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. . . Protect the people at a minute's notice. . .Preston Garvey

The Commonwealth Minutemen, typically shortened to just the Minutemen, are a faction encountered in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. Once a prominent powerhouse, recent years have seen them fall into a steady decline losing much of their strength and influence, and by 2287, are nearly wiped out.


Envisioned as a volunteer militia of settlers banding together to protect themselves, their homesteads, and their communities,[1] similar to the Minutemen of the Revolutionary era, the Minutemen of the 23rd century also focus on defending the people of Massachusetts, "at a minute's notice."[2][3] The statue positioned near the Old North Bridge in the northwest Commonwealth, commemorating the original group and standing where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired,[4] is considered an important symbol by the present-day group and their mission.

Glory days[]

The Minutemen as an organization first rose to prominence in 2180, when their flag was flown while defending Diamond City against a super mutant attack.[5] Once more settlements in the Commonwealth began to come around to accepting their aid, the Minutemen attempted to branch out through organizing a provisional government constituted by the various settlements.[Non-game 1] However, the combined effort went up in smoke when the Institute sent their own envoy, a synth, leading to the Massacre of the CPG and the breakdown of any further talks of cooperation.[6]

After the loss of the CPG, the Minutemen continued their independent efforts at peacekeeping, establishing a headquarters at Fort Independence in South Boston, which became known as "the Castle."[7] Part of their restoration efforts involved members including Ronnie Shaw establishing an armory within the facility, guarded by a sentry bot named Sarge.[8] The Minutemen maintained their regional operations from the Castle until 2240, when the garrison under the leadership of the incumbent General McGann was attacked by a giant creature said to have emerged from the surrounding ocean.[7][9][10] While the sea beast routed most of the Minutemen from the Castle, McGann made a last-ditch effort and sealed off the armory to preserve the munitions and technology inside for the future, though he himself ultimately perished from dehydration/malnutrition, finding only a large batch of wine and choosing to meet his grim demise "with a toast."

Even with the loss of the Castle, the Minutemen continued in their goals of responding to requests for help from nearby settlements that were being attacked and defending them fiercely.[11] Their structure of being historically led by a general with individual contingents led by a colonel served them well in being able to deploy "at a minute's notice" in response to reported threats.[12] Joe Becker was considered the last "real" leader of the Minutemen, so when he died in 2282, the question of who should serve as successor become a hotly-debated issue.[13][14] Without General Becker's stable leadership, rivalries between different groups flared up and began to cause infighting and disorganization in the larger group.[15][16] The fracturing incited some members to abandon the group entirely, including James Wire and Ronnie Shaw.[17][18][19]

The Quincy Massacre[]

Main article: Quincy Massacre

The loss of stable leadership and frequency of internal squabbles began to erode the efficacy of the group, but they still managed to continue their mission to respond to defense requests for some time after.[Non-game 2] One such request was from the citizens of Quincy, who were being attacked by a mercenary group known as the Gunners sometime around 2287.[11] A group of Minutemen under the command of Colonel Ezra Hollis were the first to heed the call for reinforcements.[20][21] Among his group at the time was Preston Garvey, a Minutemen member since the age of 17, who assisted with the residents' efforts to barricade the town against the Gunners' attacks.[22][23] However, Hollis knew that even with his group, they simply did not have the numbers to hold the town against a large Gunner offensive, but his repeated attempts to send out requests for additional reinforcements from other Minutemen groups either went unanswered or were too slow to deploy to even matter.[20][21][23]

Shortly after Hollis' group arrived, Clint, a ten-year veteran of the Minutemen, arrived in Quincy, but not to provide reinforcements; instead, he revealed that he had defected to the Gunner side and was assisting them in taking over Quincy. He made an offer of surrender to Hollis, but with the promise that a refusal would sign his death warrant.[24][Non-game 3] Hollis still refused to stand down, and the Gunners subsequently attacked in force, using the advantage of the overpass looming over Quincy to pick off the town defenders from above.[25][26] Despite their best efforts, the Minutemen could not defend against the Gunners' superior numbers and position,[25][27] and Colonel Hollis was captured alive, though he continued to stand by Minutemen principles until the end, when he was executed by Clint.[25] The inhabitants of Quincy were slaughtered by the Gunners with the exception of a group of around twenty that followed the remnants of Hollis' group, now under Garvey's command to escape from Quincy.[25][28]

The last Minuteman[]

