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This looks like the main force. Many tormented souls will meet the Maker today. I will pray for forgiveness.

Knight Captain Colvin is a Brotherhood of Steel marksman, serving in Sentinel Sarah Lyons' elite Lyons' Pride in Fallout 3.


Knight Captain Colvin is a man of deep faith[1] who treats warfare with reverence. He sees every battle he participates in as a mass and his laser rifle as a holy item, dispensing his god's wrath on whoever is unfortunate enough to find themselves on the other end of the barrel. He bears no ill will towards the people he slays, even super mutants. In fact, he is known to pray for the soul of each one he dispatches, believing that he releases them from torment.[2][Non-game 1]

As a result of his deep faith, he remains calm even in the most extreme of circumstances, believing that all is as god ordains it. It helps that he is one of the most experienced members in the unit,[Non-game 1] to the point he can talk and shoot at the same time, without losing accuracy or focus.[2]

His priest-like tendencies, down to reciting psalms when engaging enemies (for example, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death," from Psalm 23:4 in the Bible)[1] would make him a fine chaplain before the War. However, in the Pride, he is a sniper,[Non-game 1] competing with Knight Captain Dusk for the title of the best shot and highest kill count. Dusk believes Colvin to be "delusional" when he claims he is better than her, citing her superior body count as evidence.[3][4] He is equally capable as a pointman[5] and backup securing streets for the rest of the Pride.[6]

Friendly rivalry with Dusk aside, Colvin is warm and friendly to everyone,[Non-game 1] treating them with uncommon kindness, even if they are just a random wastelander caught in between super mutants in downtown DC.[7][8] His fellow Pride members appreciate not just his personality, but also his efficiency and finesse in combat. Paladin Glade vividly remembers one of Colvin's 200 yard shots that took a super mutant's leg off and sent it into a pirouette.[9]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Notable quotes[]

Behind the scenes[]

Like most of the Lyons' Pride, Colvin is inspired by Saving Private Ryan. His personality is a reference to Private Daniel Jackson, played by Barry Pepper. Jackson is a devout Christian and an extremely talented marksman, believing that God gave him a special gift and turned him into a finely tuned instrument of warfare. He also recites multiple psalms from memory while fighting Nazi jackboots in the movie. Colvin's fellow Lyons' Pride member and rival, Knight Captain Dusk, even directly paraphrases Jackson when saying "Put any mutie bastard within one mile of me and my rifle and, well... pack it up troops. Fight's over."


Knight Captain Colvin appears in Fallout 3 and in Fallout Shelter Online.


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