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The Combat Zone is a location in the Theater District of Boston in 2287.


Once an old-time theater and public arena, a gang of raiders occupied the building and took over the operation from Tommy Lonegan.[1][Non-canon 1] Sometimes the raiders get their kicks watching fights between other raiders, and sometimes between unwilling captured wastelanders. Cait is one such wastelander.


The Combat Zone is a pre-War theater that has been repurposed into a fight club. It is located at the intersection of Lagrange and Tremont Streets. It is also the location of a potential companion named Cait, who the Sole Survivor meets after speaking with Tommy Lonegan.

In the entrance lobby, there is a side room labeled "Rule Breakers" on the left, featuring two bound raiders on display behind a security gate that can be opened via the nearby Advanced-locked terminal. The two raiders are non-hostile and can actually be greeted by the Sole Survivor, although they will mostly react with taunts or threats. They cannot be freed or untied. There is also an Expert-locked wall safe in this room, to the right of the security door.

Within the theater, a large cage dominates the stage area, and to the lower left is a bar and seating area. There are also a few wooden shacks and walkways above ground level, built around the now largely collapsed second-floor tiered seating rows and balconies. All inhabitants except Tommy and Cait instantly turn hostile, the latter two taking refuge inside the cage until the battle is over. At that time, Tommy may award the Sole Survivor with around 100 bottlecaps for clearing this area.

Once cleared, one can find several workstations. To the left upon entering the theater is a cooking station, with a weapons workbench and an armor workbench in a wooden shack nearby. A chemistry station is to the right of the entrance in a "Doctoring + Souvenirs" shack, and another cooking station is also on the right towards the stage area in a kitchen shack.


Notable loot

  • Picket Fences issue #4 - On a table nearest the bar in front of the fighting cage.
  • Mini nuke - On a chair in the rear row of the tiered seating above the theater entrance near a sleeping bag.
  • Corset - Worn by Cait.


  • When Cait "wins" the scripted fight, there is a chance that it will trigger Idiot Savant.
  • Waiting until the Sole Survivor is overboss of Nuka-World, even at maximum infamy, does not change the reaction of the patrons upon the Sole Survivor first entering the area.
  • Unused voice clips for Tommy Lonegan reveal that the Combat Zone was going to be an arena the player character could participate in. Tommy makes reference to prize money and an elevator in the basement that takes combatants up into the arena. This was cut for unknown reasons, but the location remained likely due to Bethesda wishing to keep Cait in the game.
  • On PC, using the console command coc combatzone02 will teleport the player character to an unused basement of the Combat Zone with dressing rooms, an elevator, and stairs to the main stage. coc combatzone01 can be used to return to the uncut Combat Zone.

Companion comments

  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at two accessible locations: the exterior and the front row. There is a third inaccessible location that was cut from the game.
Location comments
Character Specific location Comment
Cait exterior "Why the hell are we comin' back here? My days of fightin' in that lousy cage are over."
front row "Why the hell are we back here? You know how much I hate this fuckin' place!"
Cut content "I used to love enterin' the ring and hearin' everyone cheer. Now I'm realizin' I was just a caged animal put on display for their amusement."
Codsworth exterior "Please don't tell me you intend on staying here. I daresay a place named "Combat Zone" may have ramifications for your well being."
front row "A cage? How uncivilized."
Cut content "Quite the theatrical set up back here. I can only imagine the elaborate plays that were performed here."
Curie exterior "Combat. Zone. What a useful warning. We should avoid this place, yes?"
front row "What do they put in the cage?"
Danse exterior "This place is barbaric. Is this really how far society has fallen?"
front row "This is positively barbaric. Has mankind truly fallen this far?"
Cut content "Ridiculous. These aren't animals, these are human beings."
Deacon exterior "Used to be wannabe gladiators bashed each other's skulls in here. Now it's full of raiders. So, no change."
front row "Cage fighting. Not my cup of tea."
John Hancock exterior "Raiders always go hogging all the nice places for themselves."
front row "Ain't this a hell of a sight."
Cut content "Always figured the life of a cage fighter would be more glamorous than this..."
Robert MacCready exterior "Damn Raiders. Ruined a perfectly good cage fighting arena. What's the world coming to anyway?"
front row "Oh man, I used to come here all time. I can't even tell you how many caps this dive sucked out of my pockets."
Cut content "Tommy tried to get me to fight in the ring once. Almost took him up on it, too. Guess I missed my chance."
Nick Valentine exterior "What a waste of a venue."
front row "Sure made a mess of this place, didn't they?"
Cut content "The underbelly of the Combat Zone. Not sure it gets seedier than this."
Piper Wright exterior "Ah, the Combat Zone. No finer place to get murdered in all the Commonwealth."
front row "Animals on either side of this cage."
Cut content "Huh. Never been down here. Hate to say it, but a story about the inner workings of the Combat Zone would really move some papers."
Preston Garvey exterior "The sooner we take care of business and get out of here, the better."
front row "This is barbaric."
Cut content "The really sad thing is that people volunteer for this."
Strong ? "Bah! Fighting is for killing. Not watching."
X6-88 exterior "If you ask me, this place is a waste of time."
front row "This is where the separate the weak from the strong."


The Combat Zone appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes



  1. Cait: "Have a minute? Got somethin' on my mind."
    The Sole Survivor: "Of course, anything you need."
    Cait: "Anythin' I need, huh? I might take you up on that one day. After Tommy stuck me with you, I was expectin' to hate your guts. Not only because you agreed to pick up me contract, but because I was waitin' for you to order me around like hired help. Now so far, you've been treatin' me like a friend. Hell, you've been damn near NICE to me. Now I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but your kindness is startin' to make me wonder. If there's anythin' I learned at the Combat Zone, it was that nobody does things for other people without expectin' somethin' in return."
    The Sole Survivor: "You're comparing me to that riff-raff?"
    Cait: "You don't even come close to the losers that pollute the place. I spent three years livin' at the Combat Zone. Smelled like puke and piss, but I called it home. I was makin' a few caps, had me own bed to sleep in and three hot meals a day. Then the Raiders took over the place. You know that lot... they aren't exactly what you'd call "the gentle type." After they moved in, if you didn't keep lookin' over your shoulder, you were liable to get sucker punched and robbed... or worse. Didn't take me long to learn that I had to put my hard-earned caps to good use. Buyin' friends was essential to makin' life easier. So I guess I'm waitin' for you to hand me a bill, you know what I mean?"
    (Cait's dialogue)


  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.497-498: "[16.01] COMBAT ZONE
    Once an old-time theater and public arena, this location has been taken over by Raiders, who don’t allow anyone in other than their own. Tommy Lonegan, a Southie Ghoul, announces the fights, while Cait, the headliner, cuts throats in the ring."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
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