The colonial duster is a piece of clothing in Fallout 4.


The colonial duster is a lightweight, loose fitting and lightly armored, militia-styled coat. There is a purple vest and heavy scarf underneath it. It has a leather bullet pouch around the shoulder, a small pouch on the belt but these do not increase carry weight or provide any buffs.

The colonial duster provides a Damage Resistance of 5 when worn and cannot have armor pieces worn over it. It also cannot be improved with ballistic weave.


  • It is worn by Preston Garvey. The colonial duster can be obtained by the Sole Survivor if they have Preston Garvey as a companion. The player character can then force Garvey to equip another piece of armor, making the duster obtainable.
  • It can also be sold by Anne Hargraves if appointed to a level 3 clothes emporium in a settlement, providing unlimited supplies of this gear and the matching hat (Preston's).


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