From Quincy, the survivor group fled northwest through Jamaica Plain, managing to shake the Gunners pursuing them but losing some of their own to the Gunners and other wasteland dangers. Their flight continued northwest all the way to Lexington where they hoped to find shelter.[29][30] However, their number was further depleted due to the similarly heavy infestation of feral ghouls, but the reduced group still managed to escape, reaching Concord shortly after.[29][31] The town was as far as they got before being beset by a group of raiders sent by Jared from the Corvega assembly plant, trapping the small group inside the Museum of Freedom. With the loss of all his men, Preston came to believe he is the last true member of the Minutemen still alive yet remained dedicated to protecting the surviving group of civilians.[20][32] Once word of the Minutemen's inability to protect Quincy spread across the Commonwealth, their popularity and support fell off almost immediately, and most wastelanders came to speak disparagingly of the group and their idealistic goals.[33]


The Commonwealth Minutemen is a paramilitary force designed to have a general to lead while delegating in-field operation commands to colonels who command individual groups. Communities aligned with the group would provide volunteers, who were in turn trained and equipped by a core group of full-time Minutemen. The group's headquarters for the longest time was "the Castle," within which could be found workshops, barracks, armories, and aid stations, but most importantly, a functioning radio transmitter which broadcast the Minutemen's own radio station, Radio Freedom, a continuous program of music, news updates, and requests for help that linked the disparate Minutemen together. When the Minutemen had the capability of heavy artillery within the Castle in the past, the transmitter could also be used to coordinate artillery strikes, though its range was typically limited.

As an all-volunteer force, the morale of its members was especially critical. The Minutemen adopted much of the terminology and practices of the former National Guard, but simplified them and introduced elements of democracy. As mentioned above, each contingent elected by the popular vote a colonel to lead them, who collectively in turn appointed a single general to act as the Minutemen’s overall commander. Due to its decentralized, volunteer nature, the group relied heavily on a general’s charisma and leadership to prevent the splintering of its members.


The Minutemen believe in using technology in a controlled manner to help their cause. They fight for freedom, but they generally do not believe in the rights of the Institute's Synths. In combat, the Minutemen emphasize reliable technology, which can be used without fail in interventions. They operate (or at least used to operate) their own radio station to coordinate their efforts in the field. Unique in the Commonwealth is their use of massive mortars to deploy artillery strikes against targets their light arms cannot succeed, using smoke grenades to designate targets and radio communications to send orders. They also utilize flare guns to signal for assistance from any nearby minutemen. The Minutemen also utilize laser muskets as a signature weapon, appearing to be handmade from laser rifle components. Members wear distinct uniforms along with various pieces of armor, and are often armed with their signature laser musket, as well as pipe weapons and double-barrel shotguns. Once the Castle is reclaimed, the group begins to broadcast Radio Freedom as a way to send alerts across the Commonwealth.[34] Defeating the Brotherhood of Steel allows the Minutemen the opportunity to gain at least one of the Brotherhood of Steel's Vertibirds for their own use, summoned and deployed with flares found in the Castle armory. It is unknown if there are any other vehicles in the Minutemen's possession. The Castle Armory was protected by a reprogrammed Sentry Bot named SARGE.


The Minutemen are foremostly concerned with the development of infrastructure, the defense of settlements, and the stability of the Commonwealth. To that end, they are willing to ally with most factions to further these goals. While initially wary of the Brotherhoods intents in the Commonwealth, they are willing to ally them against the Institute. Likewise while not dedicated to Synth rights they are also willing to ally with the Railroad. However, despite having fought a war with the Institue in the past, and them being responsible for the CPG massacre, they are also willing to ally with the Institute in the name of a secured and unified Commonwealth.

The Minutemen take inspiration from the Minutemen of the Revolutionary era, 'ready at a minutes notice' and incorporate some iconography related to them. As such they see themselves foremostly as a Militia comprised of the citizenry, common people, though they carry over several military titles.

Most missions handed out by the Minutemen concern the safety of settlers, or the development of infrastructure. Clearing out potential settlements from hostile forces, defending them from attacks, building up access to basic necessities and defenses, and increasing their organizational capacity. They also value security, allying with any faction that could unify the Commonwealth and clearing out hostile factions like the Gunners or Raiders. The Minutemen make references to valuing Freedom, but this seems a more abstract concept. Freedom seems to be more about freedom the hostile elements of the wasteland, as they are willing to submit to the outside power of the Brotherhood. Though they are willing to turn against the Brotherhood and force them out of the region.

Perhaps owing to their nature as a militia, their major flaw was a lack of organization. With the fall of the Castle's radio tower the Minutemen became increasingly factionalized. General Becker was the last leader to be able to keep the Minutemen together, but no new leader could be agreed upon after his death. While the Minutemen continued to exist in name, they were in effect multiple groups that were only loosely allied. The Minutemen were considered to have ended when none of the other factions came to reinforce the faction that attempted to defend Quincy.

