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Clyde is a guard, bartender, and mechanic working for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company in Fallout 76, introduced in the Once in a Blue Moon update. He is found at the Middle Mountain Pitstop in Appalachia.


A former associate of Vinny Costa,[1] Clyde is a man of many talents, working at the Pitstop together with his business partner, Vera Thornberg. While he is typically found manning the Boozin Brahmin counter and serving drinks to the clientele,[2] he is also responsible for maintenance, especially the repeller emitters installed by Aries that frequently malfunction.[3] Finally, he takes care of security, which typically means dealing with the various ornery critters that make their way into the compound and menace the brahmin or Vera.[4]

He is a man of zero words, on account of losing his tongue. His co-workers are not clear on what happened to him and rumors abound, ranging from it being cut off by raiders to a bad bowl of radscorpion stew. In reality, the incident is tied to Clyde escaping from a raider gang,[5][6] and as such he is not keen on sharing. While Vera states that Clyde is actually a "big softy" beneath his hardened exterior,[1] he does not seem entirely fond of her, considering her a "chica yammering on about her padre's letter"[7] and as such, refuses to accompany her on any trips to take the photos Vera needs.[8] He also refuses to use a notepad to communicate, despite Vera's insistence, leading to misunderstandings. He never explained his reasons to her, and eventually she just assumed that maybe it's too much to expect literacy from wastelanders.[9]

Like many others, Clyde struggles with his own demons. The very first customer at the Boozin Brahmin he served was one of the only survivors of the super mutant attack on the Foundation Outpost, ragged, stinking, and seeking to drown his memories. It seems he reminded Clyde of his own past as a raider, and his determination to keep going and not let his past life drive him crazy.[5] The gang that Clyde was part of were extreme, even by raider standards, and though he lost a part of himself in the process, he is glad he got out.[6] He has also had an encounter with the Smiling Man, a terrifying cryptid who visited his bar and sat for hours, staring into the flames.[10]

Ultimately, Clyde would like nothing more to be out in Appalachia with the Vault 76 dwellers, but cannot leave his current job due to being indebted to Vinny Costa.[7] He is, however, on one outside assignment: Aries has paid Clyde to investigate the origins of the Blue Devil, and Clyde has produced a report of his findings.[11] Aries wants Clyde to accompany him on a hunting trip to find a mother creature, but it is not known what came of this proposal.[12]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

Icon interactions essential
This character cannot be killed.
FO76 ui trading team
This character is a vendor.
  • Accepts Bottle cap
  • Sells:
FO76 icon map public event
This character starts events.

Event: Safe and Sound

Other interactions[]

  • He can be given 10 caps which will result in him providing a random drink. One of the possible drinks is hard lemonade which can be useful during certain dailies.
  • If Costa Business: Vera is completed by encouraging Vera to travel, she eventually works up the courage to demand that Clyde escort her - and apparently succeeds.[13]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Blue Ridge Caravan outfit
Black-rim sunglasses


Clyde's terminal entries often make use of Spanish words, indicating he is of Hispanic heritage.


Clyde appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Once in a Blue Moon update.



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