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Gary (clone)

Gary clones attacking

Cloning in biotechnology refers to processes used to create copies of DNA fragments (molecular cloning), cells (cell cloning), or organisms.

At least two of the Vault-Tec Industries vaults were equipped with cloning technology, Vault 8 and Vault 108. Cloning was also extensively used at Big MT scientists, specifically those focused on botanical research. And the Nuka-Cola Corporation would also operate a cloning facility hidden in their Nuka-World theme park.


Botanical cloningEdit

In Big MT, the GS-2000 Biological Research Station was used to clone plants for research purposes. Not much is known on the process of how cloning was done, but Big MT's research efforts in botanical cloning also created Salient Green, a molecular paste that when heated can be used to create any plant the user needs.

Therapeutic cloningEdit

Therapeutic cloning involves cloning cells from a human for use in medicine and transplant. Such procedures are routinely done in Vault City.[1][2]

Reproductive cloningEdit

Reproductive cloning involves making an entire cloned human, such is the case in Vault 108, wherein a grand cloning experiment was undertaken by the vault dwellers. The scientists there created a series of 54 clones, but imperfections in the process resulted in the copies becoming progressively more insane and violent. When the observation rooms filled up, the scientists in charge decided to dispose of the clones, which promptly turned on their makers, wiping out the population and forcing the survivors out. The list of victims included Doctor Peterson, one of the first doctors to be injured by a violent clone.[3][4]

The clones were left to fend for themselves in the Vault, with the sole exception of Gary 23, who was abducted by Defender Morrill for the Outcasts' excavation efforts at the Virtual Strategic Solutions, Inc. facility.[5]

The Nuka-Cola Corporation also operated a cloning facility underneath the Welcome Center in Nuka-World, to the protests of the animal activist group A.F.A.D. due to concerns of torture.[6] Animals cloned ranged from polar bears, which unfortunately exploded shortly after creation due to segmentation issues,[7] to cows, to anteaters with a numerous amount of genetic mutations from other creatures.[8] Following the Great War, Dr. McDermot, having become a ghoul in the decades since the event, realized that the machine could be the last of its kind, and could serve as a way to repopulate the world with animals and stabilize the ecosystem.[9] While foraging, McDermot encountered a deceased Institute super mutant, utilizing its genetics to create the basis of a creature that would serve to protect the Nuka-Gen Replicator.[10] After experimentation with the samples of Jackson Chameleon and American Alligator, along with the super mutant brain cells, despite being unable to find a method to tame or control it, they decided to test it.[11] While initially successful, he was driven out after accidentally creating the Gatorclaw, which now populate the Safari Adventure area of the park.

Cloning in cultureEdit

Cloning was pervasive in pre-War American culture. So much so that, not only the observant of Vault City know that they do not want to be like one,[12] but also the under educated of New Reno know what one is.[13][14]



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