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Cola-cars arena terminal entries are entries found on two terminals in the Cola-cars arena within Nuka-World in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Cola-cars arena control terminalEdit


Property of the Nuka-Cola Corporation
Cola-Cars Arena Control


Arena Operations Mode: AUTOMATIC
Arena Status: INACTIVE

> Change Operations ModeEdit


Accessing Arena Operations Mode... failed.

** ERR 0x097: System Lockout
** ERR 0x097: Custom Error Message:

Don't fuck with the Arena, idiots. --Gage

> Security Door ControlEdit


Accessing Security Door Controls... failed.

** ERR 0x104: Manual controls are disabled while the Arena is in AUTOMATIC Operations Mode. Select a different mode and try again.

Cola-cars terminalEdit


Property of the Nuka-Cola Corporation
Cola-Cars Employees Only

Message IndexEdit

Safety Inspection ResultsEdit



We need to be a lot more diligent when we do our end-of-day walkthroughs. Goodwin found three loose belts on his inspection last week. One of them was half torn out. The last thing we need is some kid getting knocked out onto the arena floor while the cars are running.

Shit rolls downhill, people. Goodwin dumps it on me, I dump it on you. If this keeps up, I'm going to need to make an example of someone. Let's get our act together and make sure that doesn't happen.

- Rob



When approached by guests who have questions about the park, make sure you direct them to N.I.R.A.! N.I.R.A. is not only our park's proud mascot, she's a valuable source of information.

Moreover, we want as many guests as possible participating in our fun and exciting Park Medallion collection challenge. Our surveys have shown time and again that it's one of our visitors' favorite activities, not only because it steers them toward our most exciting attractions, but because it rewards them for completing the activity.

Guests who participate in the Park Medallion search tend to score several points higher in overall satisfaction, so let's give everyone the chance to make the most of their Nuka-World adventure!


The Hidden Cappy Contest and YouEdit


Over the past several days, we've received some troubling reports regarding the compliance of park employees with the rules for the Cappy scavenger hunt contest.

In the event that these lapses are due to a lack of clarity regarding what is and is not acceptable behavior, please review this message carefully.

Under no circumstances shall any park employee provide a hint, suggestion or other form of direction to any park guest regarding the location of any Hidden Cappy image.

Should any such behavior be observed and reported, punitive measures will be swiftly taken, up to and including immediate termination.

The proper way to respond to such inquiries is to encourage persistence. The contest is challenging by design, and the reward unique.

That reward must be earned by diligence and observation on the part of our guests, not by cheating and favoritism on the part of our park employees.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

T. O'Connor
Director, Human Resources

Quantum, Quantum, Quantum!Edit


This is an exciting time for all of us. Nuka-Cola Quantum has made its public debut, featuring one of the most unique flavors we've ever produced, not to mention a visually striking appearance. It is truly a time for celebration.

I encourage everyone to get into the spirit of this landmark event by promoting Nuka-Cola Quantum at every opportunity. Let all of our guests know just how amazing and irresistible you find the flavor of Nuka-Cola Quantum to be. Suggest that our patrons try some at their next available opportunity, if not right away.

We have a considerable inventory to move, but more importantly, we want to make the best first impression possible, and we'll only have that opportunity once, right now.

Those employees who are seen to demonstrate particular enthusiasm toward Nuka-Cola Quantum will be awarded a discretionary bonus. Let's get out there and earn it!

With your help, I believe we can make this the greatest product launch in the history of the Nuka-Cola Corporation.


Closed Monday & TuesdayEdit



Remember that we're shut down on Monday and Tuesday of next week for the electrical work. Those of you who weren't re-assigned can stay home. And before you ask, no, it's not paid leave. Sorry folks.

Hope you can at least enjoy the downtime. See you back on Wednesday.

- Rob

Maintenance LogEdit


Entry ID 087701 (Boone)
Replaced contact pole mounting in cab 6

Entry ID 087702 (Boone)
All cabs cleaned

Entry ID 087703 (Edgemont)
Belt replacement, cab 1

Entry ID 097701 (Edgemont)
Replaced worn contact panel, cabs 3 and 8

Entry ID 097702 (Boone)
Emergency floor cleaning (sick child)

Entry ID 097703 (Edgemont)
Repalced steering wheels, cabs 1, 4, 6

Entry ID 097704 (Boone)
Replace wiring in remote master switch panel

Entry ID 107701 (Boone)
Damaged font bumper replaced, cab 7

Entry ID 107702 (Boone)
Emergency cab cleaning (child bodily functions accident), cab2

Entry ID 107703 (Edgemont)
Replaced motor unit, cab 3

Entry ID 107704 (Boone)
Recalibrated accelerator (descreasedIcon sic sensitivity), cab 5
(Archived entries available in Adminsitration)

Employee ScheduleEdit


Current shift schedule is posted below. If you need unscheduled time off, CALL ME. The more advance notice, the better. If you fail to show up for a shift without notice, Bad Things Will Happen.
Thanks guys,
- Rob

SAT    AM: Rob, Liz
       PM: Kevin, Mike
SUN    AM: Ryan, Rob
       PM: Maria, Nick
MON    AM: Maria, Liz
       PM: Kevin, Mike
TUE    AM: Kevin, Nick
       PM: Maria, Mike
WED    AM: Rob, Liz
       PM: Ryan, Nick
THU    AM: Rob, Liz
       PM: Maria, Mike
FRI    AM: Rob, Maria
       PM: Mike, Ryan

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