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Clarise is a recruit in Fallout Tactics and multiplayer character in Fallout Tactics multiplayer, where she can be recruited for 10,846 game points.


Base game

Clarise is the complete antithesis of her old initiate buddy, Box. But while she looks frail as a broc-flower, she has a hidden inner strength. An inner strength that lets her wield high-end energy weapons, or grenades long distances.[1]


She is strong and agile and that lets her wield high-end energy weapons and take part in unarmed combat. She is also quite a good sneak, although the power armor is a bit of a handicap.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a recruit. Availability: When becoming a General.
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This character appears in the following locations.

Bunker Epsilon


Clarise is the most powerful recruit available to the player character, as her build breaks the game rules: she has three traits out of a max of two, perception one point above the racial max and twelve perks (normally, at level 22 with Divine Favor she should only have eight).


Apparel Weapon Other items
Midwestern Brotherhood leather armor


Clarise becomes available after the Warrior reaches the rank of General.


Clarise appears only in Fallout Tactics.


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