Come Fly With Me is a quest in Fallout: New Vegas.

Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

  1. Head to the REPCONN test site.
  2. Enter the facility and discover the source of the ghouls.
  3. Head upstairs to meet with the owner of the voice from the intercom.
  4. Speak with Jason Bright, the leader of the REPCONN ghouls.
  5. You must now clear the basement of the Nightkin. However, for a greater challenge, it is not necessary to kill them if you perform two optional sub-quests for the Nightkin leader Davison and the ghoul Harland.
    • If you kill any Nightkin before or after meeting Davison, he will attack you.
    • (Optional) First, go speak to Davison. Head left to find Davison's office. He will inform the Courier that he led his Nightkin to the facility to find a large shipment of stealth boys. He will then complain that there is one last room he must search, but that a particularly tough ghoul has barricaded himself in it. The quest will update and Davison will give you a key.
    • Go speak to Harland. Head out of Davison's office to the right and down the hall to a locked door with a dead Nightkin outside. Harland will then initiate dialogue. (After finding Harland's friend or killing Harland, you can access the computer for an update on the location of shipment invoice.) Return to Davison.
    • (Optional) Find Harland's friend, who has been imprisoned by the Nightkin.
      • Head out of the room and follow the corridor to the end then round, follow the steps down and turn right.
      • Head to the end and through the door on your right which has some metal walkways which overlook the prison. An "invisible" Nightkin jailer is walking around the room. Before going down to the prison, you will need the jailer's key or cross the room to where the door leads to the stairs going down, but turn right and go to the end of the room. A small room on the left has a desk in a back, center nook. A key is in the desk.
      • Go down the stairs and through the locked door on the left wall.
      • Inside the first room on the left you will find Harland's friend dead.
      • (Optional) Return to Harland and let him know the bad news. Harland will leave the basement and you are now free to look around upstairs without him turning hostile. Be careful there are lots of bear traps, a shotgun trap, a trapped terminal plus nearly a dozen frag mines under little dust mounds in Harland's area on the first floor.
    • (Optional) Search the room that Harland is in for the stealth boy shipment the Nightkin are looking for.
      • The shipment information is found in the large room where the ghoul was defending his territory, at an upstairs terminal with many boxes next to it. As you read, it will state that the shipment had been shipped back to RobCo.
    • (Optional) Return to Davison with news that the stealth boys are not in the REPCONN facility. If you have not attacked any Nightkin thus far, he and his Nightkin will peacefully leave the basement. Otherwise he attacks.
  6. Report to Jason Bright that the Nightkin are gone.
  7. Head to the REPCONN basement and talk to Jason Bright about what comes next. You will find a space suit and space suit helmet on a shelf in the room where this happens.
  8. Speak to Chris Haversam about fixing the rockets. With a Speech (50) check, you can convince him that he is human. If you want him to take revenge, he will ask you for 3 Sugar Bombs to sabotage the engines, in addition to the parts. Also, a female character with the Black Widow perk can convince Haversam to sabotage the engines, regardless of whether he believes himself a ghoul. Either way, you can also convince him that murder isn't the way, and he'll agree to relocate to Novac after the ghouls launch.
  9. Find parts to fix the rockets' thrust controllers.
    • The thrust controllers are found at the Gibson Scrap Yard. They cost 500 caps but with either a speech or barter check you can get them for 50% off. If you use the Lady Killer perk on Old Lady Gibson she will give you them for free, another way to get them for free would be to pickpocket Old Lady Gibson(for her key) and then steal them from the locked box in the garage.(best done at night while she sleeps)
  10. Find atomic fuel for the rockets.
    • The atomic fuel is found just north of Clark Field. Another one located at the opposite side of radioactive Golden gecko-infested ruins, near a dead pack brahmin. A corpse wearing a yellow Rad Suit has some. Alternatively, you can use the rocket souvenirs (5 of them needed).
    • Atomic Fuel can also be found in the Dino-Souvenir store, under the T-Rex. Buy the stockroom key from Cliff Briscoe, use the key to open the door and grab the souvenir rockets. You'll need 5. Collect ALL the Dinky Dino's and sell them back to Briscoe for a tidy return on your investment. Then take the souvenir rockets back to Chris. Bonus, you can also steal "That Gun" in there but you will lose Karma. 150 souvenir rockets can also be found in a vending machine upstairs of Mick & Ralph's in Freeside.
  11. Return to the REPCONN test site and give the parts to Chris Haversam.
  12. Talk to Chris Haversam to begin preparations for the rocket launch.
  13. Stay in the building and make your way up from the basement to the research wing on the 3rd floor.
  14. Complete the launch sequence, by pressing the button on the control panel. If you have science skill above 55 you can alter the navigation co-ordinates, it is possible to earn 55 extra XP by altering the rocket's trajectory, which should send the rocket 12.5% closer to its destination. This also results in good karma. If your intelligence is below 4, you can also try randomly mashing the buttons on control panel. Watch the cut scene as the rockets take off from the opened launch hangar. You should see a notification that your reputation in Novac is improved.
    • You can also set the navigation so that the rockets collide into one another as they launch. This give you negative karma, but oddly enough your reputation in Novac still improves. This may be due to the original reason of the quest: to get rid of the ghouls.
  15. (Optional Ending Evil) When talking with Jason in the basement, ask him about the great journey and "Chris' condition". He will tell you Chris can not go with them. Agree to the quest then tell Chris what Jason said (speech 50). He will give you the option to sabotage the rockets using sugar bombs. The sugar bombs can be bought close by at the Dino Bite gift shop.
  16. Return to Manny Vargas if you started the quest with him. Completing the quest with him will boost your Novac reputation some more.

