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The coastal cottage is a location and a possible settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The site consists of a run-down garage and an almost completely destroyed cottage, a truck, and a trailer having crashed through it. Raw materials are limited (even some materials on site cannot be scrapped). There is very little flat land to build on, as the cottage ruins and a small cave underneath take up a large portion of the settlement area.

There is usually a raider or two at this site and mirelurks will spawn from the ground as the Sole Survivor nears the buildings.

Unusually for a settlement site, there is no water pump at this location. The nearest is at Leonard Moore's Shanty store.

Related quests

  • Clearing the Way: A settler tells the Sole Survivor that they are concerned about dangerous enemies in a nearby area and asks them for help in clearing it out.
  • Mercer Safehouse: PAM's found a suitable location for a new safehouse. She needs the Sole Survivor to secure the site and fortify it.
  • Taking Point: Minutemen scouts have found a promising site for a new settlement, but it's overrun with hostiles. Preston Garvey asks the Sole Survivor to clear it out so a beacon can be set up to attract new settlers in need of a home.



The coastal cottage appears only in Fallout 4.