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The Commander's Charge is a unique revolutionary sword in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.

It was available as a reward for completing the weekly challenge of "Team Up" in Survival mode from May 14 to May 20, 2019. The weapon was then made available again from August 6 to August 13, 2019.


Weapon modifications

ModEffectsDamage changeAP cost changeWeight changeValue changePlanPerkComponents
No upgradeSteel x3
Electrified???Makeshift Warrior 4Adhesive x1
Aluminum x1
Circuitry x1
Rubber x1
Serrated blade???Makeshift Warrior 4Adhesive x1
Oil x1
Steel x3



The Commander's Charge was a reward for completing the "Team up with other players" weekly challenge in Survival mode. The requirements were as follows:

  • Claim a workshop while on a team.
  • Complete a quest while on a team.
  • Kill a scorchbeast while on a team.
  • Revive a player while on a team.