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Cleansing the Commonwealth is a Brotherhood of Steel radiant quest in Fallout 4. The quest is obtained from Knight Rhys in the Cambridge Police Station.

Quick walkthrough

Brotherhood of Steel radiant quest: Cleansing the Commonwealth
Travel to the location to cleanse.
Eliminate the target.
Report to Knight Rhys.
Reward: 200+ XP
~100 caps

Detailed walkthrough

Each quest gives a random location containing a group of foes, either super mutants, feral ghouls, Children of Atom, raiders or synths. The Sole Survivor must eliminate the target among the group and report to Knight Rhys for the reward. It is not necessary to kill the whole group of troublemakers, there is only one targeted individual that must be eliminated.

Possible locations

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
20 Clear out (location)Knight Rhys has given me an assignment to clear a location of what he calls "abominations." I need to find the location and eliminate any synths, Ferals, Super Mutants, and Atom worshipping cultists that I can find.
40 Report to Knight RhysI've completed my assignment by clearing the location Knight Rhys gave me. I need to report back to him at the Cambridge Police Station.
255Quest finishedQuest complete
355Quest failedQuest failed


  • PCPC If one has previously visited or cleared any of these locations prior to receiving the quest, they may reset enemies and loot upon returning to them.
  • In order to complete the mission "Clear out Gwinnett brewery," one actually needs to clear out the Gwinnett Restaurant.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Bugged out on Coast Guard Pier, Breakheart Banks, Bedford Station, National Park Campground, and University Point section to some and will not allow completion (Verified on Breakheart Banks and using the console command completequest will break the quest giver Knight Rhys, making him repeat a few verses saying that the location is not going to clear itself.) [verified]
    • Breakheart Banks bug duplicated and verified. The quest can be completed with the command setstage bosr01 40. This will complete any active Cleansing the Commonwealth quest and enable the player to turn in the quest.
    • Breakheart Banks bug duplicated and verified on Xbox One. On fast-traveling in, the compass marker was absent. After walking around looking (unsuccessfully) for bad guys with V.A.T.S., the marker reappeared. However, the distance marker disappears when the distance is below a value of 33 to about 55. When approaching from the west, it is possible to get closer before the marker disappears. The critical distance is larger when the Sole Survivor is to the east of Breakheart Banks. It may be significant that prior to attempting a "clean-up", the artillery was called in. Maybe the explosions blew a super mutant a long way away, and he survived. Multiple attempts to clear this by returning to Rhys were ineffective.
  • PCPC Locations do not always reset and, while the area may already be cleared, the quest will not complete.[verified]
  • PCPC In rare cases this quest can cause the whole game to simply crash, causing loss of valuable progress. [verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One This quest will sometimes send the Sole Survivor to Far Harbor prior to the start of Far From Home as well as Nuka-World prior to starting All Aboard for a radiant quest. [verified]
    • This can be fixed with the console command setstage bosr01 40 (see the note above), which sets the quest state to "Report to Knight Rhys."