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I just wanted to say I'm sorry about everything... because my dad said if I wasn't this way then bad things wouldn't happen... I haven't seen daddy since the bombs and so I guess he left because of that too... It's okay, I am trying to be good now though.Survivor story: Colonel

Colonel is a deceased Responder found in Flatwoods in Appalachia.


Colonel can be heard telling his story in the holotapes Survivor story: Colonel and Survivor story: Responder Colonel. He was a troublemaker and prankster before the Great War and felt guilty for the war and the mutations, believing his father's words that bad things would not have happened had he behaved. He missed his father, who disappeared after the bombs dropped. Colonel left a note for his father in the Flatwoods meeting hall, saying he would be waiting in the church with cereal, games and a sleeping bag for each of them.[1]

The Responders' database reveals he became a Responder as a volunteer[2] when he was thirteen and was tasked with being the caregiver for the other children.[3] He eventually became a full Responder approximately five years later. He mainly helped find people in Appalachia and get them to safety, along with teaching them how to survive. He also came to comprehend why his father left him behind, which drove him to make sure that he would take care of the younger children in the care of the Responders.[4]

By the time that Vault 76 opens and the Vault Dwellers are released into Appalachia, Colonel has passed away. His body can be found on the front porch of a red house in Flatwoods, south of the overpass, next to the body of a raider.


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Survivor story: Responder Colonel

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Colonel appears only in Fallout 76.