The Cliff Briscoe's bungalow is a building in Novac. It is the home of Cliff Briscoe, owner of the Dino Bite gift shop. His home is the first house to the left of the gift shop when inside Novac.


Cliff's bungalow consists of three shelves: two on the north wall with Dinky the T-Rex souvenirs on the shelves and one on the east wall with a footlocker and two Dinky souvenirs on top of it. In the upper left corner of the bungalow is a bathroom. On the west side of the bungalow is a refrigerator and a kitchen table with Dinky souvenirs covering part of the table.

In the upper right corner of the room is Cliff's bed with even more souvenirs at the end of the bed. In the lower right corner of the bungalow is a couch with more Dinky souvenirs on the couch. Between the bed and the couch, there´s a shelf on the wall with a gun case. There are also two dinosaurs on top of rollerblades in what looks like a set up for a race with a tripwire in front. This tripwire does not activate anything, and can be disarmed for XP.


Cliff Briscoe's bungalow appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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