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.Metal man make Strong mad!A4a
236Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.Go away dog!A5a
237Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.{Stern} Roboman not tell Strong what to do.A6a
238Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.{Stern} Strong always know what Strong doing. Human not worry about me.A7a
239Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.Keep robot away from Strong. Strong no like.A8a
240Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.Keep little woman away from Strong. Strong no like.A9a
241Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.{Stern} Strong say same about little lady.A10a
242Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.{Stern} No fun. Milk of human kindness is business.A11a
243Player Default: Strong learn secret of humans.{A brute / Stern} Strong protect by crushing enemies.A12a
24400121498Player Default: Yes. I'll honor my promise.Good. Strong travel with human.A1a
245Human help Strong find milk of human kindness.A1b
246Strong learn secret of humans.Companion: Well, he's a brutish one.A1c
247Player Default: Yes. I'll honor my promise.Strong travel with human.Companion: Well, he's a brutish one.A2a
24800121497Player Default: Not yet, but soon.Hurry. Strong no like waiting.Companion: Well, he's a brutish one.B1a
24900121496Player Default: We need to swap some gear.Strong use hammer, hunting rifle, and lasers. Not use other guns or armor. Those for puny humans.Companion: Well, he's a brutish one.X1a
250Player Default: We need to swap some gear.Strong can carry more than puny humans.Companion: Well, he's a brutish one.X2a
251Player Default: We need to swap some gear.Okay.Companion: Well, he's a brutish one.X3a
25200121495Player Default: Why do you want to find this milk of human kindness?Milk is secret to humans. Mack Beth say milk make humans strong. Stronger than super mutants.Y1a
253Strong find milk. Drink milk. Make super mutants stronger than humans.Player Default: Yes. I'll honor my promise.Y1b
254-001D286AShould hang that. Tastes better after two days.
255Liver and heart are best parts.
256That one looks stringy.
257Strong hungry too. Save some for Strong.
258Careful with fingers and toes. They get stuck in teeth.
259Nasty meat. Not good for eating.
260Ghoul meat make Strong sick.
261Strong wait for fresh meat. Ghoul meat tastes rotten.
262Give honor to brother by taking his flesh.
263Save some for Strong. Fallen brother died well.
264Eat well, human. Take strength from dead brother. It is our way.
265001AAD00Strong can't.
266Strong can't do that.
267Strong not know how.
268Strong can't get there.
2690016D9AFNot here. Left.
270Gone. All gone.
271Not here now. Just left.
272Empty place. Not long though.
273Cowards. They know Strong is coming. Left in hurry.
2740016D9AE{annoyed} Ah! Too much light.
275Strong like shadows better.
276Too bright. Strong see spots.
277Lots of light. Nowhere to hide.
2780016D9ADHere is clean like humans do.
279No stuff. No dirt. Strong not like.
280Why humans work so hard? Humans hate dirt?
281No dirt. Must be humans somewhere.
2820016D9ACStrong feels strange. Like enemies watching.
283Strong not afraid of shadows. Go away things in shadows!
284Watch for ambush. Here feels like ambush.
285Strong see human not like this place.
2860016D9ABStrong like dark. Brothers see well in dark.
287Even Strong not see well in this dark.
288Dark is friend. Dark makes for good fighting.
289Step careful human. Very dark here.
2900016D9AAOld place. Dust and dirt.
291Nothing live here for long time.
292Dust make Strong's nose itchy.
293Dust everywhere.
2940016D9A9No cover. Not good place to fight.
295Enemies see us easy out here.
296Strong not like wide open. Easy targets.
297Should find cover. Not stay in open.
2980016D9A8Good place to fight. Single brother kill many enemies from here.
299This place made for fighting. Strong like.
300Safe here. Take many enemies to attack this place.
301Strong like this place. Good defenses.
3020016D9A7Smells like food. Messy, tasty food.
303Blood. Lots of blood. Strong like.
304Many things die here. Maybe just one big thing.
305Should put all this in bag. Hang until ripe.
3060016D9A6Why human make faces? Strong like this place.
307Ha ha! Humans think this gross. Strong think this funny.
308Maybe Strong sleep here. Feels like good place to Strong.
309This place bother human? Not Strong.
3100016D9A5This place confuse Strong. Too much machines.
311Strong not like this place. Too... human.
312Machines, blinky lights. Strong just want to smash it all.
313Machines make Strong nervous.
3140016D9A4What? Human say something?
315Strong can't hear good. Too easy for enemies to sneak up on Strong.
316Strong find noisemakers and smash them.
317Human, make noises stop. Strong can't hear.
3180016D9A3Stuff everywhere. What humans call messy.
319Someone put junk here.
320Looks like behemoth nest. Filled with stuff.
3210016D9A2Strong not like this place.
322Want to just smash everything.
323Human like this place. Strong thinks it's bad.
3240016D9A1No noises. Walk quiet human, or enemies hear us.
325Strong not like. Too quiet.
326Watch for ambush. Very quiet here.
327Empty. Quiet. Boring.
3280016D9A0No enemies get here. Good for resting.
329Safe. For now.
330Can stop watching for enemies. Safe here.
331Good place for sleeping. Safe from enemies.
3320016D99FHuman not like smell? Smells like camp of Strong's brothers.
333Ha ha! Smells like home!
334Humans say this is stink. Strong say this is good.
335Death. Decay. Smells good.
3360016D99EWater for drinking. Not walking. Not swimming.
337Weak human. Cold and wet not bother Strong.
338Hard to walk in water. Harder to sleep in it.
339Guns get rusty in water. Not Strong's hammer.
3400013952B{impatient} Speak, human.
342Human confused?
343{A loud belch}
344Is brain stuck?
345Human smells funny.
346Say something.
347Why human not talking?
34800138B5FHold them off human. Strong hurt.
349Aggh...Strong hit bad.
350Hold them off, human. Strong hurt bad.
351Strong... need... rest...
352Strong hurt bad.
35300138B5EStrong make you explode!
35400138B5DHa! Run away like cowards. Afraid of Strong.
35500135AAALead, human.
356Strong will follow.
357Strong understand.
358Stay here? Strong confused.
359Strong wait here.
360Don't forget Strong. Come back.
362Strong can do that.
363Will do.
364Leave it to Strong.
365Good idea human.
366Strong will get it done.
36700135AA9Let Strong know if need him.
368Okay human.
370Strong will be here.
372Strong have smashing to do anyway.
37300135AA8Can't do that human.
374Strong not want to do that.
375No! Not ask Strong to do that again.
376Strong never do that.
377Do it yourself human.
37900135AA7Sorry human, can't.
380Can't help human with that.
381Strong not able to do that.
382Can't do that.
383Not do that. Sorry.
385Yes human?
386What you need?
387Strong listening.
388Need Strong to smash something?
389Tell Strong what to do.
390{Just a grunt}
391What needs smashing?
392{Irritated / Irritated} What?
39300135AA5Give to me human.
394Strong can carry for you.
395You share with Strong?
397This what Strong carrying for human.
398Strong can carry a lot.
3990011F765Go away! Strong just want to smash human.
400Leave filthy human!
401Go away!
402Strong will gnaw on human's bones if human stays.
403Strong smash if puny human keeps talking.
404You great fighter. Strong follow you always.
405Strong protect you. Humans say 'got your back.'
406You like brother to Strong.
407Strong wish he understand you better.
408Strong wish you were super mutant, not human.
409Human good fighter. Be Strong's leader for now.
410Strong fight with human.
411Strong see many new things with human.
412Strong protect human.
413Human should have green skin, like Strong.
414Sometimes Strong not understand human.
415Puny human needs Strong.
416Walk and talk boring. Human should fight more.
417Human carry so much. Strong only need hammer.
418Strong bored. Strong want to kill something.
419Human slow and weak.
420Strong wonder why humans so ugly.
421Human bad leader. Maybe Strong should be leader and human follow.
422Human not worthy foe.
423Strong getting tired of following stupid human.
4240011F763Strong like.
426{Non-committal grunt} Huh.
427{that not "That's" He has a bad understanding of grammar.} That stupid.
428Strong confused.
429Strong not like.
430That good. Strong like.
431Bah! Stupid human.
432Foolish human.
434Strong obey.
435Strong will do.
436Strong agree.
438{refusing} Will not.
439{emphatic} Strong say no.
440{Telling the player to take this} Take.
441{Telling the player to take this} Strong give.
442{accepting an item.} Strong take.
443{Grunt of acceptance} Huh.
4440011E2C9Human, you know these other humans?
445Human hungry? Strong have meat to share.
446Strong have extra meat. Take some human.
447You are best leader Strong know.
448You are great warrior.
449Together we find milk of human kindness.
450Your last kill made Strong proud.
451Strong stay with you always.
452Strong conquer all super mutants for you.
453Strong hope you never send him away.
454Together we smash everything.
455You fight like behemoth.
456Strong is yours to command.
457Human is good leader.
458Human is good warrior.
459Strong protect human friend.
460Human smash almost as good as Strong.
461Strong glad human is with him.
462Strong smash human's enemies.
463Hope we find milk of human kindness soon.
464Human's last kill was good.
465Strong learn new fighting tricks from human.
466Human small, but tough.
467Strong hope we find milk of human kindness soon.
468Strong want to smash something.
469Humans talk too much.
470World is bigger than Strong knew.
471Someday super mutants kill everything.
472So much walking. Want to do more fighting.
473So many humans. Not many super mutants.
474Humans all look funny.
475Strong getting hungry. Want someone to eat.
476Fist was weak leader. Strong glad to be rid of him.
477Find milk of human kindness soon or Strong smash you.
478You puny, just like all humans.
479Maybe Strong make mistake following human.
480Human's last kill was weak.
481Strong think human might be liar.
482Maybe Strong should leave human. Find milk of human kindness alone.
483Human fight like scared radroach.
484Strong need to kill something soon. Maybe kill human.
485Walk, walk, walk. When we fight something?
486Someday super mutants kill all humans.
487Strong hate human!
488Strong want to smash human!
489Human is worthless!
490Go away!
491Strong should make gore bag out of human.
492Leave before Strong smash!
493Steel men are hard outside, but soft inside.
494These humans hide in steel armor.
495Strong smash steel humans.
496Steel men are worthy warriors.
497Humans need steel armor to fight as good as Strong.
498Strong like to squish bugs.
499Bug stings burn.
500Flying bugs hard to hit.
501{Giving advice.} Don't eat bugs. Taste awful.
502{A loud belch}
503Smash all bugs.
504Some humans like glow.
505All humans sound same when they die.
506These humans not have milk of human kindness.
507Strong kill these humans.
508Deathclaws. Worthy foes.
509Need many brothers to hunt Deathclaws.
510Deathclaws fast. Deathclaws strong. Deathclaws hard.
511Only great warriors can kill Deathclaws.
512Must keep moving to kill Deathclaw. Circle and circle and circle.
513Ghouls not worthy foes. Bad warriors.
514Human, shoot ghouls. Don't let ghouls get close.
515Watch for glow. Ghouls with glow are bad.
516Ghoul flesh taste bad.
517Worthless glowy ghouls.
518These humans use tough armor.
519Strong smash puny human gunners.
520Gunners good fighters.
521These humans worthy foes.
522Maybe these humans have milk of kindness.
524Mirelurks smell fishy. Strong hate fishy.
525Smash Mirelurk face. It softest part.
526Mirelurks smell bad but taste good.
527Strong smash Mirelurks.
528Puny little mole rats.
529Strong smash mole rats.
530Mole rats worthless fighters.
531Strong hear humans say Mole rats annoying. Strong agree.
532Strong not like mole rat tunnels.
533These humans weak.
534Strong smash puny human raiders.
535Strong can kill three raiders, one blow.
536Raiders like war paint. Hide ugly faces.
537Maybe these humans have milk of human kindness.
538Robots hard to fight.
539Strong smash robots.
540Why fight robots? Can't eat steel.
541Humans make robots. Stupid humans.
542Strong hate robots.
543Strong hate fighting brothers.
544We should go. Super mutants need milk of human kindness.
545Strong's brothers fight well. Good warriors.
546Strong angry at human. Human make Strong kill brothers.
547Strong smash.
548False men should fear Strong.
549Robot try to be humans. Stupid robots.
550Why fight false men. Can't eat them.
551Institute fighters. Strong will destroy you.
552Super mutants smash all false men.
553Super mutants eat animals. Animals taste good.
554Strong smash.
555Animals easy kills.
556Yao Guai hard. Other animals easy.
557Strong smell blood and fur.
558Human flying machines. Strong not like.
559Big place. Big buildings. Big stone flat places.
560Best to stay on ground. Falling very dangerous.
561How machine fly? Is too heavy.
562Humans odd. Try to be bird. Strong only want to be Strong.
563Smells like beer.
564Stupid human drinking. Makes bad warriors.
565Beer not hurt Strong. Weak human drink.
566Strong like this place. Humans like beer. This good trap for humans.
567Human, this not milk of human kindness. Only human beer.
568Cave safe place. Building better.
569No sun. Cave get cold.
570Hear that human? Something here. Maybe Ghouls or crazy humans.
571Not worry human, monsters not scariest thing in cave. Strong is scariest thing in cave.
572Quiet here. Strong like this cave.
573No defenses. Strong not like.
574Strong not need tent. Strong sleep on ground.
575Bah! Human stuff, too puny for Strong.
576Take, human, take. It okay, you both human.
577Old human machines here. Good loot.
578Just like Institute...Better hope Strong never find you.
579What these do? Make milk of human kindness?
580These machines not work. Strong not break, broken when Strong got here.
581Careful human, this good place for a trap.
582Strong like this place. Make good base for brothers.
583Strong not understand this place.
584No place for guns. No place for machines. Just beds and tables.
585Damn Institute. Not hurt Strong anymore.
586Maybe find chems here. Make human stronger, but still no match for Strong.
587If anyone hiding here, come out. Strong not hurt you...just smash you a little.
588This big place. Why need so much space for puny humans?
589Strong not like this place. This place bad.
590Strong not scared of this place, just not want to stay here anymore.
591Ugh science stuff. Strong hate science stuff. What even science do?
592Humans think they so smart. Not smart enough to escape smashing.
593Human ever seen Institute? Strong not remember much. Not like what remember though.
