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Close to Home is the final part of the main quest and achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.

Quick walkthrough

Far Harbor Main Quest: Close to Home
Talk to Kasumi
Kasumi is dead
Convince Kasumi to return home
Convince Kasumi to stay in Far Harbor
Talk to Kenji
Talk to Kenji
Accept reward
Refuse reward
Dig up the supply stash
Weapon with legendary effect
~800 caps
Assorted weapons, armor and chems
400+ XP

Detailed walkthrough

The Sole Survivor will talk to Kasumi Nakano in Acadia and convince her to stay or go back home. When talking with Mr. Nakano, the Sole Survivor will be rewarded, unless the player character refuses to take it or if Acadia was destroyed (including Kasumi).

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Talk to KasumiThe fate of Acadia has been decided. I should check in with Kasumi.
200 Talk to Mr. NakanoIt's time for me to return to Kenji and Rei Nakano so I can tell them the news about Kasumi.
Kasumi is dead. I need to go to Kenji Nakano and bring him the bad news.
Kasumi has decided to stay in Acadia permanently. I need to tell Kenji Nakano what's happened.
Kasumi is on her way home. I should tell Kenji Nakano the good news.
500Quest finishedQuest CompleteKenji Nakano's case is closed. He mentioned a collection his father had that's buried somewhere near the house.
Kenji Nakano's case is closed. He mentioned a collection his father had that's buried somewhere near the house, but I told him to keep it.
Kenji Nakano's case is closed. I told him what happened to his daughter. He and his wife are devastated.
600Quest failedFail QuestThe Nakano's are dead. Whatever problems they had no longer matter.


  • The supply stash includes one weapon with a legendary effect, around 800 bottlecaps, ammunition, a few weapons, armor and chems.
  • The contents of the stash are randomized upon digging it up. Meaning, you can save before digging and reload the save if you want specific a weapon with a specific legendary modifier.
  • If the player character informed the Institute about Acadia, the quest Forbidden Knowledge can start and they will be able to reclaim the synths. In the same vein, if the player character informed the Brotherhood of Steel about Acadia, the quest Search and Destroy can be started and they will have to destroy the Acadian synths.
  • The stash is located in a shack near the boathouse.
  • If her father is told that Kasumi is a synth, he will tell her to leave the home which she does, unless the player character convinces them to keep her. If followed, she will walk through the Commonwealth, eventually reaching Goodneighbor (via a route passing Parsons State Insane Asylum, The Slog, County crossing, Bunker Hill and Cabot House); being essential, she will survive any attacks on the way. Here she finishes her journey by entering The Third Rail where she takes a seat close to the bar. Her only response is to say that the Sole Survivor has done enough already and to leave her alone.


PCPC When trying to collect the reward from Kenji's stash after bringing Kasumi home, the screen will fade to black when you select the "Dig" option, but will be stuck loading with the player unable to use controls. The only known way to fix it is to reload a save.[verification overdue]