Journal entries

1 Head to the REPCONN facility west of Novac to investigate rumors of ghoul activity there.
2 Enter the facility and discover the source of the ghouls.
3 Head upstairs to meet with the owner of the voice from the intercom.
4 Speak with Jason Bright, the leader of the REPCONN ghouls.
5 Get rid of the Nightkin in the basement.
6 (Optional) Help the Nightkin by searching for Stealth Boys.
7 (Optional) Find Harland's friend, who has been imprisoned by the Nightkin.
8 (Optional) Return to Harland and let him know the bad news.
9 Report to Jason Bright that the Nightkin are gone.
10 Head to the REPCONN basement and talk to Jason Bright about what comes next.
11 Speak to Chris Haversam about firing the rockets.
12 Find parts to fix the rockets' thrust controllers.
finish Find atomic fuel for the rockets.
finish Return to the Rocket Facility and give the parts to Chris Haversam.
finish Talk to Chris Haversam to begin preparations for the rocket launch.
finishIcon checkHead up to the viewing platform and complete the launch sequence.


  • If you make any comments to Davison about antler being a "bone", he will attack you.
  • Once you initiate the launch sequence a radio station called "Launch Music" comes on, it only plays "Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner, the music shuts off after the rockets have left.
  • Attempting to move Antler, the Brahmin skull sitting atop the coffee machine, will cause Davison to immediately become hostile to the player.
  • You can't tell Harland the bad news about his friend until you take the part of the quest where you're supposed to enter the basement.
  • After finishing the quest, taking the flock's items still counts as stealing and will make you lose karma.
  • As the rockets take off from the launch pad, you'll notice that the main boosters on one rocket seem to have been delayed, resulting in it almost crashing into the building you're standing in before blasting off in a slightly different direction than the others.
  • If you chose to make the rockets collide with each other and head back into the REPCONN Basement, you can see Jason Bright and two ghouls inside the rocket looking at you.
  • You only gain 200XP more if you solve the quest with a non-violent solution (speaking with Davidson) and if you help Harland finding his friend. Helping Davison but killing Harland only grants 100XP more.
  • The Space suit and Space suit helmet can be found on a shelf in the REPCONN basement overlooking the irradiated rocket hangar, where you go to give the fuel and thrusters to the ghouls for the rocket.
  • Attempting to go up the stairs to access the terminal where Harland is will turn him hostile if you do this before finding his companion.
  • It is not possible to fast-travel from the balcony where the launch console sits, post-patch.
  • It is possible to fast-travel after leaving the room and then re-entering (after the launch). (Xbox)