594Stick close human. Strong know this place.
595Confusing here, lots where to go. Easy to get lost.
596Hmm. Strong not think we alone.
597This go to many places. Good shortcut for super mutants. Dangerous for puny humans.
598This not safe place to stop. Never know what living here.
599Good human, lots of weapons here. Finally find somewhere useful.
600Find something big and loud for Strong to use.
601Why humans need big strong weapons? Humans so easy to kill.
602Strong not understand why humans fight other humans? For milk of human kindness maybe.
603Human, don't leave ammo. Can never have enough ammo.
604Keep going human. Strong bored. Might start smashing everything so bored.
605Strong not care about stupid human stuff, just want milk of human kindness.
606Bah! Human trophies boring. Severed heads and spleens better.
607Strong not understand humans. Humans not understand super mutants. That just how it is.
608Come on human, nothing to see here.
609Ugh, so bored. Strong want to smash something, anything!
610Why humans like nature? Just dirt and plants.
611Not safe to stand outside. Should find somewhere safer.
612Human, not matter how hungry, not eat dirt. Trust Strong. Taste like dirt.
613What humans do here? Collect human junk?
614Look like lots of humans here. Knowing humans, probably all dead now.
615Words on machines, words on papers, Strong not understand why humans like words so much.
616Look human, useless human things, you like useless human things.
617This good place to hide, if Strong was coward human.
618This good place for little humans, but not good for Strong.
619Hmm. What this? Maybe used for smashing little humans?
620Strong will keep lookout, maybe Ghouls or Raiders nearby.
621Why come here? To find milk of human kindness?
622Strong not see anything useful here, unless you are little human.
623Strong not understand this place. Just look like big hole to Strong.
624Don't fall human, not useful to Strong with broken neck.
625Need something big to make hole like this.
626Go first human. Strong follow you. Keep watch for danger.
627Humans make hole for reason. Maybe something good there.
628Human camp not look safe.
629Come out puny humans. Strong not bite. Just crush skull.
630This place smashed good. Was not Strong. Maybe brothers though.
631Human camp destroyed. No traps or walls to protect them.
632Maybe find something useful here. You look, Strong will smash.
633All smashed up around here.
634Humans, Super mutants, Freaks, very busy around here.
635Not time to be careful, best to just keep moving.
636Too many streets and buildings, sometimes Strong get confused.
637Human buildings break easy. Very weak. Just like humans.
638Strong not find any milk of human kindness here.
639Good stuff to use around here.
640Human, look for something Strong can use for armor.
641This where humans put dead robots. Probably good stuff here.
642Nothing here but books with words. Words so stupid, not make any sense.
643What this place? Look boring to Strong, no weapons or things to smash.
644This stuff tiny, too small for humans. Maybe this camp for little humans.
645Strong know how to use book. Smash human in head with them.
646More books, more words. Humans never change.
647Lots of rads in water. Strong not mind. Human should be careful.
648Strong see something in water. Maybe Mirelurk!
649Water machine not work. Too smashed.
650Come human. Not need water machine. Swim instead.
651Everything look puny from the top.
652Sometimes Strong throw humans off top. Strong like how they scream.
653Strong will be careful smashing in here. Not want to smash whole building down.
654Good protection in this building. Make good hideout.
655If anyone here, come out. Strong will kill you quick. Not even feel it.
656Take what you find. Not much left.
657Look like human raiders here first.
658Humans get milk of human kindness here?
659Food and guns, enough for Strong. Not for humans. Greedy humans.
660Don't sneak up on Strong puny human. Might smash you on accident.
661Very quiet. Too quiet.
662Dark in here. Good place for something to hide.
663Hmm. Just because don't see anything, not mean nothing here.
664Strong come here with brothers once. Ate a group of humans. Long time ago. No one human knows.
665Aargh, smell like nasty shit here.
666If milk of human kindness here, Strong not want it anymore.
667Human wasting Strong's time.
668What humans do here? Die?
669Hurry up human, Strong want to leave here.
670Humans make this to hide. Not work very good for humans.
671Puny humans hide here with radroaches.
672Ha! Humans make metal tunnel with no exit. Stupid humans.
673This place not too smashed. Maybe good human junk here.
674Strong not want to live in metal tunnel. Too small.
675This place big. Keep lots of weapons here.
676Not worry human, Strong will smash anything hiding here. Smash it good.
677Strong will bring brothers here one day. Make good home.
678Humans leave lots of stuff here. Maybe useful.
679Strong swim good. Have to when catching Mirelurks.
680Human, not drink water. Trust Strong. Not hurt Strong, but make weak little human sick.
681Big water. Go on forever.
682Strong like big water. Lots of Mirelurk inside.
683Human, this not milk of human kindness. This just big water.
684Glow hurt humans. Super mutants stronger.
685Dangerous place. Good fights here.
686Brother super mutants not come here. Not enough to eat.
687Strong not like Glowing Sea. Too much glow.
688Ghouls and bugs like Glowing Sea. Not super mutants or humans.
689000C4609Strong smash!
690000C4608Strong kill!
691000C4607Nothing can beat Strong!
692000C4606Strong find you!
693000C4605Nothing. But Strong still watch.
694000C4604Show yourself coward! Fight Strong!
695Strong will find you and smash you dead!
696Find them human!
697000C4603Strong not see. Must be gone.
698000C4602All dead. Strong is winner!
699000C4601Strong find! Strong smash!
700000C4600Strong bored.
701000BDE22Human too weak to carry everything.
702Human, not need to take everything you find.
703Guns and ammo all you need. Forget human junk.
704Greedy human. Get rid of useless junk.
705000BBE58Stupid human. Wear armor.
706Human weak with no armor.
707Skinny, ugly human. Put armor on.
708Green skin look better.
709No armor? Stupid human.
710000BBE57Tinker, tinker, tinker. Strong bored.
711Why fix? Just get new one.
712Humans like machines too much. Make humans weak.
713Human waste time. Smash someone and take things. Much faster.
714Change junk into that? Bah!
715000BBE56Hah! Stupid human.
716Mines hurt legs.
717Watch steps, human.
718Watch for flashy light and beeps.
719No pain. No weakness.
720000BBE55Swim is for fish, not humans and super mutants.
721Human should not stay in water long. Can make human sick and weak.
722Strong not mind getting wet, but walking faster.
723000BBE54Why sneaking, human? Just smash and take.
724Smash and take. Is much quicker.
725Not how Strong would have done, but work for human.
726000BBE53Good human, just take what need. Not waste time.
727That good. Need more.
728Human should take more. Might need it.
729Now human learning. Much easier to take than make.
730000BBE52Humans like caps too much.
731Stupid caps. Waste of time.
732Why care about caps? Can't eat or shoot caps.
733Caps worthless human thing.
734Strong not care about stupid caps.
735000BBE51Human can keep. Not useful to Strong.
736What is reward? Not understand.
737Strong only want milk of human kindness.
738Give, take, what is difference?
739000BBE50Human, why look at words? What they tell you?
740Human like reading boring words.
741Stupid book. Strong not understand.
742Strong not need words. Strong use smashing to get what he wants. Not words.
743What book say? Where to find milk of human kindness.
744000BBE4FHuman, you not look so good.
745Human look very sick. Look very weak.
746Human needs to find human doctor. Make you better.
747Any more rads and human might turn into Ghoul. Or just be dead.
748If human too weak to go on, Strong not carry you. Leave weak human to die.
749000BBE4EGlow hurt human.
750Rads try to make Strong weak. Hah!
751Stay away from glow.
752Glow hurt? Not hurt Strong much.
753Rads hurt humans. Not hurt Super mutants much.
754000BBE4DHuman's leg wounded. Make enemies come to you.
755Wounded? Ignore pain. No weakness.
756Pain makes human strong. Makes Strong stronger.
757Cripple not matter. Fight anyway.
758No weakness. No pain. Even if wounded.
759000BBE4CHuman not need head to shoot and smash.
760000BBE4BHuman's arm broken. Kick and bite instead.
761000BBE4AStop fiddling. Smash!
762{triumphant} Yes!
763Strong hates locks.
764{irritated} Why so many locks?
765Should just break. Faster.
766000BBE48Good kill.
767That one was weak. Best to kill.
768Hah! A good death. Strong like.
769Good. One less human.
770Human right to kill. Only strongest live.
771000BBE45Old human junk, worst kind of human junk.
772If this useful stuff, would not be left by other humans.
773Leave old human junk. Only slow you down.
774Fine human, take old junk, but Strong not see point.
775000BBE44Leave human junk. Is useless.
776Why always take human junk? Not need.
777Strong not understand why human always take garbage. Must be human thing.
778Human should not take junk, less space for guns.
779000BBE43We find. We take.
780That make human better fighter.
781Plunder! It is good.
782Hah! Now our enemies flee in fear!
784000BBE42Dead not need things. We take.
785Victor's spoils.
786Living take what dead leave.
787Should Strong check guts too?
788Dead not care. Things ours now.
789000BBE41Careful human. Might get hurt falling like that.
790Strong is super mutant, not bird!
791Strong think that was bad idea. Not want to get smashed by ground.
792Not safe human. Too puny.
793000BBE40Why heal dog? Dog taste good.
794Should leave weak and injured to die.
795Why heal dog? Dog not human. Let dogs help dogs.
796Too bad. Strong know how to cook dog.
797Should kill dog, not heal dog. Strong hungry.
798000BBE3FWhy human help Strong? Strong not human.
799{confused about this "unnatural" act} Humans help humans. Super mutant help super mutants. Human should not help Strong.
800Strong feel better. But human should not help Strong.
801Should let weak and injured die.
802Strong confused. Why human help? Super mutants only help super mutants.
803000BBE3EStupid computers. Just smash.
804Stupid machines.
805Computers worthless. Waste of time.
806Strong bored. Need smash something.
807Computer not work for Strong. Just sit there, with stupid words.
808000BBE3DStrong not like. Vertibird can fall.
809Vertibird? Human machine. Not for Strong.
810Vertibird worthy enemy. Many missiles to kill.
811Humans have too many machines. Machines make humans weak.
812If Strong supposed to fly, Strong should have own wings.
813000BBE3CHuman look like robot.
814Strong not need power armor.
815Power armor make human good fighter.
816Humans weak. Strong not want power armor.
817{Disdain} Bah! Power armor.
818000BBE3BWhy humans like caps so much?
819Caps worthless. Can't eat them. Can't shoot them.
820Stupid humans. Caps useless.
821Leave caps. Worthless junk.
822Stupid caps. Make humans do stupid things.
823000BBE3AHuman shouldn't drink. Make human lazy and bad fighter.
824Strong not want any.
825Stupid human. Drink make you weaker.
826You not good leader. Drink make human weak.
827000BBE39Like should help like. Human should help human. It is good.
828Brothers give to brothers that need. It is right thing.
829Helping human in need is good thing. For humans.
830Give what is needed. That Super mutant way. Human to human. Super mutant to super mutant.
831That is good thing. Share with humans.
832000BBE38Dog hurt. Can we eat it now?
833Dog weak. Weak must die.
834Dog hurt. Shall Strong finish dog off?
835Leave dog behind. It hurt bad.
836Dog dying. Should eat dog while fresh.
837000BBE37Human trying to start trouble? Strong ready for a fight.
838Strong was getting bored. Let's smash!
839Haha yes human! Strong has your back.
840Shooting here. Better get ready for a fight.
841Yes human! Smash first. Talk later.
842000BBE36Strong cannot run. Leg wounded.
843Strong leg hurt bad.
844Strong not need leg to smash.
845Strong still strong, even if no legs.
846Strong's leg wounded.
847000BBE35Strong not need head to smash.
848Strong head hurt. Head wounded.
849Strong not use head anyway. Strong use hammer.
850Strong not care if head hurt.
851Hah! Strong not fight with head. Strong fight with hammer!
852000BBE34Strong's arm wounded.
853Strong cannot smash. Arm wounded.
854{defiant} If Strong cannot hold hammer, Strong smash with fist!
855{defiant} Strong still fight with broken arm.
856{defiant} Strong not care if arm hurt.
857000BBE33Chems bad.
858Super mutants don't use chems.
859Foolish human should not use chems.
860Chems make human weak, not strong.
861Strong not like chems.
862000BBE32Strong say many times. Chems bad.
863Bah! Chems are for weaklings.
864Chems make all humans weak.
865Human weak now. Chems make human weak.
866This why super mutants not use chems.
867000BBE31Yes! Kill! Smash!
868Blood! Guts! Gore! Strong like.
869Human right to give pain. Pain makes other humans stronger.
870Strong see why human good fighter. Human like pain and death. Strong like pain and death.
871This good. Hurting weak ones drives them away. Make all humans strong.
872000BBE30Human selfish. Bad human.
873Super mutant brothers share. Stupid humans greedy.
874See how super mutants better than humans. Super mutants not selfish.
875Why keep and not share? Strong share with brothers. Make all super mutants stronger.
876Stupid human. Keeping make all humans weak. Super mutants share with brothers.
877000BBE2FHah! This why talking not good. Just smash.
878Hah! Waste of time. Time to smash.
879Foolish human. Why ask? Just take.
880Peace is human weakness. Super mutants fight.
881No time for human friendly. Let Strong smash.
882000BBE2ENot kill? Human weak. Should kill.
883Bah. Not enough killing.
884Human should kill the weak. Weak deserve to die.
885Why human not smash? Strong would have smashed.
886Stupid human. Should fight, not talk.
887000BBE2DBah! Human too nice to other humans.
888Was that kindness? Like milk of human kindness?
889Should be hard with humans. Teach them to be strong.
890Should not be weak with other humans.
891Only weak human would do that.
892000BBE2CHuman is tough on other human. Is good leader.
893Life is hard. Humans should learn to be tough.
894Only strong humans survive. That human weak.
895{taunting} Ha ha ha! Weak human.
896That one is weak.
897000BBE2BHuman help brother. Super mutants help brothers.
898Is this kindness? Like milk of human kindness. Show Strong more.
899Human give milk of kindness? Strong confused. Show Strong more.
900Humans help humans. Strong like. Super mutants help super mutants.
901Strong see what human did. Human did good thing.


