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While using a rifle (or similar two-handed weapon), your accuracy in V.A.T.S. is significantly increased.— In-game description

Commando is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas.


The perk requires the Courier to be at least level eight. It increases the accuracy of two-handed rifle-type weapons by 25 percent when using V.A.T.S. Note that this bonus is multiplicative, not additive.

Weapons affected by this perk:
Base weapon Variant(s)
.45 Auto submachine gun Honest Hearts -
12.7mm submachine gun 12.7mm submachine gun Gun Runners' Arsenal
Anti-materiel rifle Anti-materiel rifle Gun Runners' Arsenal
Assault carbine Assault carbine Gun Runners' Arsenal
Battle rifle Gun Runners' Arsenal This Machine
Caravan shotgun Sturdy caravan shotgun Caravan Pack
Cowboy repeater La Longue Carabine
Gauss rifle YCS/186
Grenade rifle Great Bear grenade rifle Lonesome Road (add-on)
Mercenary's grenade rifle Courier's Stash
Red Victory grenade rifle Lonesome Road (add-on)
Holorifle Dead Money -
Hunting rifle Paciencia Gun Runners' Arsenal
Hunting shotgun Dinner Bell
Laser RCW -
Laser rifle AER14 prototype
Van Graff laser rifle
Light machine gun Bozar Gun Runners' Arsenal
Marksman carbine All-American
Multiplas rifle -
Plasma rifle Q-35 matter modulator
Van Graff plasma rifle
Recharger rifle -
Riot shotgun -
Service rifle Survivalist's rifle Honest Hearts
Single shotgun -
Sniper rifle Christine's CoS silencer rifle Old World Blues (add-on)
Gobi Campaign scout rifle
Trail carbine -
Tri-beam laser rifle Tri-beam laser rifle Gun Runners' Arsenal
Varmint rifle Ratslayer


  • Since the perk's bonus is multiplicative, it effectively negates the penalty of the Fast Shot trait when using two-handed weapons:
  • The perk applies if a weapon's animation type is either "Rifle - Automatic (2 Hand)", "Rifle - Ballistic (2 Hand)", or "Rifle - Energy (2 Hand)".