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Cog's journal is a paper note in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  • Acadia, on a barrel in the corner, behind Cog in his store.



Cog's Journal

Helped Faraday move some of DiMA's equipment in the observatory area. Bad enough that those things are so damned heavy, but Faraday always insists I empty my pockets in case "I'm carrying something that would disrupt the sensitive instruments that... blah blah blah." Look, I get it, the boy's in love, but I could whack DiMA's computers with a sledgehammer and it wouldn't damage a damn thing.

So we're in the upper deck of the observatory, I finish putting everything I got on the table, and Chase comes in and starts yelling at Faraday about some "emergency meeting" they're supposed to have. So of course Faraday leaves me to push around the computers on my own.

I went to DiMA and complained, but he just says I need to "focus on the negativity within and accept the people around me as they are."

Yep. Another damn sunny day in Acadia.

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