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Close to Home is a quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

  • Talk to Kasumi
  • Talk to Mr. Nakano
  • (misc) Speak to Ellie
  • (misc) Dig up the stash of supplies

Detailed walkthrough

The Sole Survivor will talk to Kasumi Nakano in Acadia and convince her to stay or go back home. When talking with Mr. Nakano, the Survivor will be rewarded, unless the player character says she is a synth.

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Quest stages

10 Talk to Kasumi
20Quest finishedTalk to Mr. Nakano


  • The supply stash includes one weapon with a legendary modifier, around 800 bottlecaps, ammunition, a few weapons, armor and aids.
  • The contents of the stash are randomized upon digging it up.
  • If the player informed the Institute about Acadia, the quest Forbidden Knowledge can start and the player will be able to reclaim the Synths. In the same vein, if the player informed the Brotherhood of Steel about Acadia, the quest Search and Destroy can be started and the player will have to destroy the Acadian Synths.
  • The stash is located in a shack near the boathouse.

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