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This is a transcript for dialogue with Interpreter Clarence.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0062D8B4 0062D915 Do you fear the Truth? It can be painful to witness. Simply leave this sacred land and the foggy lens of normal sight shall return to you. A bit disappointed in the player
2 0062D8B5 0062D91E (Sigh) We do not begrudge ignorance, for it is the first step to enlightenment... Trying to keep patience
3 Child, I would recommend you join us for the next Equinox. There is much for you to learn. Somewhat sympathetic to the player's stupidity
4 0062D8B9 0062D921 We are the Wise Mothman's Enlightened. We are pilgrims of knowledge. Proud
5 0062D8BC 0062D916 We have failed to show him our worthiness... He has denied us his voice for now. Disappointed, trying to keep composure
6 We must strengthen our efforts, lest he leave us deaf to his words.
7 0062D8BF 0062D911 Enjoy this glow, child. Few ever experience such a taste of enlightenment. Savoring it
8 0062D8C2 0062D925 Tis but your mind acclimating to his dust. Comforting but still sinister
9 In order to allow the Wise One to absorb the planetary energy of the Equinox, the environment must be made more hospitable.
10 What you are experiencing is a temporary relief of the burden that comes with a simpler mind... What you see now is the Truth. Vague, mysterious
11 0062D8C4 0062D92F He has told us. We do not ask, we listen. Join us when the Equinox begins and you too will hear it. Vague, but prideful
12 0062D8C6 0062D920 No. We do this not for the earthly pleasure... It is simply a welcome side effect... "No, but, I get what you mean"
13 0062D8CC 0062D924 Of course. We would never hinder the search for knowledge.
14 0062D8D1 0062D919 Not long now. But do not hesitate to wander. We shall call the children to return when the time comes.
15 0062D8D3 0062D912 Safe travels, child.
16 0062D8D5 0062D91A We have congregated in celebration of the Mothman Equinox. Proud
17 Here we will perform a ritual in order to summon the Wise Mothman back to his home.
18 The Equinox is a time when the stars and planets align in a manner that grants the Wise One power beyond his normal greatness. Sinister, keeping information back
19 0062D8DA 0062D91C We have ventured from our place of study, the Lantern, far from here.
20 During the time of the Equinox, myself and a group of Observers make the perilous trip to the Wise One's homeland.
21 0062D8DE 0062D92D This is Wise Charles, the Forewarned. Presenting an important person
22 He holds a special place in our history. Like me, he hopes to hear the Wise One's words once again. With respect
23 0062D8DF 0062D91D Do not mistake us for the Dim Ones. Followers of the red-eyed pretender. A bit insulted
24 Fools, who flee from his wisdom, and cling to a false god -- a flawed, vision-less "holy" Mothman. with spite
25 They seek violence because facing a "worthy" death is far less frightening than facing the Truth.
26 0062D8E0 0062D918 Spend time with the Wise One, without fear, without hesitation, and it will come to you in time.
27 0062D8E1 0062D92C And what would that be?
28 0062D8E2 0062D91B Please do.
29 0062D8E3 0062D923 Very well.
30 0062D8E4 0062D91F Far from here. Should you ever feel the pull of its light, your journey will take you there. Vague
31 0062D8E5 0062D917 Our meager form is but a shell, a cocoon. He has broken from it, and his vessel has become a cup overflowing with vision. A bit gross of a subject
32 0062D8E6 0062D913 (Chuckle) Oh, you're going to try to speak to him, are you? You may try, but his mind is on another plane, beyond our own.
33 0062D8E7 0062D922 Exposure to the Wise One's aura leaves the mind in a place beyond our own.