The Minutemen are most hostile to the Gunners and Raiders of the Commonwealth who often prey upon the settlers of the region. The Gunners were responsible for the Quincy Massacre, while Raiders are an almost constant-threat in the area. The Minutemen will refuse to work with the player should they ally with the Nuka-World Raiders.


The Minutemen style themselves as a militia, though they take some design cues from the professional military of the old US Army, however the core of their motifs are that of the Revolutionary-era Minutemen.

They use leather Militia Hats, and simple Militia Outfits as the closest thing to a uniform. However being a militia most of their members use whatever clothes, armor, and weapons that are on hand. General McGann used a colonial inspired uniform and had. The Laser Musket is the iconic weapon of the Minutemen, which is referenced in much of their iconography, though it is far from a standardized weapon.

Most Minutemen Flag uses a blue background with a white musket crossed with a lightning bolt with three white stars. These motifs are the most often used in their iconography, Occasionally elements of the old US Flag are used, including the red and white stripes, or white stars and blue background.

Interactions with the player character[]

One's first interaction with the Minutemen occurs during Out of Time, when they are directed by Codsworth to investigate Concord for help finding Shaun and they may come across the Museum of Freedom under attack by Gristle's raiders, where Preston will call out for help to protect the settlers from the upstairs balcony where they are sheltering. If one decides to give assistance, including fighting a deathclaw, and later meets the group at Sanctuary Hills, Garvey will extend an offer to join the Minutemen, and declares the player character the new General.

Throughout their dedicated questline, the Sole Survivor will be asked to visit various settlements and complete tasks for them to get them to support the Minutemen. After a minimum of three settlements become allied, talking to Preston triggers Taking Independence, where the Minutemen make the move to reclaim the Castle as their headquarters. Once they take control of the Castle again, new quests assigned by Garvey will begin to cycle back through previously completed quests.


As one of the four major factions in Fallout 4, the Minutemen are neutral and will stay friendly to the player character should they ally with the Institute, Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad. However, one has the ability to opt-out of helping any of those factions and work specifically with the Minutemen for the main quest. Upon completion of the Nuclear Option, the Minutemen will patrol the Commonwealth's military checkpoints and its members will appear patrolling Diamond City.

Depending on actions taken during the main quest, the Minutemen may enter conflict with at least two other major factions:

  • If the player character manages to become banished from the Institute for any reason, all Insitute quests will fail and Defend the Castle will begin, which involves fighting with the Minutemen against waves of synths and Coursers that attack the Castle. Once that quest is completed, the Minutemen version of The Nuclear Option begins, involving breaking into the Institute, sabotaging their nuclear reactor, and then detonating it to destroy the Institute.
  • At any point after completing The Nuclear Option, if the player character helped the Minutemen or the Brotherhood of Steel, and then becomes hostile with the Brotherhood of Steel for any reason, this will trigger With Our Powers Combined, which involves building enough artillery pieces in allied settlements to allow the Minutemen to destroy the Prydwen at Boston Airport, followed by a Brotherhood attack on the Castle similar to the Institute version of Defend the Castle. Once the Brotherhood are defeated, the Minutemen gain control of their vertibird fleet allowing for the player character to use them via vertibird signal grenades just like how one does with the Brotherhood.

There is no scenario for helping the Minutemen attack the Railroad, although if one does not complete the optional objective to issue the evacuation order during The Nuclear Option, the Railroad still becomes hostile.

Nuka-World (add-on) Preston will refuse to issue any more Minutemen quests if the player character helps the Nuka-World raiders take over settlements in the Commonwealth during Home Sweet Home. He will only agree to work with them again if they complete Open Season and kill all the raiders, though he will be permanently unable to be recruited as a companion.

