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Combat sentry proto MK IV holotape is a holotape in Fallout 4.


It can be found on a terminal in the main building of the robotics disposal ground. The holotape contains the remote control program for a prototype sentry bot. If the holotape is used on the Pip-Boy when the player is in proximity to the sentry bot it will work, but if one is too far away or on any terminal other than the one at the disposal ground, it will show an error and not do anything. Using the holotape's application on-site can send the sentry bot to a variety of military installations to kill any and all hostiles in the area.


Off-site usage

----ERROR CODE 992GF7----
Link cannot be established with sentry. If wired, check for proper connection. If non-wired, terminal must have clear site to currently connected sentry.

Commissioned by <REDACTED> and built by <REDACTED>, this prototype sentry must only be operated by offical personal of <REDACTED> or the associated client.

On-site usage

Activate Sentry Bot

Deactivate Sentry Bot

Error Processing Request -DATA CORRUPTED-

Engage Defense Protocol

Initiate Self Destruct


This holotape should accompany a Combat Sentry Prototype MKIV.

<REDACTED> is not responsible for any property damage, personal injury, or loss of life sustained while operating this Prototype.

If you are not a member of <REDACTED> or an associate of this prototype's owner, <REDACTED>, you must destroy this holotape IMMEDIATELY and deny any existence of it or the accompanying Prototype.


The perk Robotics Expert can be used to interact with the sentry bot once this holotape is used to activate it, with the exception of activation and deactivation.