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Clarksburg is a town in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia.


The city of Clarksburg, located in the northern region of Appalachia, was very much a functional city. It had a grocery store, a post office, a hardware store, a gun store, a church, and even a private shooting club. Unfortunately, like most of the region, it suffered from the man vs. robot riots and protesting that affected much of the rest of the state.

The city was ultimately ruined after the Great War, when the Toxic Valley was polluted by industrial chemicals. Many of its citizens left for Morgantown, and those that stayed became sick from the toxic chemicals in the water. Eventually, the town's population was driven down to just three: Jill, Ande and Cooper Lu. Jill and Ande were soon killed by a yao guai, leaving Cooper alone. She decided to leave Clarksburg and search for survivors elsewhere.[1]

At some point afterward, raiders arrived in Clarksburg and erected some rough defenses on the city's main street, though by 2102 had either been driven out of town or killed.[2] In 2103, Dr. Bethy Mangano camped just outside of the town to study the soil's toxicity.


The town of Clarksburg has many buildings along its central street, including a supermarket/pharmacy, a post office, a church, an ice cream parlor with a cooking station on the roof, a gun store with a weapons workbench and armory that can be unlocked via a level 2 terminal, a hardware store with an armor workbench, and a couple of decimated houses on the outskirts of town. The Clarksburg Shooting Club can also be found here.

Notable loot

  • Chelsea's diary page - Note, in a house on the eastern side of town.
  • Mary's diary page - Note, in a backpack inside a semi-submerged trailer on the northwestern edge of town.
  • Confidential safety data - Note, in the mailbox of the post office building. It is associated with the quest Cold Case but can be acquired before the quest is started.
  • Important memo - Note, in the mailbox of the post office building. It is associated with the quest Cold Case but can be acquired before the quest is started.
  • Cooper Lu's journal - Holotape, under a dresser in a two-story house across the street from the church.
  • Note from FS - Note, directly under terminal in the post office.
  • Raider power armor - Located on the fourth floor of the brick building on the east end of town. Accessed via the fire escape by taking the stairs behind the gun shop to the roof.
  • Chainsaw - Can spawn on a shelf inside the hardware store at the top balcony.
  • Fusion core - In the basement of the warehouse on the western end of town, inside the fusion generator.
  • Potential armor plan - On the roof of the repair store, inside the room with a trunk, on a metal shelf.
  • Potential weapon plan - Inside the gun shop on the first floor, on a metal shelf to the left, on the second row from the top.
  • Potential weapon mod - Inside the gun shop on the second floor, on a desk.
  • Potential recipe - On the second floor of the pharmacy building, on a kitchen counter to the right of a box. Accessed by the stairs at the rear of the building.


Clarksburg appears only in Fallout 76.

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