902COMStrongRelationshipScene001AACF7You are like brother to Strong. Together we find milk of human kindness.A2a
903You great leader. Strong follow you anywhere.A3a
904You great fighter. Strong fight with you always.A4a
905Strong stay with you. Strong fight with you. Best leader Strong ever follow.A5a
906Strong follow you anywhere. Fight with you against anything.A6a
907001AACF6Human good fighter. Strong stay with human.A2a
908Human good leader. Strong follow human for long time.A3a
909Strong think human good fighter. But not as good as Strong.A4a
910Human is almost as good as super mutant. Almost as good as Strong.A5a
911Strong like human. Fight for human. We find milk of human kindness.A6a
912001AACF5Human is like other humans. Smart but weak. Strong stay with human for now.A2a
913Human is okay fighter. For someone so small.A3a
914Strong think human is okay leader. Not best, not worst.A4a
915Humans are strange. Always want talking. Strong think human not bad fighter. Not great fighter either.A5a
916Strong waiting for human to find milk of human kindness. Human not bad fighter though.A6a
917001AACF4Bah! Human weak. Fight like radroach.A2a
918Puny human always talking. More fighting. More killing.A3a
919Human bad leader. Find milk of human kindness. Then Strong leave.A4a
920Strong knows why brothers kill and eat humans. Brothers hunt the weak. Someday Strong hunt this human.A5a
921Weakling human asks stupid question. Maybe Strong should be leader. Human bad leader.A6a
922001AACF3Strong hates human. Find milk of human kindness so Strong can leave.A2a
923Bah! Human is bad fighter and bad leader. Human worthless.A3a
924Puny weakling. Shut up. Strong tired of human always talking.A4a
925Strong hates all humans. Strong hates this human.A5a
926Human bad leader. Bad fighter. Only good for cook pot.A6a
927COMStrongTalkScene001AACF2Take meat. Make human strong.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
928Here. Eat meat before it spoils.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
929Good meat. Not too fresh. Have some human.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
930Yes, human?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
931Yes?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
932What?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
933{Neutral} Speak.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
934More talk?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
935{Really angry at being interrupted. Needs to sound different than the irritated version of the same line.} What!?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
936{Angry, incredulous} More talk!?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
937{Angry, contempt} What now, puny human?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
938{Angry, contempt} Bah. Why should Strong listen?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
939{Angry} Strong just want to smash puny human.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
940{Irritated. Needs to sound different that the Angry version of the same line.} What?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
941{Irritated.} Strong busy. What human need?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
942{Irritated.} What now, human?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
943{irritated, grumpy} Talking. Human always talking.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
944{irritated, grumpy} Strong wish human would just shut up.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
945{friendly} What does human need?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
946{respectful without fawning.} Strong ready.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
947{respectful without fawning.} Strong listening.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
948{respectful without fawning.} Human has new orders?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
949{friendly} Make new plans?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
950{Deferential. This is a leader he respects.} Strong obey you.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
951{Deferential. This is a leader he respects.} New orders for Strong?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
952{Deferential. This is a leader he respects.} Strong ready.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
953{Deferential. This is a leader he respects.} Yes, leader?Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
954{Deferential. This is a leader he respects.} You lead, Strong follows.Player Default: How do you feel about us?A
955001AACFBPlayer Default: How do you feel about us?A1a
956001AACFAPlayer Default: That's all for now.B1a
957001AACF9Player Default: It's time for us to part ways.{disgruntled} Strong go back to tower. Practice smashing things.X1a
958Player Default: It's time for us to part ways.Human not want Strong? Bah. Strong not need human either. Go back to tower.X2a
959Player Default: It's time for us to part ways.Human break promise. Not help Strong find milk of human kindness.X3a
960Strong go back to tower. Wait for human to change mind.X3b
961Player Default: It's time for us to part ways.Hmm. Good idea. Strong need break from human.X4a
962Strong go back to tower. Take nap.X4b
963Player Default: It's time for us to part ways.Strong wait at tower for human. Send weak humans to Strong for eating.X5a
964Player Default: It's time for us to part ways.Bah. Human so confusing. Follow, not follow. Make up mind!X6a
965001AACF8Player Default: How's it going?X6a


