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Clear Out is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

Much like clearing settlements for the other factions, the Sole Survivor must remove all current residents from the selected settlement and construct a flag for the assigned gang. Shank will alert the Sole Survivor if the chosen settlement is already under another faction's control during the setup dialogue.

As Shank explains during Home Sweet Home, the Sole Survivor may either talk the settlers into leaving, or bring a squad of Nuka-World raiders to eliminate them. Building a Nuka-World radio transmitter at any adjacent settlement will encourage the target, as well as using any of the unique grenades provided by the gangs.

Should the Sole Survivor choose a peaceful approach, they must speak to the settlement's leader. During the conversation, the Sole Survivor may choose one of two hard Charisma checks, followed by two easy checks to persuade the leader. One may also bribe the settlers. Once the settlement is clear, the Survivor must build the chosen gang's signal flag to complete this quest.

The Sole Survivor may instead lead a group of the chosen gang's members and simply kill the residents of the settlement, building the gang's signal flag afterward. After establishing a total of eight outposts, the final rank of Wasteland Warlord is awarded, allowing construction of all raider items at any outpost, including tribute chests.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
20 Convince the Settlers at <Alias=MyLocation> to Leave
21 (Optional) Target the Settlement Leader with a Persuasion Grenade
22 (Optional) Power a Nuka-World Radio Transmitter at <Alias=NearbyRaiderSettlement>
100 Build your Gang's Signal Flag using the Workshop at <Alias=myLocation>It's done. I've managed to convince the locals to scram. Now I need to plant a signal flag using the local workshop and the job will be done.
105Quest finishedQuest completeThis settlement is now property of Nuka-World.


Strong and Porter Gage like both the aggressive and peaceful responses, while Piper dislikes and Preston Garvey hates any actions that support the raiders.