34 His vessel offers naught but faint flutters of his wings against the window pane of his mind. with respect
35 0062D8E8 0062D914 Yes. I was accompanied by three Observers: Errol, Marlon, and Johanna. "Yohanna"
36 You will find them tending to the ritual pyres in the far reaches of this sacred site.
37 If you speak, do not be offended by the absence of their minds. They are but humble witnesses to his wisdom, and have much left to learn from him. Somewhat sympathetic to them
38 0062D8E9 0062D910 Those of us who endeavor to find the Truth in the Wise One's words go through several stages of learning.
39 The Observer is the larva. One who knows their place, and knows there is much more to come.
40 For the knowledge of ignorance, of our place, is an essential first step. A bug must first know it's a bug.
41 I, as an Interpreter, am a pupa, surrounding myself in a cocoon of his words; absorbing... Casting form from them. Personal pride
42 The venerable Wise Charles, who graces us with his company, has broken from his cocoon. With respect
43 He, and very few like him, may flutter and dance in the light of his infinite wisdom for the remainder of his bright but fleeting existence. With awe and respect
44 0062D8EB 0062D8F4 The Wise Mothman is a single entity. Though immeasurable in power, with knowledge beyond the age of man, he is but mortal, nonetheless. Somewhat somber
45 The red-eyed pretenders are wild animals, seeking nothing but the same violence that their Dim followers crave. growing spite
46 The Dim Ones believe the red-eyed animals are harbingers of the "holy" Mothman... Some kind of otherworldly god. A false idol. nearly seething, mocking of "holy"
47 They fear their mortality. They fear their insignificance. We embrace it, as the Wise One has shown us. Sinister, but proud
48 0062D8EE 0062D8F9 Weary we are, for far we have traveled... All for the sake of his voice. All for the sake of his wisdom... Somewhat chanting. To himself. Somewhat under breath
49 0062D8FA The Wise Mothman is among us, and of us... The Wise Mothman lives... Chanting words that comfort him. To himself
50 0062D8FB We feel his breath and hear the beat of his wings, and know that he is more alike to us than not... Chanting words that comfort him. To himself
51 0062D8FC The Wise Mothman is... The Wise Mothman was... The Wise Mothman will be... Chanting words that comfort him. To himself
52 0062D8EF 0062D90B A child approaches. Do they seek wisdom? Imposing
53 0062D90C The light has drawn you to us. Speak. There is much to learn. Mysterious but inviting
54 0062D90D You return. Another Equinox is rising just beyond the horizon. Be prepared. A slight smirk, knows the player is impatient
101 0062D8F0 0062D926 I am Interpreter Clarence, of the Wise Mothman's Enlightened. How may I be of service to you, child? Imposing, proud
102 0062D927 His wisdom is intoxicating, no? Fear not, the Equinox has not yet ended. There will be chances to commune with his greatness. Enticing the player
103 0062D928 I must thank you, child! We witness glory thanks to your efforts! Feeling the power
104 0062D929 Look at him. Behold all that he is. The power he can display to us grows more immense during the Equinox. Absorb it in you. Feeling the power
105 0062D92A Commune with him, children. Grab hold of this meeting. Wring it through your fingers. Bathe in its wisdom. Feeling the power
106 0062D92B A failure is but a stepping-stone toward success. We must not be too downtrodden by this set-back. Disappointed, but trying to keep composure


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00620E8C 00620EAD Gather children, the time draws near. Climb to his throne and let us discuss the details of the ritual. Announcing, dramatic
10 00620E9E 00620EA3 Oh, Wise Mothman... You have accepted our invitation... We are but meager insects before your intellect! In awe
11 Come, children, allow the Wise One to gaze upon you. Bask, bask in his infinite wisdom! Thrilled
12 006275BA 006275BC Children! Listen well! Three pyres have been placed throughout the Wise One's home. Their light is a vital catalyst to our ritual. Beginning a speech, dramatic
13 00629A48 00629A58 Do you hear us Wise One!? Come unto us! That expansion you feel in your mind. That growing sense of Wisdom and Foresight? He comes, children.