967-001C35B5Agggh! Get... off!
968What? Agghh! get it... off!
969No! Stupid... dog!
9700019DB6EOut there... somewhere!
971You can't hide forever!
973Hot potaaaatttooo! Ha ha ha ha ha!
974Throwing grenade!
975000C83A5Cannot beat Strong!
976I am Strong!
977Just... stand... still!
978We are the future!
979Kill... you! Eat... you!
980Kill... you!
981I am a Super Mutant! I am unstoppable!
982You'll never leave here alive!
983Only one of us survives this. And it won't be you!
984I'm gonna feast on your flesh, human!
985You humans! So stupid! So weak!
986Human time is done! This is the age of the Super Mutant!
987You humans made us! Now suffer for your arrogance!
988You see me, human? This is your death!
989Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
990Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
991Hurry up and die! I'm hungry! Ha ha ha ha ha!
992Gonna eat... your... dog!
993Come here, doggie doggie!
994Gonna feast.. on... dog meat!
995Now you went and got me mad!
996Kill them! Kill them all!
997Gonna kill you so much!
998We are unstoppable!
999Now... I'm... angry!
1000Bleed! Bleed and die!
1001Bleed, bleed, bleed! Ha ha ha ha ha!
1002Strong want to hear you die!
1003Strong will smash your brains out!
1004Get them human! Smash them. Crush them. Kill them!
1005Strong will break you in half!
1006Strong gonna kill you, then Strong gonna eat you!
1007You are weak! I am Stroooonng!
1008You had your time, human!
1009Ha ha! Good fight, human! Fun!
1010Good fight, human! You'll die well!
1011The Commonwealth is ours!
1013Suffer! Suffer and bleed!
1014Rage! Rage!
1015You like my game, human? Having fun?
1016This is no game, human! We win. You die.
1017I'm going to eat your legs when you're dead, human!
1018You die now, human! Ha ha ha ha ha!
1019You die now, human!
1020Why... you... stupid.. humans... always... fight?!
1021Oh ho ho! Little baby scared?
1022Scream! Scream for your worthless life!
1023Do it! Scream! Scream for mercy!
1024Stupid little man!
1025Stop moving, stupid man!
1026Agh! You move too much!
1027Stupid lady!
1028Bucketheads die!
1029Die, blue man!
1030Die, stupid blue lady!
1031Die, metalman!
10320006E1B5Hmm... What was that?
1033I can hear you...
1034Something there?
1035What? I hear somethin'.
1036Huh? A noise?
1037Hello? Someone there?
10380006E1B4Ha ha! There you are!
1039Found you!
1040Now try and hide from this!
1041Game's over!
1042No more games... time to die!
1043I smelled your fear, human!
1044Boo! Ha ha ha ha ha!
1045Come here! Strong will eat you whole!
1046Found you! Not hide from Strong!
1047Ready human? Time to smash!
1048Ha ha ha ha! Let's play, little human!
1049Let's play, little human!
1050Human! Let's play!
1051Time to die!
1052I'll wear your guts around my neck!
1053Gonna splatter your brains!
1054Gonna be a good fight!
10550006E1B3Aggh... It was nothin'.
1056Bah... I'm hearin' stuff.
1057Stupid noises.
1058Hmph. No fight today.
1059Must have been nothin'.
1060Ears play tricks on me again.
1061Strong must be hearing things.
1062Hmm...Strong thought something there. Guess not.
10630006E1B2Where'd you go? Huh? Gonna find you... Gonna KILL you!
1064Hey! You disappear! No fair!
1065Ha ha! Go ahead and hide little bleeder!
1066Aggh... face me you coward!
1067Gone! Spineless human!
1068What? Scared already? Ha ha!
1069Sneaky, sneaky. Can't sneak from Strong forever!
1070Strong will find you and make you dead!
1071No point in running. No escape from Strong!
1072Aggh, come back! Fight Strong coward!
10730006E1B1Ha ha ha. Too fun...
1074Next time, fight better.
1075I win again!
1076Too easy.
1077You lose!
1078Okay, who's next?!
1079Snack time.
1080Good fighting human. Strong impressed.
1081Haha! No one can beat Strong!
1082Human should fight with Strong more. Good team.
1083That all? Strong just getting started.
10840006E1B0You're here. You're here... Stop hiding!
1085You have to come out sooner or later.
1086I can smell you out there, little sneak...
1087Come out, come out wherever you are!
1088Gonna find you soon, human!
1089Here human, human, human. I got a treat for you!
10900006E1AFAha! Gotcha!
1091Nice try!
1092Can't escape me!
1093I knew it! I'm gonna tear you apart!
1094No more hidin' for you!
1095Ha ha! I found you!
1096Surprise! Strong got you now!
1097Haha! No one can hide from Strong!
1098Over here Human! Found them!
10990006E1AENo use human. Them gone now.
1100Gone now. Pity.
1101I wanted a fight.
1102No blood to spill today.
1103Aggh... waste my time.
1104Agh. Wanted a fight.
1105Slippery humans.
1106Aggh, human, you let them get away!
1107Strong not find them. Got away.
11080006E1ADHeard that? Strong not think we alone.
1109What?! Who's there?
1110Huh? What's that?
1111A noise?
1112Someone there?
1113I hear something.
1114That sound! What is it?
1115Shh human, Strong heard something.
1116Hear that human?
11170006E1ACStrong smash flying bug!
1118Strong gonna crush wings. Bug not fly anymore!
1119Strong not know how to build robot, but know how to break one!
1120Not care how robots work. Just smash!
1121Bloodbugs? Smash, smash, smash!
1122Bugs weak. Weaker than humans even.
1123Come Deathclaw. Strong will teach you how to die!
1124Strong will kill Deathclaw. Strong can kill anything!
1125Stop moving little robot! Let Strong break you!
1126Floating robot hard to catch, but easy to smash!
1127Filthy ghouls. Time to die!
1128Ghouls not scare Strong.
1129Stay back human. Sometimes robot shoots fire!
1130Give up robot. Strong will rip you apart piece by piece!
1131Not shoot shell. Shoot face!
1132Here fishy fishy fishy!
1133Aha! Big fishy. Strong want to eat you!
1134Fish out of water. Quick kill it for dinner!
1135Go away mole rats. Strong will crush you.
1136Wait for mole rats to pop out of ground, then smash! Right on the head.
1137Robots so boring. Not scream when die.
1138Just keep smashing. Robots die after smashed a lot.
1139No more bugs! Smash them all!
1140Radroaches! Squash them human!
1141Careful human. Scorpion sting, very strong.
1142Strong will distract it. You smash!
1143Let Strong smash your heads together!
1144Not matter which head, just smash!
1145Smash you to pieces robot!
1146Smash it human. Smash it into junk!
1147Aim for wings. Smash them down!
1148Aggh! Not spit at Strong! Now you die!
1149Haha, yes! Strong challenge you brother!
1150Not want to fight, but Strong never lose!
1151Careful human. Brothers good at smashing too.
1152Better to die fighting brothers than fighting humans.
1153Metal man, still die like man!
1154Aargghh, send you back to Institute broken and dead!
11550006DFC8You can't kill us all!
1156He is fallen!
1159Dead! No!
1160Brother! No!
1161You... killed... my... BROTHER!
1163Run! Run away!
11640006DFC6Arm hurt!
1165Aggh... arm!
1166My... arm!
1167Aggh...Strong arm hurt bad.
1168Head hurt!
1169Aggh... head!
1170My... head!
1171Head hurt...Strong not see good!
1172Chest hurt!
1173Aggh... chest!
1174My... chest!
1175Strong chest hurt...hurt to breath.
1176Leg hit!
1177Aggh... leg!
1178My... leg!
1179Aggh, hit Strong's leg...hurt to walk.
11800006DFC5{getting hit/wounded in combat} Ugh!
1181{getting hit/wounded in combat} Oof!
1182{getting hit/wounded in combat} Argh!
1183{getting hit/wounded in combat} Ahh!
1184{getting hit/wounded in combat} Ugh!
1185{getting hit/wounded in combat} No!
1186{getting hit/wounded in combat} Paaaaiiinn!
1187{getting hit/wounded in combat} You pay for that!
1188{getting hit/wounded in combat} Aggh! Wounded!
1189{getting hit/wounded in combat} Ha ha ha! You hit like a Radroach!
1190{getting hit/wounded in combat} Ug!
1191Stop hurting Strong.
1192Strong not feel pain!
1193Aggh. Strong smash you for that!
1194Haha! You think that hurt Strong?
1195{getting hit/wounded in combat} Oof!
1196{getting hit/wounded in combat} Yah!
11970006DFC4Strong smash!
1198{make noises like an attack with HUGE physical exertion} Break you!
1199{make noises like an attack with HUGE physical exertion} Rrrraaaggh!
1200{make noises like an attack with HUGE physical exertion} Huuurrrggghhh!
1201{make noises like an attack with HUGE physical exertion} Here it comes!
1202{make noises like an attack with HUGE physical exertion} Smashie, smashie!
1203{make noises like an attack with HUGE physical exertion} Yaaaagh!
1204Strong crush you!
1205Aaah! Strong kill!
12060006D784Go away, bleeder!
12070006D783So boring...
1208No green stuff here...
1209Getting hungry...
1210Wish a buckethead would show up... I'd rip his legs clean off...
1211{bored grunt} Hmmph...
12120006D782Strong crush!
1213Strong smash! Die! Die! Die!
1214Strong make you dead!
1215Strong break you!
1222Yeeeaaahhh ha ha!
1225This is what death looks like up close!
1226Let's get close, human!
1227Look! Look at your death!
1228Look me in the eye as you die!
1230{angry screaming} Aaaaiiiieeee!
1231{angry screaming} Roooaaarr!
1232{angry screaming} Raaarrggh!
1233{grunting} Huunnhh!
1235Tear! Rend! Crush!
1236Bathe in your blood!
12370006D781{strech it out. Like "cccooovveeerr!"} Cover!
1238Gonna blow!
1239Look out!
1240Run away!
1241Get away! Get away!
1242Away from there! Now!
1243Gonna kaboom!
1244Duck human. Quick!
1245Human, move now!
1246Watch out human!
1248{dying scream} Aaaaiiiieeee!
1249{dying scream} Yeeeaaaaarrrll!
1250{dying gasp} Huuhhnn...
1251{dying gasp} Huuuhhhhh!
1252{dying gasp} Ugghhh...
1253{dying gasp} Aggghh...
1254{dying gasp} Uggghh...
1255{dying gasp} Yeeaah!


