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The collapsed overpass tunnel entrance is a location in the Divide in 2281.


The collapsed overpass tunnel entrance is the remains of a caved-in freeway tunnel that collapsed when the missiles around Hopeville detonated causing violent earthquakes. Many ruined cars hang from the highway above.


The interior is strewn with miscellaneous items, crates, and derelict vehicles. Proceeding through the tunnel ends in access to the High Road via the High Road entrance. A RALPHIE poster for the Feel Like a Kid Again challenge can be found in the back of an overturned trailer with two caravan crates on the left. It is found by the first corner after entering the tunnel from the entrance.

Notable loot

Tunnel interior map

  • Bravo Team mission orders holodisk - On the body of an NCR trooper at the opening of the box the deathclaw was killed in.
  • Duck and Cover! - Located just before entering the High Road in a small camp to the south. It will be under the teddy bear in the open box. A generator and light are close to the location, and the light is visible from the entrance to the High Road.


  • An overturned boat can be seen next to the "You can go home Courier" decal.
  • A growling sound effect may be heard, even if the area has been cleared out.
  • Upon entry at the first lantern, there is what appears to be an attempt to make a shotgun trap.
  • The dead troopers are the only non-ghoulified/marked NCR members in the add-on.
  • A single deathclaw with only 35 HP can be found inside the entrance. This deathclaw rarely attacks the Courier as it is scripted to be killed by tunnelers.
  • Upon detonating the warhead blocking the way between the tunnel entrance and the Marked men base, a car alarm can be heard.
  • Three trucks near the exit to the High Road having functioning right headlights.


The collapsed overpass tunnel entrance appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.