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Coast Guard pier, officially US Coast Guard Charles River Station, is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.[1]


Originally a facility for the US Coast Guard, this pier was built along the Charles River just southwest of Boston. Shortly before the Great War, the Coast Guard had intercepted a shipment of smuggled chems, which can be discovered and looted within the evidence room.[2][3]



This location contains two buildings, the main facility and a small guard tower next to the river, along with a couple of nearby trailers that are still accessible, albeit locked and trapped, containing an armor workbench and a weapons workbench. In the river next to the guard tower is a sunken ship that can still be accessed and looted. A vertibird is crashed into a landing pad next to the main building.


Inside the main building, there are two floors and a basement. The basement includes the evidence lockup and a single cell. The evidence lockup contains quite a bit of ammo and Buffout as well as two locked safes. Another locked safe is upstairs in the office area on the first floor.

Notable loot

  • The USCG holding cell key - Inside a crashed vertibird just north of the pier, in a footlocker behind the seat.
  • The USCG lockup password - Inside the cabin of the sunken ship at the rear dock, in a footlocker on the floor to the left.
  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales - Inside a cell in the Coast Guard lockup, on the toilet. The cell may be accessed by Expert-level lockpicking, utilizing the lockup terminal on a desk in the same room, or using the holding cell key.
  • Eddie Winter holotape 9 - On top of an Advanced-locked safe on the first floor of the main building.
  • A mini nuke - On the roof of the main building, behind a wooden crate next to a meat bag.

Related quests


The holding cell features clean, vault-style beds.


The Coast Guard pier appears only in Fallout 4.



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