1257DialogueAbernathyFarmBlakeScene0016A716Player Default: There's nothing worse than losing a child. Believe me, I know.Super mutants not have small ones.Blake: I'm sorry to hear you say so.A10a
12580016A715Player Default: If your daughter was that stupid, she got what she deserved.Small human was weak. The weak die.Blake: You're a real son of a bitch, aren't you?B11a
12590016A714Player Default: From what I've seen, nobody out here's got it easy.Only strong ones live.Blake: Yeah, well, that don't help us sleep any easier.X9a


1260MoeGreetSceneBaseball0200169BFEPlayer Default: It was America's pasttime. A sport that united families on warm summer days. And it wasn't violent. Mostly.Bah! Boring game.Moe: ... I like my version better.A1a
126100169BFDPlayer Default: The teams would also beat the spectators to death. That's how the term "spectator sport" got started.Strong like that game. Strong win.Moe: ... I like my version better.B1a
126200169BFCPlayer Default: There were balls, strikes, three bases, and home runs. You kept score by how many runners made it to home plate.Huh? Strong confused.Moe: ... I like my version better.X1a


1263MagnoliaGreetScene0016A398Player Default: I loved the song. It was perfect.{Irritated} Strong prefer sound of battle.Magnolia: Oh, thank you! A girl tries her best. *chuckle*A6a
12640016A397Player Default: I'm not a big fan of jazz.{agreeing with the player that you don't like the music} Yes. Sound of battle much better.Magnolia: Shame... but that's all I ever sing here. Goodneighbor inspires a certain kind of music.B6a


1265DialogueGraygardenIntro0016C43FPlayer Default: That's pretty ingenious. I bet you can work around the clock.In genes? Clok? Strong confused.SupervisorWhite: Of course, darling. Our unique hierarchy allows for constant operation.A10a
12660016C43EPlayer Default: Robots can do simple tasks, sure, but you need a human being to make the big decisions.Robots? Strong not like metal men. Can't eat them.SupervisorWhite: Ah, but that's where Graygarden is unique, darling.B11a
12670016C43DPlayer Default: This place seems familiar. I think I saw a bit about it on the news, back before the war.Strong bored. Let's go fight something.SupervisorWhite: Yes, construction was completed mere days before the war.X9a
12680016C43CPlayer Default: There's not even one person here?Can't eat metal men. Just smash them.SupervisorWhite: That's right, darling. We are entirely self-sufficient, with no need for human guidance.Y9a
12690016C43BSupervisorWhite: Perhaps you've noticed that I possess a rather singular personality, as do the other supervisors.Robot talk almost as much as human. Just smash it.Player Default: Well, it's definitely unique. Sort of hard to miss.A10a
1270SupervisorWhite: Perhaps you've noticed that I possess a rather singular personality, as do the other supervisors.Robot talk almost as much as humans. Shut up metal man!Player Default: Well, it's definitely unique. Sort of hard to miss.A11a


1271-00083AEFNo more talking? Good.
1272Why are you silent?
1273Talk, damn you!


1274DialogueTheSlogSceneIntro00185C70Player Default: It's pretty clever, making a tarberry bog out of an old swimming pool.{Disgust} Bah! Plants.Wiseman: I appreciate your saying so.A10a
127500185C6FPlayer Default: The first word that comes to my mind is "ugly."Humans say Strong ugly. Strong not look like tarberrys.Wiseman: Hey, do I look like a guy who puts a premium on beauty?B11a
127600185C6EPlayer Default: Looks fine, I guess. I wouldn't really know.Hard to fight in water.Wiseman: Yeah, I didn't think you had the look of a farmer about you. More the city type, I'd say, what with that smooth, clean skin.X9a


1277DialogueWarwickHomesteadIntro0016C44CPlayer Default: No wonder your crops are doing so well.Bah! Eat brahmin. Eat humans. Not tay toes or trees.Roger: Yeah, they really are.A10a
12780016C44BPlayer Default: I don't care how fertile the soil is, this place reeks.Smell not so bad. Smells like brother super mutants in hot sun.Roger: Yeah, but you get used to it.B9a
12790016C44APlayer Default: Take the good with the bad, I guess.Good and bad? Strong confused.Roger: That's how it is everywhere, friend.X10a
12800016C449Player Default: What do you grow here?Strong bored.Roger: We've got mutfruit and tatos for the time being.Y9a


1281DN019JoinCultEmogene0016A0A5Player Default: I'm a friend of the family. Maybe I can talk some sense into her.Yes. Friends.CultLeader: Look... truth is, we had a little, uh, disagreement about her joining the movement. She got kind of violent.A10a
12820016A0A4Player Default: I killed the last guy who was running this scam. In case that matters to you.Strong smash this one now?CultLeader: Uh, good to know. Let me just unlock the door for you, okay?B11a
1283DN019JoinCultEmogeneBribe0016A0A1Why pay? Just smash.CultLeader: Well, that's different.A11a
1284DN019JoinCultOfficeGaveItems0016A0A0Human confuses Strong. Want to kill human.Player Default: "I deserve a better life. A better life is coming. A better life is almost here."A11a
1285DN019JoinCultOfficeScene0016A09FCultLeader: Just go ahead and give me everything you own, and I'll initiate you as a first level Pillar of the Community.Strong not pillar. Strong keep hammer.Player Default: Here, this is everything I have.A11a


1286DN036_Main0010E0BAPlayer Default: They've got something they use to control us, to make us do things we don't want to do.{Question} Why do we not crush the puny human?Phyllis: Any second now they might send some signal, or I'll see the color orange, or whatever it is they do and BOOM.A7a


1287DN053_Virgil_Stage50_Cure00_Strong001A9635{Confused / Puzzled} Wait. This make you human?Virgil_Supermutant: That is the idea, yes.A1a
1288001A9633Virgil_Supermutant: That is the idea, yes.{Confused, getting angry. This is crazy talk. / Puzzled} But you super mutant. Why you want to be human?Virgil_Supermutant: You can't be serious.A1a
1289DN053_Virgil_Stage60_Cure05b_Strong001A9628{Coldly, getting angry. / Question} Wait. You want make more? Turn more Super Mutants human?Virgil_Human: Ultimately, yes.A1a
1290001A9626Virgil_Human: Ultimately, yes.{Getting really worked up. / Angry} No. No more. Super mutants not want to be human. You not change me! You not change anyone!Player Default: Calm down, Strong. No one's going to try to turn you into a human. It may not even work.A1a
1291DN053_Virgil_Stage70_Threaten00184281Player Default: After all you've done? They'll trust you. And I'll make sure no one else finds out about me.{extremely upset} No! Make him be super mutant again!Y11a


1293FFDiamondCity01QuestScene0016A3BEPlayer Default: Don't worry. I won't.Strong like green.Abbot: Thinking you need a little education. Maybe a bit of community service, what do you say?A2a
1294FFDiamondCity01WallGreenScene00137B69Abbot: Here's your payment and a little bonus for getting the right shade of green. Don't do anything with it I wouldn't do.{approve of the player picking green paint} Yes. Green is best.A1a
1295FFDiamondCity01WallNotGreenScene0016A3B6Abbot: Here's your payment. Now get going. I got work to do.Strong like green better.A2a
1296FFDiamondCity10_021_Companion0017CF49Fake man dead. Good.Companion: Next time you're thinkin' of lettin' someone off the hook, ask them to pay up first. You missed a golden opportunity.A11a
12970017CF48{disgusted} Bah! Next time let Strong kill fake man.Companion: Well, scratch one wolf in sheep's clothin'. I guess we're done here.A10a
12980017CF47Fake man dead. Human and Strong live.A10a


1299-0002AE64Strong must look for milk of human kindness alone now.
1300Strong go find other things to smash.
1301{First sentence is a warning.} Human, don't forget deal. Come get Strong. We find milk of human kindness.
13020002AE63Yes! Strong stay close where Strong can smash.
1303Puny human can hide behind Strong.
1304Give Strong room to swing. Strong not want to hurt puny human.
13050002AE62Strong should be close, where Strong can smash.
1306Okay. Strong have more room to swing back there.
1307Strong have room to charge from back there.
13080002AE61Strong should be close where he can fight! But Strong will obey.
1309So far away. Strong will miss fighting.
1310Strong not like being so far away, but Strong will do it.
13110002AE60{gleeful blood lust} Strong smash!
1312{Blood lust} Kill everything!
1313{Blood lust} We will fight! We will destroy!
13140002AE5FNot smash? Human make Strong look weak.
1315Defense? Stupid human idea.
1316{As if "defense" is an alien or inferior concept} Strong not like this "defense" way.
13170002AE50Strong see something to fight.
1318Enemy is weak. Strong will smash.
1319You cannot beat me. I am Strong!
13200002AE4F{End with a guttural war cry.} No more stupid defense!
1321No more waiting. Strong smash!
1322Now Strong smash!


