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This is a transcript for dialogue with Colonel (holotapes).


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 002BD515 002B438B So, let's see. Bombs fell when I was a kid, my dad died in the War, you know, this is all pretty normal. My story is, I guess, boring. He's shrugging all the trauma off of him. This destroyed him as a kid.
2 002BD514 002BA690 So Dassa found me when I was 13 or so, and she brought me to the Responders. They taught me everything. I became a Volunteer... it was great. He's quickly summarizing the scariest parts of his life so he doesn't relive it.
3 002BD5EB 002BA6E1 And the Brotherhood, well.. we thought that would be different. We thought everything would be different though. He sounds perplexed and exhausted.
4 002BD5EA 002BA6E4 Er, well, so anyway. Maybe in 10 years, Dassa will ask me to do another one of these Survivor Stories. Hah! Til then. Peace, Appalachia. He shakes off the previous thought of death and despair, then ends on a high note.
5 002BD513 002BAB72 For the past 5 years, I've been a Responder myself! I help kids who lost their families... get them safe, trained, and just act like a big brother. He's pretty proud that he can contribute.
6 002BD516 002BB0C8 Boy! I think it's been like 10 years since I did one of these. Dassa said she lost my original one though. Bummer. My name is Colonel, so hey, hi! Chipper guy.
7 002BD5EC 002BB0CB Every year we find fewer people though, so I dunno. Things are not good out there. Just getting simple food and water is tough. He's a tough guy but he's worried.
8 002BBE66 002B445C Um... I cut holes in the bottoms of all the gym shorts, and I put glue in the mashed potatoes in the cafeteria... Still whispering, this is his confession
9 002BBE69 002B445F Hi... Dassa asked me if I would talk about how I got here. She asked everybody. So I said okay. My name is Colonel, and I'm 13 years old. Teenager, unsure of why he was asked to talk to everybody, and is really nervous. He's had a rough life.
10 002BD22F 002B5A29 I haven't seen daddy since the bombs and so I guess he left because of that too... It's okay, I am trying to be good now though. He is a little louder but is on the verge of tears
11 002BBE68 002BAB70 I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything... um... the bombs and the messed up people and the cows with two heads. All of it. After he says "um" the rest is whispered like he's confessing.
12 002BBE67 002BAB71 I was bad... just bad. I cheated on my spelling test, I kicked Chip Wilkins in the shins until he cried, I pushed Rosie McCloy down the stairs... Whispering, he confesses (this confession continues)
13 002BD230 002BB06A And um... I just wanted to say I'm sorry about everything... because my dad said if I wasn't this way then bad things wouldn't happen... He's a little louder than a whisper, seems genuinely contrite
14 002BD22E 002BB06D *sniffles* I'm not old enough to be a Volunteer but Dassa said I could help collect food and water... so I'm getting better, I promise! He sniffles away tears at the start. He knows he's being a better kid but he still feels really guilty.
15 002BD231 002BB0C6 I told Harold Newell to eat ten dead flies a day in order to grow muscles, and um, I put Nuka-Cola in the rat cage water bottles at the pet store... His confession continues, still whispering...
16 002BD323 002BB112 And um... daddy? If you're listening... I promise I won't be bad anymore so you can come back now. Okay? Okay. Bye. *sniffles* His voice waivers and cracks , holding back tears.