14 00629A4B 00629A5C Do you feel it? The Wise One draws near. He awaits our signal. Quickly, children, return to me upon the Museum's rooftop. Hush excitement, followed by a command
15 We must invite him to us, to show him our love, and our gratitude. Dance, sing, shout, expel bile from your gut! Show emotion! Show anything! Drumming up excitement, ecstasy
16 00629A4C 00629A6B Hold fast your defense of our sacred lights. The ritual is nearly complete, children! Battle craze, excitement
17 00629A4D 00629A5A The heretics bring foul brutes with them. Let not your eyes deceive you: all you see before you must die. Sinister
18 No matter its shape, man or beast, these twisted shadows all serve the will of the false ones. Sinister
19 00629A4E 00629A69 These unwavering fools attack from all sides. Leave no pyre unguarded, leave no heretic left standing! Battle crazed
20 00629A4F 00629A67 The foul Dim Ones are headed toward the waterside pyre, children. You must protect it.
21 00629A50 00629A6F The first attack has not yet relented. You must keep both pyres well, do not neglect either! Urgency
22 00629A51 00629A60 The bridge's pyre is the heretics next target, children. You must keep it safe. A warning
23 00629A52 00629A65 Do not fear what you see. It is but their true form. The darkness that surrounds them is the influence of the pretenders. The false ones. Ominous
24 Do not hesitate. Relieve them of this burden of servitude. Their lives are already forfeit. Sinister
25 00629A54 00629A63 See the world now through his eyes, children. Let the dust and flames and fumes fill you; let it soak into your throats. Let it show you the Truth! Pulling you into a trance
26 But prepare yourselves, for the heretic Dim Ones will be enraged by this vision. The reality of our Wise One will send them into a frenzy. A mysterious warning
27 You must protect our sacred lights, the pyres, from those wretched fiends. Without the fire's glow, our guest may refuse our invitation.
28 The Dim Ones approach the church! Slay them, children, offer no quarter! Commanding
29 00629A55 00629A71 Perfect... Yes. Our site is prepared for what comes next. Satisfied for now
32 0062D8FE Our work begins with the crushing of these foul vines. The flames of these pyres must be pure to provide the proper... reaction. Impatient
33 0062D901 The time for the Equinox has come, children. Gather, speak with me. Inviting but mysterious
34 0062D902 Seek out the three pyres, children. Rip the vines that try to contain their light. Commanding
35 0062D903 There is much left undone. This sacred land must be properly prepared for his coming. Commanding
36 0062D904 The Dim Ones believe they can darken his glow. Destroy the vines around each pyre. Leave their efforts in ruin. Commanding
37 0062D905 We cannot begin the ritual in full until each of the pyres has been prepared with the utmost care. Commanding
38 Venture to the Observers, listen to their instructions. Commanding
39 0062D906 Breathe, children, Breathe. Comforting but ominous
40 0062D907 Let his dust guide your hand, let it plunge your blade into the Dim Ones feeble bodies. Comforting but ominous
41 0062D908 Show him! Show him what you are! Show him your Truth, and he will show you in kind! Excited
42 0062D909 Dance! Scream! Shout! Shake your body in anger! Clatter your teeth in fear! Express your Truth! Excited
69 00629A56 00629A57 The Dim Ones have attempted to contain our light. Destroy their vines encircling each pyre before we proceed. Ire toward the "dim ones"
70 Each pyre is attended by a Wise One's Observer. Only when the vines have been destroyed will the Observers instruct you on your next tasks. Instructive, warning
71 Hurry now, children, his patience does not run as deep as his wisdom. Somewhat foreboding
72 0062D8EC 0062D8FD Ah yes! The flames of our pyres ignite the moth dust. It offers enlightenment, however brief it may be. Breathe, children, breathe! Excited, ready to begin
73 0062D8ED 0062D8F1 The ritual sites have been prepared. The summoning shall commence once each of the pyres has been lit. Announcing
74 Go, ignite the flames as I release the dust of our Wise One into the air! Commanding