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The Codman residence is a location in Diamond City in 2287. It belongs to Clarence and Ann Codman. Owned by the oldest family in the city, it is the largest residence in the upper stands.[1]


The Codman residence is a large, open concept, three-story residence. The living room and kitchen are on the ground floor, with two bedrooms on the upper two levels. As it is a house in the upper stands, the décor is nicer and neater than in the houses below.

The Codman residence key is needed to enter the house without lockpicking. Upon entering, one will be in their living room which connects to the kitchen, filled with a considerable number of pre-war appliances in various states of repair. Up the stairs to the right is a bedroom with a few containers and some mannequins, separated from the main floor by a picket fence and several lawn flamingos. Up the next set of stairs to the third floor is a second smaller, more sparse bedroom, also separated by a picket fence from the other two floors.


If the Sole Survivor enters the home when Clarence is home, he will comment on how fearless they were to "waltz right into the stands." He then proceeds to give advice on "being your own person" without fear and how similar calm confident attitudes earned his family their fortune.


The Codman residence appears only in Fallout 4.