1323Inst301BranchBossExtort0016C443Player Default: You have my word. Give me you what you've got, and we'll leave.Leave? Not fight? Bah!SynthBoss: The password to get into the stash is "Mad Orca".A11a
13240016C442Player Default: Hell no. I'll think just take what I want.Yes! Kill! Smash! Take!SynthBoss: If that's the way you want it, then let's finish this.B10a
13250016C441Player Default: On second thought, nah.Yes! Time to smash!SynthBoss: If that's the way you want it, then let's finish this.X11a
13260016C440Player Default: And if I refuse?Human talk too much. Let's fight.SynthBoss: If that's the way you want it, then let's finish this.Y9a
1327Inst301SceneX6GivesResetCode0016C447Player Default: Good, I'd like to avoid any unnecessary violence.Fighting always good. If human doesn't fight, human is weak.X6: Well, he might not be alone up there. Violence might be inevitable.A11a
13280016C446Player Default: I'm not going to destroy this man's identity and free will. Killing him would be more humane.All things die. Fake man's time to die is now.X6: He's not a man, sir, he's a synth. A synth that's confused and dangerous.B11a
13290016C445Player Default: Jesus, what a mouthful.Strong agree. Too much talk.X6: Then talk fast, sir. Just make sure you get it right.X9a
13300016C444Player Default: What do you mean by "reset his cognitive processes?"Iden tee? Is this human thing? Strong not need Iden tee.X6: Put more simply, the recall code will render him unconscious, even while he's still standing.Y9a
1331Inst301SceneX6Intro0016C448X6: I've already neutralized the perimeter guard. Just give the word, and we can start the assault on the main flotilla.Courser good fighter. Strong likes.Player Default: Alright, let's go.A11a


1332Inst302Stage40CourserScene001689C3Player Default: Remember, the synths are the primary objective. Harm must be avoided at all costs.{disgust at the idea of mercy} Bah! Strong kill all enemies.X418: Here are the recall codes. Follow me.A10a


1333Inst306Stage20Desdemona001689BBPlayer Default: Of course I'm not going to go through with it. So how do I deal with it?Not fight? Why not fight?Desdemona: We'll deal with that later. We need to prepare for a Brotherhood assault.A11a
1334001689BAPlayer Default: I'm afraid you all have to die.Strong smash all humans!Desdemona: Deacon vouched for you. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. Or you. We're not going down without a fight.B13a
1335001689B9Player Default: You're alive, so what do you think?Human weak. Should kill them all.Desdemona: I don't have time for guessing games. And the Brotherhood could be here at any moment.X11a
1336001689B8Player Default: How do I deal with this, Desdemona?Talking. Humans always talking.Desdemona: Give me a straight answer first. Are you still on our side?Y9a


1337InstM01CedricScene0016C435Player Default: I know you're in a tough situation here, but lives are at stake. Please help me.Talk, talk, talk. Too much talk.Cedric: Bill isn't the only one who's afraid. People all over the Commonwealth are talking about this Institute.A10a
13380016C434Player Default: A man's life is at stake, and you're fishing for a bribe? You're pathetic.Let Strong smash this one.Cedric: Then I guess this conversation's over.B10a
13390016C433Player Default: If that what it takes, fine.Yes. No we go. No more talk.Cedric: Well now, looks like I can help you after all.X9a
13400016C432Player Default: You don't care about Roger's family? Not even his children?More talk? Bah!Cedric: You really aren't from around here, are you?Y9a
1341InstM01IsaacSceneIntro0016C43APlayer Default: It won't be a problem.Strong bored.Isaac: I trust that it won't.A10a
13420016C439Player Default: Don't patronize me, pencilneck.{quick laugh because player insulted someone} Ha!Isaac: I... I meant no offense. Just, uh... well, let's move on.B10a
1343InstM01RogerSceneSuspect0016C436Roger: Now he's starting to work on my wife and kids, trying to turn them against me too.{Disgust} Why help fake man? Not human.Player Default: They just need to be convinced Bill's wrong. That won't be hard.A10a


1344InstM02Scene1JustinIntro0016C431Justin: I'm convinced that someone is Alan Binet. He thinks that synths are people. He even lives with one. It's disturbing,Huh? Strong confused.Player Default: There's got to be some way to prove it was him.A10a
1345InstM02Scene4LiamConfession0016C430Liam: I want to frame Justin Ayo.{disgusted by too much talking} Talk, talk, talk. Just kill human. Easy.Liam: Ever since Doctor Zimmer left, he's been out of control.A10a
1346InstM02SceneEveConfront0016C42FPlayer Default: I promise not to tell Justin. I'll keep your secret.Not kill? Strong confused.Eve: I... I believe you.A10a
13470016C42EPlayer Default: Liam has to face justice for what he's done.{excited by the idea of combat} Justice! Strong smash!Eve: If that's how you feel, we have nothing left to talk about.B10a
13480016C42CPlayer Default: You'd really risk your life to protect Liam?Stupid human.Eve: Risk my life? I would give my life, and if necessary, take someone else's.Y10a


1349InstM03NewtonBranchPunishment00184DF8Player Default: Your compassion and understanding speak well of you.{disgusted} Bah! Human weak. Kill them all.Newton: I'll take that holotape back.A10a
135000184DF7Player Default: They were prepared to let everyone starve to death. They have to die.Yes! Human good leader. Kill all enemies.Newton: I'll take that holotape back.B10a
135100184DF6Player Default: That's more than fair. I'll see to it that everyone's notified.{Trying to say "probation"} Prob... what? Just kill them. Kill all enemies.Newton: I'll take that holotape back.X10a
135200184DF5Player Default: I'll see to those supplies. At least they'll have a fighting chance, which is perhaps more than they deserve.Bah! Never let enemies like. Kill or eat prisoners.Newton: I'll take that holotape back.Y10a


1353InstMassFusion_10_Roof0016F310AllieFilmore: Well, you were right. The Brotherhood sure is here. Guess we'll have to go through them.{battle frenzy} Brotherhood! Strong fight! Strong kill all brotherhood!AllieFilmore: Oh... my. Well, I wasn't expecting this. I... guess it's nice to see some of our... older models... have been useful to you.A10a
1354InstMassFusion_11_AgitatorMissing0016F30EAllieFilmore: No sign of the Agitator... We'll have to search the rest of the building.{disgusted} Not here. Must be coward.A10a
1355InstMassFusion_13_PowerLoss0016F30AAllieFilmore: They cut the power to the elevators... It's clever, I'll give them that.Walking safer. Strong never liked Trinity Tower elevator.A10a
1356InstMassFusion_15_ViewReactor0016F307AllieFilmore: There's the reactor. Not a bad piece of work, for its time.{dismissive} Huh. Big machine.A10a
1357InstMassFusion_20_ElevatorToLobby0016F2F8AllieFilmore: These guys just don't know when they're beaten, do they?{battle frenzy} More enemies for Strong to smash!AllieFilmore: I'll help the synths buy some time. Make sure you get back to the Institute with the Agitator!A10a


1358Min01PrestonOutroFinal0016A084Preston: We need someone who can bring the whole Commonwealth together in a common cause. And I think you've got it in you to be that leader.Human good leader.Player Default: Okay. I'll do it.A11a
13590016A083Player Default: Okay. I'll do it.Good.Preston: Good. Good! Welcome aboard. I feel like this is a whole new start for the Minutemen, and the Commonwealth, too.A11a
13600016A082Player Default: No. I'm not your savior. I have my own problems to deal with.Bah! Human is coward.Preston: I get it. You can't take care of other people's problems when you're still overwhelmed by your own.B11a


1361Min02PrestonCastlePrebattle20016A08DPlayer Default: Let's not over-complicate this. Just get in there and hit them with everything we've got.Yes! Stop talking. Start fighting!PrestonGarvey: If you say so.A11a
13620016A08CPlayer Default: I'm not ready to make a call yet.Bah! Human bad leader.PrestonGarvey: Sure, take another look around. If you get into trouble we've got your back, but it's better if we go in with a plan.B12a
13630016A08BPlayer Default: Let's hit them from both sides.Strong hit front side.PrestonGarvey: We'll split up and you can join which ever side you think needs the extra support.X11a
13640016A08APlayer Default: Set up a firing line and I'll draw them out.Bah! Cowards.PrestonGarvey: Sounds good. We'll hold back and wait for them to come to us. Just don't get yourself trapped in there.Y11a
1365Min02PrestonCourtyard001776E9PrestonGarvey: Let's do this, General.Strong smash big crabs.A10a


1366Min03RonnieIntroBrawl0016A091Player Default: Easy. I just didn't know there were any other Minutemen out there.{Angry} Let's kill this one.RonnieShaw: Yeah, I did take a pretty long vacation after Joe died. Not surprised you never heard of me.A10a
13670016A090Player Default: I'd like to see you try.{Angry} Time to die puny human!RonnieShaw: This is going to be fun.B10a
13680016A08FPlayer Default: I don't have time for a dick-measuring contest. What do you actually want?{Puzzled} Measure what? Strong confused.RonnieShaw: You kiss your mother with that mouth? At least you're finally ready to get down to business.X11a
13690016A08EPlayer Default: If you're a Minuteman, how come Preston never told me about you?{Defiant} Yeah!RonnieShaw: Garvey? Oh yeah, I heard of him. Took over Hollis's group after the Quincy Massacre. One of the good ones.Y9a


1370MinDestBoSFiring0017A603PrestonGarvey: Good lord above. Almost makes you feel sorry for those poor bastards.Brotherhood shop gone. All dead. Good.RonnieShaw: They had it coming. Should've never tried to lord it over the Commonwealth. That never ends well.A10a


