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The common room is free, but the beds are lousy. It's on the midship deck. A big open room with lots of beds.

The common room is a location on the mid-deck of Rivet City.


It is an area on the western end of the deck filled with cots in which random Rivet City residents might occasionally sleep. Upon entrance you'll see a large room with desks, several cots, and tables with food. To the right there is a small room with four cots and a locker.

Ted Strayer, Mister Lopez, Mei Wong, Tammy and James Hargrave are some of the more noticeable regulars. Cherry will also stay in the common room if she is taken to Rivet City.

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The common room contains two unowned beds the player can use to sleep in for free in lieu of purchasing a room at the Weatherly Hotel.


The Rivet City common room appears only in Fallout 3.