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The Cola-cars arena is a location in Nuka-World in 2287.


Prior to the Great War, the building was originally the Cola-cars bumper car ride, managed by Rob, with Boone and Edgemont working maintenance, and with Kevin, Liz, Maria, Mike, Nick and Ryan working as regular employees.

By 2287, the Cola-cars building is now occupied by the Nuka-World raiders and is used as a fighting arena for the final stage of the Gauntlet. Those who make it to the arena must fight Overboss Colter, the Nuka-World raider leader, in a rigged fight where they are inevitably killed.


Main article: The Gauntlet

If entering while participating in the Gauntlet, the path from the maintenance shed begins at a door marked emergency exit, noting that an alarm will sound if opened. The alarm is what prompts RedEye to summon the raiders to come to the arena to watch the impending fight.

The main area with Overboss Colter is to the left. In the west section of the arena, there's an inaccessible door, which is only open during the main quest Taken for a Ride. Behind the door is a generator room, inside a fusion core can be found. Immediately to the right is the locker room, inside one of the lockers is the Thirst Zapper.

If approaching from inside the park after the Gauntlet, one can enter by heading east of the Nuka-Town market. The main entrance area consists of four doors in total, all leading to the main entrance area.

Upon entering via the center doors one will first see a display area displaying two bumper cars. Looking to the left there are storage lockers along with some minor loot. Looking to the right there are storage lockers along with minor loot, including a small reception area with the Cola-cars terminal. If proceeding forward one will see the former queue area, which has been transformed into a seating area, one seating area for each raider faction. These seating areas are only for the leaders and higher-ranked members.

The Operators seating area is located in the far east of the queue area. The seating area consists of two floors, the second floor accessible via an elevator lift. The first floor consists of a bar area, wooden cabinets with some loot, and an area with couches and chairs for the leaders of the faction. The second level only consists of two chairs and a patio table.

The Pack's seating area is located in the center of the queue area. The seating area is full of rubble and cages and only consists of three chairs. There is also a separate cage for the animals.

The Disciples seating area is located on the far west of the queue area. The seating area has two separate levels, the first level has four benches along with a storage area for rubble. The second level is accessible via wooden stairs, the level consists only of two small benches and spiked traps, along with the heads of their enemies.

Notable loot

Cola-Cars Arena map.png

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The Cola-cars arena appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Often the bottle structure here expands obstructing your view making it difficult to navigate the arena. [verified]
  • PCPC On the Taken for a Ride quest, the Sole Survivor can get stuck trying to enter the arena to meet Overboss Colter. The door to the arena is open but it is not possible to enter. [verified]