Mr. Cofran is a deceased resident of Vault 111.


Mr. Cofran managed to secure a place in Vault 111 just before the bombs fell and became an occupant of one of the stasis pods. He died from asphyxiation inside of his pod, like most of the other vault dwellers, due to when life support to the cryo pods was switched off, during the Institute's kidnapping of Shaun in 2227. He is found next to his wife and his daughter, Cindy.


The monitor places him in stasis pod B6. On the floor right before his pod however, C12 is written in white paint. There is similar confusion for the rest of the pod occupants in this section. The pods in the other section with the Sole Survivor (C1-C8) have been assigned correctly.


Mr. Cofran appears only in Fallout 4.

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