1371MinVsInstMinutemenStage30CitizenQuestion001689B7Player Default: The Institute wants the same things you do. We can find a way to work together.Talk, talk, talk.MinutemenContact: I don't know about that, but... Look, if nothin' else, you'd best get in there and make sure that man's okay.A10a
1372001689B6Player Default: I know for a fact they won't hurt that man, and if you get in the way, I'm going to have to take you down.A fight! Yes!MinutemenContact: Woah, look... I'm not trying to get everyone here killed, okay?B11a
1373001689B5Player Default: You don't have all the information. I do, and I'm telling you this isn't what it looks like. That man's not in danger.Human is ours. We take him.MinutemenContact: You'd better be right. If you're not, that man's life is on your head.X10a
1374001689B4Player Default: You sure you're willing to risk being wrong about this?Strong bored.MinutemenContact: Look, I... I just want people to be safe, y'know? I don't want anyone else dying, or getting' kidnapped or whatever.Y9a
1375MinVsInstStage50EnricoScene001689C2Player Default: You're right, I suppose.Strong can fight.Enrico: I know they've been keeping an eye on him for years. Not sure how they originally found him; probably don't want to know.A10a
1376001689C1Player Default: Look, I had the same intelligence reports as everyone else. No one saw this coming.Stupid human.Enrico: I know they've been keeping an eye on him for years. Not sure how they originally found him; probably don't want to know.B10a
1377001689C0Player Default: If things were different, we might not be here. Not now, at least. But with the situation in the Commonwealth being what it is...Just kill human. Fix problem.Enrico: I know they've been keeping an eye on him for years. Not sure how they originally found him; probably don't want to know.X9a
1378001689BFPlayer Default: They thought I'd be able to relate to him, with my scientific background.Humans. Always talking.Enrico: I know they've been keeping an eye on him for years. Not sure how they originally found him; probably don't want to know.Y10a


1379MQ106_CompanionDogmeatScene00220FAFDog is good hunter. Let dog hunt alone. Human has Strong now. Go kill Kellogg human.A9a
1380DogmeatLostTrail00169BCADog good hunter.Companion: This Kellogg bloke certainly isn't makin' this easy, is he.A11a
138100169BC9Dog almost as good as our hounds.Companion: I'm gonna kill this Kellogg fella meself for makin' us walk all to hell and back lookin' for him...A10a
138200169BC8Dog has scent. Good dog.Companion: I'm gonna hear that damn dog barkin' in me sleep.A10a
138300169BC7Kellogg human good warrior. Strong better warrior.Companion: This better be the place. Getting' tired of playin' cat and mouse with Kellogg.A10a
138400169BC6So much walking. Now time to fight.A11a
1385Site04_RobotConversation000895CAJabberbot: Assailant route tracked. Pursuit possible to Northwest.Robot broken. Kellogg did this?Dogmeat: (alert bark)A1a


1386MS01BillyOutOfFridge0016B9F1Player Default: Then let's go find your home.Small human should be with his kind. This is good.Billy: Thanks. I live in Quincy. Or at least I used to. But I don't know how to get there.A10a
13870016B9F0Player Default: You'll have to figure out your own life.Humans should help humans. Not good. Strong not like.Billy: I guess I'll just sit here until some monster comes and eats me.B11a
13880016B9EFPlayer Default: I hate to tell you this, but your parents are probably dead.Life hard. Death comes to all. Best that little human learn now.Billy: Dead? You really think so?X11a


1389MS04_1300_SinjinConfrontation0016A800Player Default: Looks like it's my lucky day. Because I'm getting both of you.Fight, no surrender! Kill them all!A10a
13900016A7FFPlayer Default: Stop talking like that.Good. Strong ready to fight.SinjinRightHand: It is the Shroud. It really is. Screw this.B4a
1391MS04_Comp_ActingLikeShroud0016A80BWhy human talk funny?A11a
1392MS04_Comp_PCisAssassin0016A80AHuman fight good. Good kill.A11a
1393MS04_Comp_PCKilledHostage0016A809That human weak. Best to kill the weak.A11a


1394MS05B_ReturnEggToNest00168980{Irritated} Should eat. Or burn. Not let grow to be deathclaw.A11a


1395004_MS07aCrockerScene020016963EPlayer Default: You made a mistake, but you can still do the right thing, doctor. Just think this through.Talk? Just smash silly human.DocCrocker: You're...you're right. There's one thing I can do. Only one thing's going to make this all better.A9a
13960016963DPlayer Default: Oh, screw this. Say "hi" to Earl for me.Strong smash!B7a
13970016963CPlayer Default: You've killed a man, doctor. You're going to pay for it. Put the gun down, and come with me.Or else Strong smash puny human.DocCrocker: I... I did it, didn't I? I killed a man. Oh god. There's so much blood. So much blood all over me!X9a
13980016963BPlayer Default: So you were performing surgery, and Earl didn't make it, is that it?Weak humans die.DocCrocker: I might have had just a bit of Jet before operating. So I nipped a few arteries I shouldn't have? Who hasn't?Y1a
1399004b_MS07aCompanionInterjects0016963ADead. Good.Companion: Crocker got exactly what was comin' to him.A9a
140000169639Good fight. Maybe take some for later. Strong not hungry now.A9a


1401MS09CabotHouseIntroJack0016A0A9Player Default: That's really interesting.It's boring! Human too much talking.Jack: I'm glad to hear you say that. It's become my life's work.A10a
14020016A0A8Player Default: You can believe whatever wacko theories you want, as long as I get paid.Why humans like caps to much?Jack: Well if that's how you feel, I'll leave you to Edward. He'll be your immediate supervisor.B11a
14030016A0A7Player Default: I'm really just here about the job.Want job for fighting.Jack: I'm sorry if I'm rattling on. I sometimes forget not everyone finds these things as compelling as I do.X9a
14040016A0A6Player Default: You think aliens created human civilization?Strong not care. Smash aliens.Jack: Yes, if by "alien" you mean a non-human precursor to the commonly understood founding cultures -- Sumer, Egypt, Assyria.Y9a
1405MS09Mission2EmogeneAgeKnow0016A09EPlayer Default: I have a vial of that serum with me. Here, looks like you need it.Human share. Good. Humans help humans.Emogene: How did you get that? Never mind, I'd rather not know. Thank you so very much.A12a
1406MS09ParsonsBossRoomLorenzoEscapes00187AD0Jack: You fool! Why didn't you do as I asked?Strong not fool. Strong is strong!A11a
1407MS09ParsonsCaptainScene10016A09DPlayer Default: Thanks for your help.Now we fight. Kill humans.ParsonsGuardCaptain: Sure thing.A9a
14080016A09CPlayer Default: So you've just been waiting for me to show up to do something about those assholes?Now we do something. We kill them.ParsonsGuardCaptain: As far as I remember, I don't answer to you. And yeah, we were waiting for you.B9a
14090016A09BPlayer Default: That's all I needed to know.Time to fight. Time to kill.ParsonsGuardCaptain: Well then, I guess we're done.X9a
1410MS09ParsonsCaptainScene1A0016A099Player Default: Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.Bah! Strong never says sorry.ParsonsGuardCaptain: Was that an apology? Now I've seen everything.A11a
14110016A098Player Default: Lucky for you I'm not afraid of a few raiders.Bah! Puny human raiders.ParsonsGuardCaptain: Well, then, why don't you get out of my face and go kill them?B11a
14120016A097Player Default: That's true. Edward wouldn't have hired me if he thought you could have done the job.Human weak.ParsonsGuardCaptain: You're throwing a lot of attitude for the new guy. I guess we'll see soon enough if you're just blowing smoke or not.X11a


1413MS10RexExitsSecondLift00094182RexGoodman: Are we there? Are we finally down?{Disgust} Rex human talk too much.A1a
1414MS10RexInCage00146C9APlayer Default: By the way. He's with me. Please don't shoot him.Strong will not hurt human if human rescues Strong and Rex.RexGoodman: See?A1a
141500146C98RexGoodman: Quickly! Get us out of here.More of my brothers will be here soon.A1a
1416They know a human is attacking the tower.Player Default: I'll unlock the cage.A1b
141700146C96RexGoodman: I guess they found it funny. All of them except Strong here.Strong learn secret to human power from Mack Beth.A1a
1418Milk of human kindness. Strong will find milk. Strong will drink milk. Strong will have secret power of humans.RexGoodman: Yes, yes. Of course you will.A1b
141900146C94RexGoodman: Little did they know there was a radio in here.They know. You bait to catch more humans.RexGoodman: What? Why didn't you tell me?A1a
142000146C92RexGoodman: What? Why didn't you tell me?Strong thought you know.RexGoodman: See what I have to work with?A1a
1421MS10RexOutOfCage001478B6RexGoodman: Follow Strong. He knows the best way down off of this cursed tower.Go to Lift. Go fast, humans.A1a
1422MS10StrongToLift00148B29Strong help human. Human give Strong milk. Strong become leader.RexGoodman: The milk is from a line in Macbeth. I'll tell you about it later.A1a
1423-00146C86{Happy} Good fight. Strong like human.
142400146C85{defiant} Go back to roof. These humans are mine.
1425{defiant} You cannot win. I am Strong.
1426{impressed.} You fight well human.
142700094185{proud} They fight good.
1428{demanding this deal} I fight my own kind. You give me milk.
1429{grudging compliment} Human fights good. For a human.


1430MS11_0080_Constitution_Scene_30016A7FCPlayer Default: Whoa, whoa. Easy there.No talk. Smash!FirstMate: Unable to comply.A11a
14310016A7FBPlayer Default: Try that and you'll be nothing but scrap metal, pal.Yes! Smash robot!FirstMate: Threats detected. Awaiting permission to terminate target.B11a
14320016A7FAPlayer Default: This must be a misunderstanding. You invited me aboard.What is invite? Just smash.FirstMate: No records found.X10a
14330016A7F9Player Default: What, you're going to kill me?Robot not kill human. Strong smash metal man!FirstMate: Affirmative.Y10a
1434MS11_0100_Meet_Ironsides0016A7F6Player Default: You should just abandon the ship.Not need ship. Just take guns.Ironsides: It is not in my character, sir, to retreat simply because the odds are great. I will persevere.B11a
14350016A7F5Player Default: That's quite a predicament.Strong bored.Ironsides: What vexes me most is my inability to assist in the war effort. My gun decks have naught but mole rats and ne'er-do-wells as targets.X9a
14360016A7F4Player Default: How did it even get up here?Yeah. How?Ironsides: A harrowing tale, of that there can be no doubt. Or I should say, I assume it is.Y10a
1437MS11_0350_Meet_Mandy0016A7F3Player Default: Yeah, I'm in. What's the plan?Yes! Crush tin can man.Mandy: That's the right call.A12a
14380016A7F2Player Default: No deal. I'm with Ironsides.Humans should help humans. Not robots.Mandy: Then screw you, asshole. You're lucky we don't gun you down.B11a
14390016A7F1Player Default: I need to think about this.Human think too much. More smashing.Mandy: Don't take too long, or we'll crack the Constitution open ourselves. And then you'll get nothing.X10a
1440MS11_Comp_Sabotage0016A7F8Who cares if robots blow up.A11a


