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Colonel Autumn's uniform is the service uniform of Augustus Autumn.


When worn, it provides 10 to Damage Resistance, 20 to Radiation Resistance and gives the wearer an additional 100 Hit Points. This is changed in Broken Steel however, which removes the radiation resistance and additional hit points from the uniform.


  • By using the technique to take the uniform during The Waters of Life (when he falls unconscious), two copies of the uniform can be obtained as he will wear another one during Take it Back!
  • Mothership Zeta includes a re-skinned version of this uniform, which appears identical to General Chase's overcoat from the Operation: Anchorage add-on. The Mothership Zeta version is only obtainable through console commands. Unlike General Chase's overcoat, the uniform lacks a rank insignia.
  • If obtained during the quest Take it Back!, there is only a limited time to use it unless Broken Steel is installed.
  • It is the only Enclave uniform that is unique in Fallout 3.


Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes while wearing this item the player character will disappear in the third person.[verified]