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Communists are ghoulified Chinese infiltrators found at the Deep in Appalachia in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update. They can also appear as enemies during Daily Ops.

They are not to be confused with the human communists at Camp Liberty, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


Main article: Operation Trinitite

Originally People's Liberation Army infiltrators sent to investigate the Appalachia region, similar to the operation based in the Morgantown Mama Dolce's Food Processing nearby, the Communist soldiers survived the Great War thanks to the extensive cave system that made up the Deep. They did not survive unscathed however, and in the years since the War they have undergone ghoulification. Unlike the Morgantown operation, the infiltrators based in the Deep escaped the notice of Enclave forces in the Whitespring bunker, but similarly to the Morgantown infiltrators have become trapped, thousands of miles away from home in enemy territory.

Their mission was the acquisition and operation of a Motherlode drill,[1] presumably to tunnel into the Whitespring bunker in an attempt to capture it and its secrets for the People's Republic of China. However, the Great War brought a halt to their mission. As of 2103, they are still trying, though they have been unsuccessful in actually breaking through.[2]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

FO76 Raider Hostile
This character is always hostile with the player.
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This character is involved in quests.


Name Weapon Apparel Encounter
Communist soldier Ranged weapon Communist spy outfit + hat The Deep / Daily Ops
Communist commander Ranged weapon BOS Knight T-60 power armor · Communist militant outfit + hat The Deep
Communist militant Minigun / missile launcher Communist militant outfit + hat Daily Ops
Communist commissar Riot shotgun[3] Communist power armor · Communist commander outfit + hat Daily Ops


These communist soldiers appear in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Unlike most enemies, communist soldiers found in the Deep do not have any passive armor values from any type damage. They may only gain armor from their outfits, which provide 0. The communists in power armor will receive their values from the power armor set.[verified]



NPC Form ID Editor ID
Communist Soldier 00553AA7 encUCBGhoulFaceM01Template
Communist Soldier 0059F2F2 encUCBGhoulFaceF01Template
Communist Soldier 0061DAE2 EncPRCGhoul01Template
Communist Soldier 0061DAE3 EncPRCGhoul02
Communist Soldier 0061DAE4 EncPRCGhoul03
Communist Soldier 0061DAE5 EncPRCGhoul04
Communist Soldier 0061DAE6 EncPRCGhoul05
Communist Soldier 0061DAE7 EncPRCGhoul06
Communist Soldier 0061DAE8 EncPRCGhoul07
Communist Soldier 0061DAE9 EncPRCGhoul08
Communist Soldier 0061DAEA EncPRCGhoul09
00553AA8 LvlPRCGhoul01
00553D4E LvlPRCGhoul01_Commander
00553D50 LvlPRCGhoul01_Commander_Inside
00553D4F LvlPRCGhoul01_Commander_Outside
00553D51 LvlPRCGhoul01_Missile
00553AAA LvlPRCGhoul01_PA
Daily Ops Template 0061FB3F DailyOps_Template_Traits_PRCGhoulMilitant
Daily Ops Template 0060EC44 DailyOps_Template_Spell_PRCGhoul
Daily Ops Template 0060EC45 DailyOps_Template_Spell_PRCLiberator
Daily Ops Template 0060EC46 DailyOps_Template_Spell_PRCFeralGhoul
Communist Commissar 0060EC3E LvlPRCGhoulBoss_DailyOps
Communist Feral Ghoul 0060EC41 LvlPRCGhoulMelee_DailyOps
Communist Soldier 0060EC40 LvlPRCGhoulRanged_DailyOps
Communist Militant 0060EC3F LvlPRCGhoulMissile_DailyOps
Communist Militant 0060EC43 LvlPRCGhoulMinigun_DailyOps
Liberator 0060EC42 LvlPRCCreature_Liberator_DailyOps
00553AA2 crLLI_PRC_Grenade_frag_15
00553D4B crLLI_PRC_Weapons_Minigun
00553D4A crLLI_PRC_Weapons_Missile
00053AA1 crLLI_PRC_Weapons_Ranged
00621350 crLLI_PRC_Weapons_Missile_DailyOps
0061DADE crLLI_PRC_Weapons_Ranged_DailyOps
00553AA0 LLS_Outfit_PRC_Regular
00553D49 LLS_Outfit_PRC_Commander
0061DAE0 LLS_Outfit_PRC_Commander_DailyOps
0060EC73 LLS_Outfit_PRC_Feral
0061DADF LLS_Outfit_PRC_Militant