The collegiate administration building is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It lies adjacent to College Square in Cambridge.


The building consists of three floors with a waiting room to the right of the main door. Behind the counter are the restrooms, of which the male restroom has collapsed. At the front desk is an Advanced-locked safe. The second floor is one walkway, where a Novice-locked tool case can be found. Both rooms on the third floor are collapsed leading to the outside. Outside, right above the main entrance, a duffle bag can be found by dropping down onto the awning from the farthest room where a desk hangs off.

In front of the main entrance is a Red Rocket truck stop. On the side of the building is a wooden stairway that leads to a fortune shack where a mattress, a wooden crate, an ammo box and a hardened sniper rifle can be found. Inside the building, an armor workbench, a weapons workbench and a power armor station can be used.

Notable lootEdit

  • Four overdue books located inside the building:
    • Two at the front desk.
    • On the ground floor, underneath the staircase, by a skeleton.
    • On the second floor, by the hole covered with two planks.
  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - On the ground floor, under the staircase .
  • Back storage key - On the upper floor of an unmarked hardware store east of the Collegiate administration building, on a desk. The key opens the back storage room of that same unmarked store.


Random encounters often occur around the Red Rocket truck stop across from the entry doors.


The collegiate administration building appears only in Fallout 4.


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