1441MS13BAfterConfrontationViolence0016A0B6Weak ones die. We were strong.A13a
1442MS13BConfrontCooke0016A0BBPaulPembroke: Keep talking.Strong interjectsHenryCooke: Look, I'll, uh, I'll stay away from Darcy from now on. It's over. You have my word on that.A10a
14430016A0B5Player Default: Paul, put the gun away. Nobody needs to get shot here.Let them fight. Best fighter lives.PaulPembroke: Screw that.A10a
14440016A0B4Player Default: Better just shoot him, Paul.Fight! Fight!PaulPembroke: Keep talking.B10a
14450016A0B3Player Default: Put the guns away before this gets out of hand.They need to fight. Better fighter lives.PaulPembroke: Too late.X10a
14460016A0B2Player Default: Why don't you see if Cooke is going to listen?Talking. Listening. More talking. Bah!PaulPembroke: He never listens.Y10a
1447MS13BConfrontCookeAlone0016A0BAPlayer Default: Think this through. Darcy isn't worth dying for - or killing for.Everything worth killing for.HenryCooke: You know what? You're right.A10a
14480016A0B9Player Default: I'm counting to three. One... two...Three! Three!HenryCooke: Hold up. Don't get crazy on me. We can talk this out.B10a
14490016A0B8Player Default: I told you what you need to do. The next move is up to you.Strong hopes human fights.HenryCooke: This is how I deal with assholes like you.X9a
14500016A0B7Player Default: Last chance - are you going to stay away from Darcy or not?Say not. Strong wants to fight.HenryCooke: Take it easy. We can talk this through.Y9a
1451MS13EDivideSpoils0016A0B0Player Default: No. I'm taking all of it as the rest of my payment.Brothers share spoils. Human should share spoils.PaulPembroke: That was never part of the deal!B10a
14520016A0AFPlayer Default: 70-30 seems more like it.Brothers share, but leader takes first.PaulPembroke: Yeah, whatever. Screw me over one more time. I guess I should be used to it by now.X11a
1453MS13PaulIntroScene0016A0BEPlayer Default: Still not interested.Human must learn to fight.PaulPembroke: I don't know why I expected you to help me.B10a
14540016A0BDPlayer Default: You're going to have to make it worth my while.Then we go fight.PaulPembroke: Uh. Well... okay. I can only pay you 80 caps right now, but I'll scrape together more after we take care of Cooke.X10a


1455-0018676FBah! Coward. Too weak to fight.
14560018676ECaps. Always caps. Human's weakness.
145700186770Yes! Enough talking. More fighting.


1458MS14BobrovOpeningScene001689B3Player Default: All right! Now, it has to be quietly, with no fuss. Maybe lead him out of town...Sneaky killing bad. This bad reason to kill other human.Yefim: All right, that's enough!A11a
1459001689B2Player Default: I tell you, it would be easier than you think. You just talk him into following you out of town...Human do right thing. Sneaky killing is bad.Yefim: All right, that's enough!B10a
1460001689B1Player Default: It would be quick, and probably mostly painless. You just first lead him out of town...Bad idea. Human should not sneaky kill other humans.Yefim: All right, that's enough!X10a
1461001689B0Player Default: Did we not just agree this is serious problem? Calls for serious solution. First, you get him to follow you out of town...No sneaky killing. Humans should not kill humans that way.Yefim: All right, that's enough!Y9a
1462MS14TravisBarPreFightScene001689AFTravis: Well, if you think it would work...Don't think. Fight!A10a
1463001689AETravis: I'm not a coward!Not coward? Then fight.B10a
1464001689ADPlayer Default: Nothing will change unless you make it happen.Then human fights.X10a
1465001689ACPlayer Default: Don't you want this to stop?Bah! This human weak.Y10a
1466MS14TravisStage65Scene001689ABPlayer Default: But if I hadn't gotten into that fight with them, maybe this wouldn't have happened.Fighting never wrong.Travis: Look... I don't really... I mean, I don't have a lot of friends.A10a
1467001689AAPlayer Default: Oh, man. I can't believe this.Strong confused. How is human's fault?Travis: Look... I don't really... I mean, I don't have a lot of friends.B10a
1468001689A9Player Default: You're right. We've got to get him back.Yes! We fight now.Travis: Look... I don't really... I mean, I don't have a lot of friends.X9a
1469001689A8Player Default: I guess... Maybe it doesn't matter. But getting him back does.Fight? Not fight? Which one?Travis: Look... I don't really... I mean, I don't have a lot of friends.Y9a
1470MS14TravisStage70Scene001689A7Player Default: Okay, okay. Good. I mean, I can do this. Totally.Time to fight.Travis: Any, uhh... Any last-minute advice? I've never done anything like this.A10a
1471001689A6Player Default: Oh. Okay... Not, uhh, not exactly the pep-talk I was looking for...Ha! Strong kill many before dying.Travis: Any, uhh... Any last-minute advice? I've never done anything like this.B10a
1472001689A5Player Default: Okay, right. Sure. Yeah.Humans think too much. Strong smashes.Travis: Any, uhh... Any last-minute advice? I've never done anything like this.X10a
1473001689A4Player Default: Not really. I mean, I think it's... It's where their little gang hides out. There shouldn't be too many of them.Strong kill them all.Travis: Any, uhh... Any last-minute advice? I've never done anything like this.Y9a
1474MS14TravisStage90Scene001689A3Player Default: Thanks.Human weak fighter, but brave.Travis: After all this, I think about the things that had me worried so much, and it just seems... silly, you know?A10a
1475001689A2Player Default: Yeah, yeah. I know.Attitude not important. Winning fight important.Travis: After all this, I think about the things that had me worried so much, and it just seems... silly, you know?B11a
1476001689A1Player Default: Yeah, I'm sure. Not me, though.{Just a grunt of acceptance}Travis: After all this, I think about the things that had me worried so much, and it just seems... silly, you know?X9a
1477001689A0Player Default: Well, that's what I've been thinking about.Humans think too much.Travis: After all this, I think about the things that had me worried so much, and it just seems... silly, you know?Y9a
1478MS14VadimStage10Scene0016899FPlayer Default: Haven't met a man I couldn't lay out.A fight! Strong likes fights.Vadim: I have... contacts. People I can count on. Real tough looking, but they will take dive for money.A10a
14790016899EPlayer Default: I'm not some thug. I don't get involved in stuff like that.No fight? Human coward. Human weak.Vadim: I have... contacts. People I can count on. Real tough looking, but they will take dive for money.B10a
14800016899DPlayer Default: I can hold my own, if that's what you mean.Hold own? Hold own what? Strong confused.Vadim: I have... contacts. People I can count on. Real tough looking, but they will take dive for money.X9a
14810016899CPlayer Default: What does that have to do with anything?Always talking. Always boring.Vadim: I have... contacts. People I can count on. Real tough looking, but they will take dive for money.Y9a


1482MS17_300_Dan_Follows0016A7E5Player Default: No deal.Leave now before Strong beats you.HonestDan: We'll see who finds those caravan hands first, then.B11a
1483MS17_300_JacobWarning0016A7EAPlayer Default: Give me the caps and I'll drop the whole thing.Caps again? Strong hate caps.JacobOrden: Here you go. Come back anytime.A5a
14840016A7E7Player Default: How can you justify killing a caravan?Strong kill weak. That is good.JacobOrden: It isn't as simple as all that. Hasn't our community been good to you? And others passing through?Y3a
1485MS17_400_Chambers0016A7ECPlayer Default: Don't kill the girl. Spare her.Take other human. Take because we are strong.DoctorChambers: Impossible. The odds are too great she's an Institute infiltrator.X7a
1486MS17_Comp_KilledChambers0016A7EFKill the weak!A11a


1487RR102_100_Deacon_Intro0016A7E0Player Default: Your leader was just being cautious.Strong no like you.Deacon: Exactly. Kind of killed our chance at a friendy first impression, though.A10a
14880016A7DFPlayer Default: If you greet all newcomers like that no one's ever going to help you.Next time, Strong smash.Deacon: Don't be too hard on the old girl. She's just looking after her wayward children.B10a
1489Player Default: If you greet all newcomers like that no one's ever going to help you.Yes! Next time Strong smash.Deacon: Don't be too hard on the old girl. She's just looking after her wayward children.B11a
14900016A7DEPlayer Default: What's done is done.Not care? Human look weak to other humans.Deacon: A healthy attitude.X9a
14910016A7DDPlayer Default: Do you really have to be so cagey?Cagey? No put Strong in cage. Not like cage.Deacon: The precautions are necessary. In our business, if we underestimate our enemy's capabilities it's game over.Y9a
1492RR102_Comp_PCisAntiSlave0016A7E2Not humans. Not brothers. Use them like machines.A10a
1493RR102_Comp_RickySuicide0016A7DCHe dies, he was weak. He lives, he is strong. Is good.A11a
1494RR102_Comp_SynthsAreMachines0016A7E1Just machines. Use like machines.A10a


1495RR303_0300b_GloryDeath0016A7D5Player Default: I don't have time for this.Humans should help humans. Bad leader.Glory: Isn't there... supposed to be a light?B10a
14960016A7D4Player Default: I promise.Humans help other humans. Good.Glory: If anyone... *cough*X9a
14970016A7D3Player Default: How bad is it?Let human die. Die like warrior.Glory: No escape... this time. *cough*Y8a


1498RRM01_0100_Start0016A7C9Player Default: So, is there anyone you like?Strong not like you.DrCarrington: Oh, I wasn't aware we were competing for Congeniality awards. I thought we were rescuing synths. My mistake.B9a
14990016A7C7Player Default: What's a dead drop?Dead things always drop.DrCarrington: Oh, dear lord. A dead drop is a mailbox with a railsign on it.Y6a
1500RRM01_0300_MeetingStockton0016A7D2Player Default: No one likes delays.Strong confused.OldManStockton: It's bad for business.A6a
15010016A7D1Player Default: You're talking about synths, right?Synths? Fake men?OldManStockton: Yes, I am talking about synths.B6a
15020016A7CFPlayer Default: Why do all packages start here?Huh?OldManStockton: If you don't know the answer to that already, I'm not certain I should tell you.Y1a


1503UFOCrashQuestFlybyReaction0019A72EHow can metal fly? Strong confused.A10a
1504UFOCrashQuestImpactReaction0019A72CIt attacks! Let's go kill it.A10a