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Pastor Clements is a pastor living within Diamond City in 2287. He can be found at the All Faiths Chapel near the main gate.


Clements made his way to Diamond City a while before 2287, with no intention of settling down. He was inspired by Diamond City's residents' search for a greater purpose though, building institutions such as a school and the chapel rather than merely focusing on survival, and felt like it was a good place to remain.[1] Clements is a believer in everyone being equal. This includes their religion. If anyone needs a house of worship, the All Faiths Chapel is open to everyone, though he cannot guarantee that he will know how to guide someone in their worship.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • Wedding Day: Clements perform the marriage of Miss Edna and Mister Zwicky should the Sole Survivor convince Miss Edna of the importance of love. He can later be heard saying that he thinks the marriage of a man and a robot is strange, but he does not think God would mind.
  • In Sheep's Clothing: Clements is found on the scene tending to Danny Sullivan, and he asks the Sole Survivor for their help.


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Pastor's vestments


  • During the wedding, the Pastor will say "by the power invested in me..." which is incorrect (it should be "by the power vested in me").
  • Examination of Clements' skin indicates that he may suffer from Generalized Vitiligo, a condition that causes the loss of pigmentation in patches of skin across the body.
  • If Pastor Clements is killed, the members of his congregation will comment saying "This isn't a chapel anymore." If Nick Valentine or Piper is present, the members will attack the Sole Survivor.


Pastor Clements appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Pastor Clements' dialogue: "Came on this place a while back. Didn't intend to stay at first, but I felt something here. A good feeling. People here are searching for something more than just getting by. They built a school, shops, the power plant, and even this chapel."