Named and generic members[]



Related quests[]

Main questline[]

  • When Freedom Calls: A group of raiders is laying siege to a building in Concord. The Sole Survivor can help eliminate the threat to the settlers within.
  • Sanctuary: The Sole Survivor can agree to help the people in Sanctuary Hills establish a permanent settlement.
  • The First Step: Preston Garvey asks for one to travel to a nearby settlement that's requested help from the Minutemen. The player character can head there to see what they can do to help them.
  • The Sight: Mama Murphy insists that she can see the future while under the influence of chems and asks the Sole Survivor to procure some for her. After each dose of chems, Mama Murphy will have a vision about the Sole Survivor's future.
  • Taking Point: Preston informs the Sole Survivor of a promising site for a new settlement. He asks them to clear the settlement of enemies before building a recruitment radio beacon to attract new settlers.
  • Taking Independence: Preston brings up the idea of retaking the Castle, suggesting that the radio transmitter there would help with communicating with the growing number of allied settlements. Preston will then ask the Sole Survivor how they would prefer to approach the attack.
  • Old Guns: Ronnie Shaw informs the Sole Survivor of an armory hidden in the western bastion of the Castle that only she knows how to access. She will lead them to the area to do so.
  • Inside Job: Once the signal interceptor has been built, Sturges will ask the Sole Survivor to insert a network scanner holotape inside the Institute's computer network to infiltrate it and download any available information.
  • Form Ranks: Preston Garvey will state that the Minutemen are not strong enough to take on the Institute. They will need to recruit more settlements in order to have the manpower necessary to stand a chance.
  • The Nuclear Option: Sturges analyzed the data from the Institute network and found a way to access it via an old tunnel providing cooling water to their reactor. He gives the Sole Survivor a holotape that will reprogram the relay to bring in the Minutemen and end the Institute.
  • With Our Powers Combined: The Minutemen can remove the Brotherhood of Steel as a threat to the Commonwealth. With enough artillery batteries, they can attempt to take out the Prydwen with a surprise attack.

Side and radiant quests[]

  • Defend the Castle: The Sole Survivor receives word that enemies are preparing to attack the Castle, and they can help defend it.
  • Returning the Favor: Blake Abernathy asks the Sole Survivor to retrieve a locket from the raider hideout in USAF Satellite Station Olivia. If they are successful, his farm will join the Minutemen's cause.
  • Clearing the Way: A settler tells the Sole Survivor that a nearby area has been infested with hostiles that are threatening their settlement. The settler will ask that they clear the infestation before mentioning that the infested area would be a good spot for another settlement.
  • Ghoul Problem: An allied settlement is having trouble with feral ghouls, and needs help in dealing with them.
  • Greenskins: A large group of super mutants has been raiding a settlement and causing trouble. A settler will point the Sole Survivor to the mutants' hideout and ask that they are eliminated for the safety of the settlement.
  • Kidnapping: A settler has been kidnapped and their friends are in desperate need of help. The Sole Survivor can either give the settlement leader enough caps to pay the ransom, or they can offer to rescue the settler.
  • Raider Troubles: Raiders have been harassing a settlement and causing trouble. The Sole Survivor must travel to the raider hideout and eliminate them.
  • Resettle Refugees: The Sole Survivor is informed of a group of Institute refugees at a military checkpoint who are looking to resettle, and is asked to assist them.
  • Rogue Courser: Preston Garvey has learned of a courser who has embedded himself within a raider gang. The Sole Survivor can take them out before they gain control and start causing significant problems.
  • Stop the Raiding: A large group of raiders came by recently asking for tribute, which the settlement was forced to pay for their own protection. The settler will point the Sole Survivor to the raiders' hideout and ask that they are dealt with.
  • Defend: A settlement is under imminent threat of an attack. The Sole Survivor can travel to the settlement and deal with the attackers.
  • Defend the Artillery: A Brotherhood vertibird has been spotted near the settlement, scoping out the artillery. The settlers there will ask the Sole Survivor to help build up the settlement's defenses to protect against the upcoming attack.


The Commonwealth Minutemen appear in in Fallout 4 and the Fallout: The Roleplaying Game sourcebook Winter of Atom.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The in-game Commonwealth Minutemen are based on the real-world group of the same name, the Minutemen, who were a self-trained colonial partisan militia active during the American Revolutionary War and famously known for being ready "at a minute's notice."
  • Quest designer Kurt Kuhlmann was a senior designer on the Minutemen quest line in Fallout 4.[Non-game 4]


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    Each Minuteman relies on whatever gear he or she can salvage, so the group's strength is determined by the allegiances it manages to forge. You first encounter Preston Garvey—who has spent years believing he's the last of the Commonwealth Minutemen—in the Museum of Freedom. With enough allies, however, Preston believes he can reestablish the Castle as the Minutemen's base of operations.
    Most Minutemen are limited to whatever protection is offered by simple clothing and headgear, but some members have managed to salvage a few pieces of leather armor or metal armor. The laser musket is the signature weapon of the Minutemen, but the average Minuteman is forced to rely on whatever weapons he or she has managed to salvage before joining. This means that patrolling Minutemen can be found carrying anything from humble pipe guns to heavily modified combat rifles.
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