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Colonel Autumn's 10mm pistol is a unique 10mm pistol used by Colonel Autumn in Fallout 3.


It does more damage and critical damage than regular 10mm pistols. It also has a higher value and item HP. It is obtained from Colonel Autumn's body at 100% condition.


Colonel Autumn's 10mm pistol can fire a total of about 577 rounds, the equivalent of 49 reloads, from full condition before breaking, roughly 23 more rounds than the normal 10mm. It fires around 20 magazines (or 245 rounds) more than the silenced version.


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10mm pistol 9
Colonel Autumn's 10mm pistol 13
Silenced 10mm pistol 8


The weapon is carried by Autumn during The Waters of Life quest, and can be taken from his inventory after he falls to the ground near the door.

In order to do so, the Lone Wanderer needs to directly face the body, with the cursor on it in first-person view. Then switch to third-person view and rotate the camera by 180 degrees. Doing so will show the "search" prompt for Autumn's corpse. Note that this is the only chance to obtain the weapon, as it will not spawn during Take it Back!, instead being replaced by Colonel Autumn's laser pistol, or its Broken Steel variant, if the add-on is installed.


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