  • Ed-E's Enhanced Sensors perk sometimes fails to negate the stealth ability of the nightkin in the basement.
  • PCIcon pc No Cut Scene Glitch: After handing over the 2nd item and telling Haversam to start, Jason Bright will start his speech but stop after one or 2 sentences. You will see all ghouls lined up but one, who is wandering around the hangar. If you go up to the launch pad and press the button, cut scene music will start but no video of the rockets or the dome opening. You get the exp and karma for the quest, though. If you go back down again, Haversam will still tell you the journey is about to begin, with no other options left to pick. Rockets will be gone but all ghouls are still down in the hangar. It is believed the bug is triggered after you tell Haversam that he is not able to embark on the journey. After triggering this glitch it is possible to see the rockets fly past at a much faster speed from the hanger when you exit the building and start to walk down the stairs in front of the building leading to the road.
  • After completing the quest with sabotage of the rockets, 1 ghoul still walks on the launch pad. If you toggle clipping, you can find out it is Harland in a space suit.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 After completing the quest with sabotage, if you go back and speak with Chris he has no clue what happened to the ghouls.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 When at Clark Field trying to retrieve the Isotope-239 igniting agent, the Igniting Agent is on a dead scavenger wearing a radiation suit. Even after you pick up the Igniting Agent, the script engine will not acknowledge it, even when it is in your inventory. When you go back to Chris Haversam, he will not acknowledge that you have it either. Going to the Dino-Dee Lite store and getting the rockets in the backroom does not seem to work either. Without these rockets, the quest is impossible to complete through normal means.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 After leaving the 2nd floor and picking to kill the Nightkin, or convince them to leave, the door to the 2nd floor will be locked, and will need a key to open.
  • Jason may refer to the Courier as male when playing as a female during his final speech.
  • PCIcon pc If you collect the isotope first, the room where Chris Harlen was, may be empty after you collect the thrusters. This prevents completion of the mission.
  • PCIcon pc Sometimes, if you collect isotope from RADical, second isotope near dead Brahmin is missing.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 When at Clark Field to obtain the Isotope-239 igniting agent, the scavenger who is in possession of the Igniting Agent is halfway underground with no way to get to them without using console commands. Even shooting the body or using dynamite won't get the body out of the ground.
  • Fix: use the third person perspective to get access to the body.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Sometimes after the rockets launch, the Launch Music will turn into to a crackling noise that is impossible to get rid of. It's recommended to create a save game outside of the REPCONN building area so that you can load this file if the problem occurs. (had this happen on xbox 360,but it stopped once outside of the REPCONN building)
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 After returning with the second component, and subsequently giving it to Chris Haversam, it's possible that the two speech options to initiate or delay the rocket launch will appear, but no selection can be made. This locks the game up, and a previous save must be loaded.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Sometimes after getting everything for Jason, he may take the "cherry bombs" off you. Which can pose a problem as you cannot complete the quest.

Corrupt save files

  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Many corrupt saves have been reported in the REPCONN building, at many stages of this quest, and even hours after the quest has been completed. Any save games before this quest will still work.
    • Workaround: The corrupt game save file bug may be related to faction scoring. Go away, do a quest that alters your reputation with another faction, and then re-try the mission.

Behind the scenes

  • The quest was implemented and designed primarily by Jesse Farrell and Akil Hooper.
  • The song that plays quietly in the background during and after launching the rockets is Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries."
  • The name of this quest is a reference to the popular song, "Come Fly with Me", which was performed by Frank Sinatra in 1957. This song was composed by Jimmy Van Heusen and the lyrics were provided by Sammy Cahn.


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