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Delve into a pre-war mystery and discover what happened to the missing boy.

Cold Case is a side quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Side quest: Cold Case
Speak with Miss Annie
Search the park for clues
(Optional) Repair the KidSecure ID
Travel to the Clarksburg Post Office
Search Otis Pike's house.
Search Grafton Dam for clues
Investigate Woods Estate
Reward: Perfect Storm

Detailed walkthrough

Before starting this quest, note that the level of the unique weapon Perfect Storm will vary with the current level of the player character at the time of quest completion. Because this is the only chance this weapon can be obtained, it may be desirable to defer completing this quest until reaching level 50.

The quest starts after encountering a robotic nanny, Miss Annie, at Wavy Willard's Water Park, who is concerned about a child, Freddy, who disappeared while the robot took him to this amusement park. She asks the Vault Dweller from Vault 76 to check the security holotapes.

The Park Security System is inside the ruins of a building. Access the machine and check the Holotape Review - the text talks about a missing kid. October 23 mentions a tape. Reading this will update the mission. The next step is to locate and play two holotape clues. One is nearby, the other is a bit harder to find but the entrance to it is in the next building to the north. Go inside the fence at the back of the building and look for a staircase down. The tape is in the basement on a bookshelf.

Look inside the mailbox outside of the same building as the second tape, through the fence on the right. The letter to the media will be inside and pop up on the screen when looted. The note mentions a key. The next waypoint is at the top of a waterslide tower on a box. This leads to a KidSecure ID that was made for Freddy Wood.

Go to Clarksburg and locate the Post Office. The mission will update when the player is close. Use the terminal inside to research the key. Search by box number and read the entry for thirteen. The next step is in Otis Pike's house, some distance to the northeast. Inside the house is another terminal. Use it and read Correspondence/Dam Safety Inquiry.

Gain access to the Grafton Dam building to complete the next step. Both doors are locked, but there is a hole in the wall. Super mutants guard the dam, and expect a run-in with Mad Dog Malone if Manhunt is active when heading to the dam. Search for clues inside the dam, and make sure to find the keys so it is easier to access the dam later without needing to pick the door locks without the keys.

After reaching the Woods Estate, go upstairs to find a desk with a terminal. Loot the note in the desk to progress the mission. The terminal has related information, but accessing it is not necessary to complete this checkpoint. Fast travel or walk back to Wavy Willard's Water Park and interact with Miss Annie to complete the quest. Completing the quest will earn the Perfect Storm, a 10mm submachine gun that fires incendiary rounds to burn the target for several seconds.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Contact Miss AnnieI've found some kind of amusement park. Who is Wavy Willard?
? Access the Security SystemI found a nanny bot who has been looking for a missing child for a long time. She wants info from the security office but can't break her privacy protocol to get it herself.
? Play Holotape Clues 0/2Park security was working with the local police to find holo footage to help with the investigation. I need to locate the tapes.
This holotape sure looks like a good clue. The man that took off Freddy's tracker must be the kidnapper!
I need to search the underground area storeroom to see if the holotape is still there.
The man that dropped off the package is the same man that removed the kid's ID bracelet.
? Search for Freddy's ID
? Use a Tinker's Bench to fix the KidSecure (optional)I found Freddy's ID, it's got his name on it. But there isn't any power so I can't look at the data.
? Search the Mailbox
? Go to Clarksburg Post OfficeI guess I'm off to the Clarksburg Post Office to see who owns the box and what they stored inside.
Now this is interesting. Inside the mailbox I found a letter to some news reporter and a post office box key.
? Research the key
? Search Otis Pike's houseI managed to use a post office terminal to figure out who owned the box. It's a guy named Otis Pike who lives in Grafton. He must be the kidnapper? I will go check his house and see what I can find.
? Find a way into the Grafton DamI searched Otis Pike's house and found out a few interesting things. I think he's got to be the man in the holotape. His terminal had all kinds of clues. I'm going to head to the Grafton Dam. I think that might be where he took the kid.
? Search for Clues (x/5)I am pretty sure I found Otis Pike. He was hanging upside down from a catwalk so it didn't end well for the guy. I found the rest of his diary and it explains his story.
? Search the Woods EstateI'm not sure what happened to the kid but it's clear he took care of the kidnapper himself even if he didn't really understand the consequences. I wonder if he made it home and no one realized.
Found the Woods home. Now to look for signs that Freddy made it back here.
Amazing! The kid did make it back here and was taken to a Vault. He might have survived after all.
?Quest finished(Quest completed) Return to Miss AnnieWhat a sad story. The uncle takes the kid in the hopes of pressuring the father but the kid gets bored and then through a twist of fate leaves the uncle to die. The war breaks out and bombs fall. At least the nanny knows more now.


PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Prior to patch, the optional quest to fix Freddie's KidSecure ID occasionally did not work even when the player character had the required materials in their inventory.[verified]