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Cliff's Edge Hotel is a ruined hotel on Mount Desert Island, north of Acadia in 2287. It also is the location of Vault 118. The Sole Survivor is directed to the hotel during the Brain Dead quest.


The hotel has four floors above-ground and also a basement, which can be accessed via the only working elevator and leads to Vault 118. The elevator is guarded by ceiling-mounted turret.

The entire hotel is infested with feral ghouls.

At the main reception desk on the ground floor there is a working terminal that can be accessed to read a pre-War entry.

In the third-floor skyview restaurant there is a makeshift camp with a ruined tent, a sleeping bag, a campfire and the dead corpse of a trapper. It seems the trapper has set up a lot of traps, one of the bear traps has "caught" something and the resulting blood smear is shaped like a giant hand.

Outside of the hotel is the main, yet inaccessible entrance to the vault. A car is currently parked on top of the cog-like elevator entrance, serving as a "traffic rotary" in its current and previous state.

Notable lootEdit

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For the notable loot inside Vault 118, see Vault 118.
  • Upon reaching the skyview restaurant on the third level, you will see a tent in the middle surrounded by ghouls, within the tent is a note named Trapper's note, which suggests there is a way to Vault 118 that was damaged on the outside, making it impossible to go in through the main door.
  • On the bottom floor in a storage closet on the right side, there is a Vault-Tec lunchbox.


Cliff's Edge Hotel appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone It is possible to get stuck inside the elevator permanently when leaving the vault level to return to the hotel, forcing one to reload a previous save.[verified]

  • On PC, one can alternatively use the console command coc DLC03Vault118.


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