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Fo Central Commonwealth
Fo Central Commonwealth
The Columbia Commonwealth

The Columbia Commonwealth was one of the thirteen commonwealths of the pre-War United States. Created in 1969,[1] it was comprised of the former states of Maryland and Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia.

Capital Wasteland

Main article: Capital Wasteland

The Capital Wasteland spans much of the District of Columbia, as well as portions of both Maryland to the north and Virginia to the south. It is having power struggles between Brotherhood of the area, the Enclave survivors, and the super mutants. Vice and crime is rampant in the area, with raider clans, mercenary bands, and creatures pillaging any and all things that move.

Maryland Wasteland

The Maryland Wasteland is shown a small amount in the add-on Point Lookout. Swamplands and insane swampfolk abominations are excessive, and only a small group of tribals and wildlife reside there. Not much is known about the state, except that much of it wasn't hit by the bombs, and the damage done was the downfall of society, contact with the outside world, and the post-War radiation seeping into the state.

A small part of Maryland can be explored in Fallout 76. The entire area of The Mire that goes east of the Potomac River is a part of Maryland and the locations in it that can be explored are Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies, Crevasse Dam, Delano grange, Haven Church, Ransacked bunker, Sam Blackwell's bunker, Southern Belle Motel, Scoot's shack, Sunken church, Tanagra Town, and Thunder Mountain Power Plant.

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