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For a cross-game overview of this perk, see Commando.

Basic combat training means automatic rifles do +10% damage.— Rank one perk description

Commando is a perk in Fallout 76.


The perk requires the Vault Dwellers to be at least level 15. Its first rank increase damage dealt with automatic weapons by 10%, with the two subsequent ranks adding 5% each, for a total increase of 20%. This percentage can be further increased by using this perk in combination with Expert Commando and Master Commando.

The perk affects all automatic rifles and their unique variants. Note that weapons, which are pistols in their basic state, require a rifle stock or grip to be attached to them in order to be affected by this perk.

Weapons affected by this perk:
Base weapon Variant(s)
10mm Submachine gun Old guard's 10mm SMG
Perfect Storm
Assault rifle Whistle in the Dark
Combat rifle The Fixer
Enclave plasma gun1 -
Handmade rifle -
Laser gun1 Acceptable Overkill1
Pipe gun1 -
Plasma gun1 Mind Over Matter1
Slug Buster1
Radium rifle -
Railway rifle -
Submachine gun -
Tesla rifle Night Light
Ultracite laser gun1 -
1 Requires rifle stock or grip in order to be affected.


Even though the perk benefits automatic rifles, the perk card's artwork depicts a scoped bolt-action rifle.