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The coastal hideout is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The coastal hideout is located on the road halfway between Mahkra Fishpacking and the coastal cottage. The hideout is entered through a door under the bridge between the two locations. The bridge is close to an area where a mirelurk queen may spawn.

The room inside resembles a small shelter room or storage area, with multiple skeletons and random loot, along with a power generator containing a fusion core. Beware, though, as the room furthest away from the entrance has very high radiation levels, and several feral ghouls spawn in the area (potentially including a glowing one).

Notable loot


Random encounters may happen on the bridge above the hideout.

Behind the scenes

The coastal hideout's editor ID is "DanversHideout." Danvers was a location cut from Fallout 4 and merged into Salem during the game's development.[1] The coastal hideout would have had some role to play in Danvers' cut questline.


  • [platforms tag needed] The player may spawn inside the barrels upon entering the hideout. [verification needed]